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  1. FGW process their own unpaid fare notices via their prosecution department and will keep any administration paid themselves
  2. To find the guard I always look for the single light flashing which indicates the correct carriage to purchase valid tickets
  3. a By your own admission you did not have a valid ticket for the journey made, this was by design and the Toc have reported you for fare evasion. The prosecution department will contact you in approximately 6 weeks, it is only when you have the reference number that you can respond with a pleading letter offering to settle out of court, which will cost you approximately £150. It is the prosecutor who decides if in this case he is willing to accept an out of court settlement. Once you have received the paperwork you will know which regulation to defend, this forum has lots of info
  4. it is a requirement to tell the DVLA immediately. You must have continued to use the licence as a form of Id. As the address was not changed you have admitted leaving the property 3 years ago I have to ask is it a family residence? Honeybee is correct the Toc will not respond positively to a letter containing accusations, the prosecution team will look at facts to present and probability me a successful conviction. If this is your first offence the prosecutor will consider a pleading letter with mitigating circumstances. This is dependant on the Toc as not all are willing to settle o
  5. This was an unpaid fare issued by east coast that had to be paid within 10 days or £15 admin would be added. If you didnt appeal within 10 days of issue rpss can only reject it. Your personal circumstances cannot be considered, try reading passenger focus website and contacting.
  6. You need to appeal to http://www.ircas.co.uk with the ET reference number - they will need a copy of your valid season ticket and photocard. You are permitted to forget your season ticket twice within a 12 month period, on the 3rd occasion the penalty fare will have to be paid in full. If you need to make a complaint about the revenue staff this will be a seperate matter to the penalty fare notice, contact East Midlands customer services.
  7. Virgin Trains do not issue Penalty Fare notices, sounds like they will prosecute as you have shown intention to avoid fare. They had the option to issue an unpaid fare notice during the journey for the full single fare, having already given you the benefit of doubt and you did not purchase a ticket at the interchange station, I suspect that the prosecutor will shortly send a verification letter asking for your version of events. Try not to worry, but answer the questions truthfully and provide any mitigating circumstances that may be relevant.
  8. what is the original date of offence. what date was it heard in court? what date did you pay the council. why would the council accept payment after the courts decision not sure they would be permitted to do this. ballifs are only involved once the court payment system fails
  9. A TVM will ask you to enter the photocard numbe before printing a ticket - what did you enter? It will be printed on your ticket
  10. I have seen this style of letter before "1. Upon proof of claim that I am a person and not a human being." and suspect it may have orginated from another site that charges for its services. It seems a bit late in the process to open an appeal once the reminders have been sent the time to appeal has ceased, Old Codja and other posters have already attempted to advise using their professional opinion free of charge. If the ticket wasn't valid on the day and you have admitted that you didnt have a railcard when purchasing a ticket I can only recommend making full payment before the sum
  11. reply by fax to ensure it is received - make sure you get a fax confirmation. back it up with recorded delivery letter.
  12. I thought I recognised your name... I did advise on 6th January 2010 that the penalty fare you received last year would be statute barred after 6 months. Good luck with avoiding this fare too... and yes I also remember how you responded to my advice that you had got away with it. Thanks for that. I would advise that you always pay your fare when travelling on the railway or using the car park facilities provided by Southeastern.
  13. I remember watching a programme last year - probably Watchdog. Anyway this poor woman had her driving licence removed (not sure why) she had contacted them on numerous occasions and they refused to listen. The presenter drove this woman to Swansea and the driver concerned had it sorted out very quickly. I cannot attach the link as I am 10 posts short google watchdog dvla to find the appropriate link.
  14. Its a human being! I searched the web and found the fax number then just played around with the numbers LOL
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