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  1. b) where no prior levy was in place 2009 - 2010 0 2010 - 2011 0 2011 - 2012 0 2012 - 2013 0 These figures are not correct, the 2 bailiffs who arrived at my house in July 2011 did not have a prior levy and they charged for a levy and a van fee of 130.00 on that day. I wonder if all the other figures provided by Mid Sussex Council are correct.
  2. The traffic division keep the register, you do have to spend all day phoning all over the place including the Minstry of Justice because they don't realise what they should be doing, you will also receive a different reply from everyone you phone. Once you manage to find someone who know what a bailiff register is, ask them to check it, phone again 5 minutes later and speak to someone else and you will be given a completely different answer. If you give them your email address and ask them to put the information in writing you will get contradicting information about whether or not a bailiff i
  3. Northampton County Court Traffic Department are now in charge of the Bailiff Register
  4. I hear that Rossendales have 2 vacancies for bailiffs in Sussex!
  5. Apparently bailiffs have to put the foot in the door to prevent it being closed and this one boasted about his certificate too and one was self employed collecting CT
  6. No I emailed in and phoned constantly, haven't worked out how to comment on Facebook
  7. I agree bailiffs should be suspended as soon as a complaint is received either by their company of the Council who use them. At the moment there is no incentive to look into these complains in a timely fashion and the companies and councils make it very hard to get a complaint dealt with by delaying, not answering and being obstructive hoping that you will get fed up with it and give up, If the bailiff was suspeneded maybe on full pay the complaint may be dealt with quickly. My case has now been going on for 18 months and despite winning my Appeal against my convictions MSDC, Rossendales and
  8. I think the ones on this programme are from a firm called The Sheriff's Office, a name thought up to mislead I presume
  9. The police just don't know how to join the dots do they? debt collecting - legal, threats of violence and damage - illegal, why did they give you a crime number if they thought it was civil? why don't they realise it has now changed to a crime?
  10. There is much more to come reporting all this from lots of different angles
  11. The Sun and the bailiff companies sound like a good pair then
  12. This article has been written to let us all know the wrong doings of bailiffs and it would be reasonable for The Sun to advise anyone with similar problems where to get good help and advice and to direct them to this forum. It is naive to think that it is anything to do with their advertisers, I am sure that there are people who do not like the behaviour of bailiffs to be disclosed JGJ for one!
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