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  1. Thanks for the advice, will do as you say. clayton
  2. Hi all, some time ago I was contacted by Black Diamond-Legal Limited with respect to claiming back PPI. I decided to go ahead, as I just wanted to check on previous unsuccessful claims, this was in June. I have been contacted by an old bank, stating that I am eligible for a refund, they would contact Black Diamond-Legal Limited directly as I had given authority. I have tried to contact Black Diamond-Legal Limited from August this year, to no avail. Has anyone experience with this company/? thanks clayton
  3. hi there, sorry about the late response, I have no idea as to why I couldn't have met the agent in an office, they asked to come to my house, which I did not want, they asked me to meet them at a recycling plant! I met the individual, very humiliating, as they maintained that it was ridiculous that I was in this position, they wanted a debit card payment, which I would not agree to, I asked for a repayment option, which they indicated wouldn't be acceptable, but I insisted that they call the Inland revenue, which they did. Not surprisingly the agent on the phone was very pleasant and had no issue with setting up the plan. as to the old forms, I don't know how to resolve it, I think what happened was that on the first form I put down my income after expenditure, whereas on the second I put down my turnover, which would have definitely read as overpayment.
  4. Thank you for the replies folks, The company logo is on the certificate. I think may attend, but postpone the date so as to ensure payment of all monies owed. thank you again c
  5. sorry for invading this thread, but I recently resigned from an employer. I left amicably, but foolishly recorded a video of myself shredding a staff achievement award, noting verbally only that - " this is what I think of these things", I posted the video to youtube, sending the links to friends. I handed in my notice with 20 days leave in lieu of notice. Today I have received a letter indicating I have brought the company into disrepute.I am to attend a formal hearing about the same. To day is officially my final day of notice, I have no problem attending, as I want my final salary! I have a few questions, such as; do I have to attend can I ask who made the allegation how can this be deemed disrepute as it was on my private area on youtube all help would be appreciated on this. thanks clayton
  6. Many thanks HB, much appreciated!
  7. Hi there, on advice from my accountant I made a successful claim for tax credits in 2005/6 (self employed) In 2006/7 I updated the claim to inform the Inland Revenue that my earnings were higher, To which I received a reply to say that no credits would be paid. Almost a year later I received notification of an over payment, to which I raised a dispute on the grounds that the income level difference was less than 10, 000 (advice again from my accountant), the dispute was unsuccessful and I began a repayment plan. I stopped this and to be honest became lax with responding to the requests for repayment. I have refused to acknowledge the debit believing the case to be in error, I strongly believe that I was not overpaid. More recently, after a long period of nothing happening, I received a hand delivered letter, which did not look authentic. It implies that if I do not repay the full amount, my goods and assets will be levied against the debit, which is very worrying. I contacted the Inland Revenue about this, I found that my form filling from the 2006/7 period was incorrect and I am able to escalate the dispute again with this information. As to the letter, the clerk advised me that the letter was genuine and that rather than seize goods, the officer who delivered the letter would seek an amicable resolution to the debit, i.e. payment plan. When I phoned to discuss this, the officer did not seem to be interested, They have asked me to meet them in person at a very public location which is closer to where I currently reside. I went to meet them this morning as agreed, but no one showed. I am concerned about the nature of the officer's attitude and am worried about the meeting. Has anyone experienced this before? I live in northern Ireland and am not aware of Bailiff action being permissible ? I am also agreeing to repay the amount whilst starting a new dispute. the overpayment is 3117. I have offered 129 per month which a review to increase in 12 months. all advice would be welcome on this. Many thanks in advance. clayton
  8. Hi there, I have a similar concern with London Scottish, the Fscs will be able to help, but they need the name of the ppi company that London Scottish used. I have not been able to locate this? any suggestions
  9. Hi there, I am hoping to make a claim for PPi from the same company, would anyone know who the PPI company was in 2006?
  10. hi all, I've posted before about these folk, but in november this year, the car I had remaining finance on, was written off. the insurance company have settled the total amount owing on the finance, Welcome assured me that they would inform the credit agencies etc. (hot air) My Question is, now that I have honoured the finance entirely, how easy is it to get back the PPI and other overcharges that I have incurred from this company? all help would be appreciated on this. many thanks clayton
  11. I have recieved a call from welcome today offering me a settlement figure, 2995. I have recently up'd my payments to 250.0 to help pay the car and lower the arrears charge... I also asked for the insurance company details... as to date Ive never received any documents about shortfall etc does any one have any other advice for me?
  12. hi, I've had another couple of conversations with welcome and see what you mean, on both accounts they have offered a settlement figure. more noticeably though, my arrears seem to fluctuate dramatically. first it was about 1900, then 1100 now (10.03.10) its only 750 odd pounds. They asked me to up my payments, which would reduce my arrears more quickly, I asked for confirmation in writing, which took a couple of rather rude phonecalls. Basically as it stands, I have 750 odd pounds arrears, I cannot get another finance deal with other lenders as my credit is bad (not only welcome) so I seem to be stuck with the car as I cannot afford to settle or VT as then I would have no car? argh
  13. thanks for the reply, my arrears total 1900.01 the bumps to the car are not serious, but the front panel is dinted and would cost about 450.00 to fix
  14. hi all, I seem to be completely lost with this problem, can anyone help? thank you clayton
  15. hi all, I went to look at purchasing another car last week, the sales team were very helpful, on looking into my agreement they informed me of some interesting facts. the car has 96 thousand miles on it now, when purchased it had 46, it now also has two dints on the passenger side. If I VT the car I will have to take on the following: the repair costs the excess mileage charge the sales team offered to take the settlement figure provided by Welcome and put it onto another car, meaning that I could get away from them. it sounded good at the time, but I was called this week to say that the arrears on my welcome loan are affecting my credit rating...therefore it does not look likely that they will be able to offer me a car.
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