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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Lonerider said "All refused Appeal letters to be referred and allowed to be heard by the ICA and only the ICA to decide what course of action should be needed, not the Chief Executive. – must be independent" I would add to this to state that any ICE recommendation be binding on both DVLA and complainant. In my case, I successfully challenged the CE's refusal to refer my case to ICE. ICE recommended that DVLA 'give me the benefit of the doubt' and that I was 'clearly an honest motorist' but also added that DVLA could choose to ignore her recommendation. She also stated tha
  3. OP here. Interesting debate. To be honest, I just want to be sure it's all over. I was ready to go to Court, was fully prepared to present my evidence (in the knowledge they had none) and also shame them in Court for all their failings. It's just one less thing to worry about. Just goes to show DVLA don't want to go to Court. If you have done everything as you should have done, don't pay ! Let them take you to Court.
  4. I find it so annoying that they intimidate, threaten and when faced with the "I'll defend" they bottle it !! They have also paid some court costs but not the hearing fee so it's the Taxpayer that's losing.
  5. DVLA sent me a LLP in Dec 2008 for a car I scrapped in september 2008. I had sent the V5 and tax refund request in the same envelope. I received the tax refund and thought nothing more of it until 3 months later when a LLP came though asking for £40, rising to £80 if not paid within 4 weeks. I have been lurking on this forum since and reading with interest the many messages of support and advice to others going through similar issues and they all gave me a focus and heart to fight the matter. I complained - they replied that it was my fault for not chasing up the acknowledgement
  6. Hi Miss V I went to Stratford Upon Avon with some friends. We went in 2 cars, purchasing 2 parking tickets at the same time. He had a fine on his car as he left the ticket upside down by mistake. He wrote a letter enclosing both tickets (mine and his - they both had the purchase time on them and these verified the letter explanation) and he got his parking fine cancelled. Try to get your friends ticket if you can.. maybe she has it somewhere still. May be a long shot.. but it just might work !
  7. Hi I have had a DCA letter from a company called Bond Pearce chasing up a £12,000 debt for someone who used to live at my address. This person returned to their home country outside of UK several weeks back. I have returned their letter with one of mine as such (Sent Recorded delivery) ********************************************* Please find returned for your attention a letter for a Mr XXX, addressed to my address. Mr XXX no longer resides at this address. He returned to China several weeks ago. I am not sure what sum of money you are chasing but as he no longer
  8. my daughter and I used to love watching Most Haunted.. Every Tuesday on Living TV (as it was then). We laughed so much at the antics of the Mr A. We then found "Most Farted" on the net and that was so funny, even my 16 year old daughter couldn't stop laughing. Most Farted
  9. From my experience, it takes about 2 weeks, though all the information has to be there. Any info missing would need to be written out for. This delays things. My advice would be to collect your bank statements for the whole period when the charges were applied and then start listing in date order all your conversations / contacts with DWP. Be specific on names, sections etc who you spoke to, in particular the bit about the claim being lost, and this being admitted. Address your letter to the Manager and be specific in the title.. "Request for Compensation.. " and enclose everything t
  10. Hi There is a way to get Charges back from the Jobcentre, through the complaints process, however it is called a 'compensation payment' and administered through the Special Payments scheme. You would have to provide your bank statements for the period covered by the charges. Only charges solely and exclusively attributable to the 'error' would be considered. You have to put this request in writing, stating request for compensation. It gets referred to a Special Payments team for their consideration.
  11. Jobseeker Allowance can only be claimed if the person who signs on is 'available' for work. I doubt the Jobcentre Decision Makers would accept having to ferry the kids as a reason not to be able to take work. There are rules about what type of jobs can be taken in the first 3 months of a claim - ask about "permitted period." Basically the Jobseeker is allowed to look for a certain type of work / salary for the first 13 weeks of a claim. After the 13th week, there can be no restrictions on the jobs / wages. Refusing a job could lead to benefit being sanctioned. Be very careful about s
  12. Hi all. Have had Blueyonder broadband for ages with a telewest cable and phone package. I spoke to them last week as Sky keep advertising new customer rates and special offers. I telephoned Telewest to close my contract (didn't really want to close it but you know.. a white lie here and there to negotiate with !!) and see if they would be prepared to offer me any incentives to stay. I was polite and respectful to the call centre operative and without trying hard at all got Supreme TV package for £8.75 pm {was £17.50}, 2mb Broadband for £9.99pm {was £17.99} and telephone line ren
  13. Well Done Shy-Rhy told you.... !! thats 3 of us now and about 6K. U know what I mean see ya soon Dickie
  14. Shy_rhy. Told ya !! see you for that drinkipoos !! Say hi to the missus. I got my payment after a week, All well and good . See ya soon
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