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  1. Thanks UK, was well chuffed Got a letter this morning saying cheque will arrive in approx 14 days, they don't admit liability etc etc they also say that the refunds are made purely as a gesture of goodwill and they will now defend the claim on the basis that they have refunded the full claimed amount. They say i should contact the court and cancel the claim and they have written to the court to say they've settled..........will only cancel court case when chq has cleared lol still can't believe it lol Thanks again everyone, once cheque has cleared will sort out the donation. Couldn't have done it without you all. Thanks again Lana
  2. sorry, missed a bit Forgot to say, i got full interest at 29.9% (that restitution thing, sorry steven, still confused over that bit ) and 8%. Amazing, still smiling, although won't jump around the house until the cheque has cleared! Thanks again Lana
  3. I think I've won guys lol won't shout too loud at the mo but just logged into my CrapOne account and is shows a credit balance of the payment just made, my full credit limit available and a cheque refund issued 10.7.08. Apparently this should arrive within 7 days. I'm so excited, this is class, only filed at court 30th June, didn't think they'd pay pmsl Just want to say thanks again everyone for all your help Really appreciate it Lana :D:D:D:D
  4. Music to my ears hehe Thanks for that UK, will watch for the postman lol Thanks again Have a good night Lana
  5. Thanks for that UK, the court claim is for more than the balance on my account, what will happen there, will they send me a cheque or leave it on card? Stupid question I know but brain is mush today lol Thanks UK Lana
  6. Well, knew it was too good to be true, CrapOne filed an acknowledgement of service on 8th July, notice says they have 28 days to file a defence, guessed this would happen after reading all other claims and stuff on here. Knowing my luck this one will probably go all the way to court, have read loads today and not many i've read seem to end up in front of the judge so keeping fingers crossed. Again, will keep you all posted should something happen
  7. well guys, finally got something right for once Claim deemed served today, got the paperwork back from the court, am really excited, sad or what! Will keep you all posted Lana
  8. Well guys, wish me luck, N1 being posted today, am really nervous and hope i've attached everything I should have lol I'm keeping everything crossed as this is the first one i've done properly. Will let you know how things go. Thanks againfor everyone's help so far Lana
  9. Thanks for that Steven, am stuck at work and the internet is playing up a bit, am starting to get a little panicky in case it all goes wrong.......typical Lana thing that though. Anyway, thanks again for your help Lana
  10. sorry guys, don't know what happened to the rest of my message, must be cos it was early Anyway, I've used the standard POC, and wondered how I would word the little bit about the 'restitution interest steven mentioned a few messages ago', do I use some of the wording mentioned in his interest tutorial? Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Lana
  11. Hi guys, Finally doing my N1, do I use the standard POC on the forum here or is there anything else I should use. Thanks guys Lana
  12. little behind schedule.....again lol LBA 14 days were up, have just been filling in N1 ready to post and got a letter from crap one saying 'our final offer is 80, we won't be paying anymore, accept it and go away' No chance. N1 on its way to the court at the weekend unless of course i'm too late .....again catch you later on guys Lana
  13. Hi Adam, Thought it was a bog standard letter, think i've read loads on threads about the same lol LBA on its way though, am not giving up the fight on this one Speak soon Lana
  14. Well guys, 14 days were up today and finally received a reply from CrapOne, offering me £80, the difference between the 20 and 12 quid charges, sending a complaint settlement form. LBA prepared and will be posted, £80, laughable, haven't stopped laughing since i read their reply. LBA to be posted today
  15. Thanks for that Steven, Have had a read today and make more sense of it. I wasn't going to add any interest on the charges before adding the restitution interest but i'm going to now. Have just typed up the letters after reading your Goldfish thread again and have added one of your paragraphs (hope you don't mind) so hopefully I won't get a letter from them asking me to explain it, otherwise will be shouting for help again lol Hope this works Thanks again
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