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  1. hi all. i havent been here for about 3 years. i was one of the first to get my charges back from the halifax, i won about 5 grand, after a holiday and a donation to this site :grin: i fell back into trouble:x long story short i now have 3 grands worth of charges from the last 3 years on the same account that i had last time. Q. can i now claim this money back ? Q. is it a different letter or process ? Q. will the bank treat me any differently to a new claiment ? Thanks all and good luck with your claims.;-)
  2. hi all, its good to be here after a bit of a gap. i succesfully claimed back a couple of grand against Hbos, 2 years ago ( and amd a donation to the site ) sice then i have racked up another 2 1/2 grand in charges. does anyone know if i can reclaim these charges? do i use the same templates as before? be nice to get that back from them! thanks all and good luck !
  3. hi sorry to hi-jack your thread! just wanted to know wether the dpa subject access request letter in the libary is the same one used for cc as well as the banks cheers !!!!!
  4. hi having sucessfully sued my bank im starting on my cards, is there a diffrent dpa request letter in the library or do i modaify the bank dpa letter if there is a diffrent letter can someone link me to it ta!!
  5. if thats how you are doing the summary of charges the answer is yes is this the first letter after the dpa, or your lba?
  6. i just made a small donation now it felt GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK ALL ILL Still be watching and helping as best as i can ive also incured 160 quids worth of charges scince i started this so if your listening halifax I'LL BE BACK!
  7. thanks all! best of luck everyone dont forget to give a small donation! as im about to do when i can figure out how can a moderator give me a ***won*** please thank you all once again for your help I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Ive Been Paid Check Yor Banks Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. thats the hammer mate! you just stick to the timtable here, ignore what they send you, you may get an offer or a " we will deal with your complaint in 4 weeks " letter, dont worry just carry on doing what you are doing and try to think of ways of spending that lovly money
  10. uh yes is the answer to that, but not from the bank but from the loan company! they are subject to the same oft ruling that started all this with the banks! that charge is unlawfull, as are any applied to any credit agrement you may have, see the library and claim all those back aswell
  11. uh how can there be a backlog? nobodys gotten paid today, surly they can process a couple of hundred a day at least? just delaying tactics again HALIFAX PAY UP AND LOOK BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. hey soho what date did you get acknowledged? ps sorry gem i think i got a head start!!!!!
  13. you and me both mate! i know youll be celebrating but if you do see the money can you post a quick reply in case im not checking and i will do the same for you cheers
  14. hi all im on the verge of settlement, i wondered if anyone was settled today, what time do they settle ?
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