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  1. Thanks for advice and sorry for late replying. I've searched here for same location and found other posts. For now we've decided follow your advice and we've not even appealed on popla. I'll post once receive any further replies from them.
  2. PCN is attached on first post as SPPCN.pdf. I don't know if this is also a NTK as nowhere in notice are words "Notice to keeper". These are the only 2 letters received so far.
  3. 1) Date of infringement: 19th Jan 2019 2) Date on NTK - Not received but PCN received dated 24th Jan 2019 3) Date received - PCN dated 24th Jan 2019 4) mention of schedule 4 of the POFA 2012[y/n] - Can't see on letter 5) Photographic evident of event - yes, two pics of vehicle from front & rear number plate 6) Have you appealed - yes. 3rd option on PCN. "the driver's purpose on the day of contravention was to do shopping and total spent was £205 on 2 shops for which the receipt is attached. The driver spend times visiting other shops located in the same area. " 7)Parking company - Smart Parking 8 ) Where exactly - Greenwich Shopping Park, Charlton London 9) Appeal body - BPA 10) other correspondence - rejection letter. First post attached
  4. The place is Greenwich shopping park in Charlton London. At the entrance is sign stating max stay of 3hrs on non-match day and 90mins on match day (Charlton FC). It's a free time limited parking space and there are no paying machine to park. On the date of contravention Charlton were at home to Accrington Stanley, so should've been a match day as per parking signs. One of the visiting relative went to do shopping. The shops around the parking area are JD, Matalan, Outfits, boots, Decathlon etc. Overall £205 were spent on JD and Decathlon (receipt). The PCN was received via post, so ANPR but nowhere does it state Notice to keeper nor demand to provide driver's detail. We made an online appeal with just two sentence stating "the driver's purpose on the day of contravention was to do shopping and total spent was £205 on 2 shops for which the receipt is attached. The driver spend times visiting other shops located in the same area. " Rejection letter was also a surprise as thought we'll receive NTK or some kind of form to fill but with POPLA code.
  5. Parking charge received by post on 24th Jan for contravention on 19th Jan for overstaying by 10 mins. As one of the appeal option was : Parking over free period (if you were genuine customer...etc), we made online appeal with copy of receipt. The appeal was written as RK without naming driver nor RK as the driver on the day of contravention. Rejection letter received on 13th Feb with POPLA verification code printed. I don't have knowledge in dealing with private parking firms but seems strange that neither the first letter nor rejection is notice to keeper which I thought is a requirement. Letters are attached in the post and please advise as got another week to respond. Thanks. RPCN.pdf SPPCN.pdf
  6. Received reply back from dealer. The car does have 2 EGR Valves and pictures were sent. But the questions remain: 1) Is it not the dealer's responsibility to inform of total no of EGR Valves that could be at fault? 2) On failing to inform, once the front EGR valve replaced and the original EML fault still ON, shouldn't the dealer has responsibility to repair 2nd EGR Valve free of cost under their warranty? 3) Either both EGR valve needed repair/replace or the front EGR valve actually had no fault at all. So where do we stand here? Thanks.
  7. unfortunately true and hard to believe . First they said it'll be free as was still within warranty period but then saw dashcam all in it's glory. JCB Volkswagen Medway
  8. Car was bought on Dec 2016. It's not on the list for recall i.e emission fix. I've already checked on the BazzaS's above link before posting. Came with 3 years warranty but last time when battery needed replacing they refused saying that Dashcam was used. The car has already covered more than 60k and warranty is only valid either for 3 years or 60k. Yes DPF . I'm posting on behalf of family member. Edit: dealer refused to give quotation on new fix.
  9. Hi all, VW dealer charged almost £700 first time when took the car to them for Engine management sign. This was after 70% discount . Invoice had EGR & particulate filters work done. It was on 17th Sep. A week after, same sign came on dash and took it back to the dealer. Now they saying that they need to replace rear EGR valve and wants £600 . Decided not to go ahead and requested to get the car back. Will be asking for printouts for diagnostics and quotation. Don't know what are our rights on this matter but shouldn't the dealer try to fix for free for the same fault that was charged but not fully fixed? At the moment, we're trying to write to parent company and to VW UK. But if goes nowhere, where and how can we proceed further? Car is VW Sharon diesel 2015 reg and not in the list for recall. Thanks.
  10. To dear Dodgeball, can I request kindly to post which is directly relevant to my issues pls or explain fully to contradict the quotes. Still up reading . We actually paid the original fee of £150 directly to the court after the lady bailiff handed the letter but before her return. She was informed of the payment and proof shown. So before her return later in morning, shouldn't the Paragraph 6(3) of Schedule 12 of the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 had been in force?
  11. Thanks pal. 1) It's just a tag with key like kind of keyring. 2) No. Wife was off on the day & she got afraid of the whole group. They demanded money and she paid using card. They didn't enter the house. 3) No response apart from automated mail for acknowledgement of receipt. I'd to call them after waiting for a week. After that we've made numerous regular calls. Unfortunately I used WeQ4U app as the hotline number is 0845 and won't have any record of calls made. We do have few other email exchanges though. 4) On first visit, the lady came very early in the morning (think it was bang on at 7:00 or 6:00) and handed a letter to my daughter. We called on the number and she returned back stood by the door refusing to move. I called police who came within 15 mins. The lady agent was certain that our son live at the address. When asked, we confirm that the son live with us. pls see post replied above. 1) no. But the question is Bailiff has in possession the property that belongs to us and by legislation they should return back once paid in full. As per their reply, they're now even denying the fact that the key was taken in control. It's not the question of just a "spare key" but the more serious matter of bailiff not acting within the boundary set by the law: a) Failing to return the good that was taken in control after the payment has been made. I assume this has provisions but correct me if wrong ie bailiffs has no obligations to return the valuables. b) Denying the fact that the good was taken in control despite the presence of signed documents. Now I'm not a law person but in Inventory page at the very beginning with red warning is " If you intentionally interfere controlled goods without a lawful excuse, you'll be committing an offense or imprisonment." In other words denying what's written on Inventory page issued by their agent, Marston are committing a criminal offense ( I do understand that warning is addressed to debtor but it's clear that alteration on any goods taken under control deals with criminal law). In the end despite the length it's taking, we would happily take back the key tomorrow if they send it. But the latest reply from Marston is unexpected and looks more of a criminal than civil case. It's irrelevant whether the goods taken is a spare key or a diamond ring. 2) Bike was first put on ad in Gumtree for £2850. It was bought new on July 2015 for cash lump sum of £3900. The ad went up after the payment to bailiff. We then put it on ebay for £2650 on Feb 2017 with promise that the spare key will be provided. The ad then went on to autotrader for £2450 during June and same time in Gumtree for same price. Most questions were regarding the number of keys and as we were failing to get concrete reply from Marston, the ad had to include just 1 key. Received offers of £2100, £2200 and one motorbike dealer even came with cash of £2000. We decided to take the ad off as it's almost a 50% loss in 27 months. 3) yes it's been serviced. 4) yes it's taxed and insured. 5) it can be easily done. As it'll be dealer, more favorable to us as their buying valuation are normally lower than the market value but any servicing incl replacement key with tag of "genuine" costs more than average. As already posted earlier, we were waiting to get the key back which we thought is an automated process once debts are cleared. Then the long holiday came by end of dec - jan.
  12. To summarise: 1) Bailiff knocked one weekend morning of 23rd April 2016 & demanded payment. Refused to leave so had to call police. Police checked the warrant which was on iPad and confirmed that it's valid. Bailiff went through son's bedroom and only valuable item found was the bike key. She took possession of the key and issued us with the attached inventory. 2) On 27th Sep 2016, Full teams of bailiff came to house & my wife paid the remaining balance. Receipt was issued. 3) No any other notices or documents were issued by either Collectica or Marston. 4) First attempt to retrieve the key was made on 27th Feb 2017 via email (record in sent folder). Later also called to hotline. 5) On 6th Sep 2017, one of the operator escalates the issue and internal complaint filed. 6) On 4th Oct 2017, reply received which is posted above. Inventory1 INventory2 First attempt was made on Feb 2017 which is 5 months after payment. We thought it's an automated system where once paid, the responsibility lies with the bailiff to return and also got busy with winter holiday. I'll post reply to other queries later or tomorrow. Thanks.
  13. Hi,yes definitely would like to pursue further. Will upload copy of documents later and don't think any other notices were issued. The key was taken in presence of 2 police officers. I'll try to contact police department to see if they can provide with more details. Think I've still got police ref no somewhere and they definitely should have noted down details of the call.
  14. What I don't understand why you keep on insisting that the key was not taken. I've inventory list for goods taken issued by agent and it list 1x bike key reg XX12 XXX. Will upload copy later in evening. Thought my posts were clear.
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