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  1. sometimes I think the FOS is just there to help the financial companies and not the consumer...
  2. I have asked Idem to send me them in the post. regards
  3. Hi all, Havent posted in years but I just wanted to find out if anyone has had any good progress with Picture / IDEM I tried to dispute and gave up with all the red tape but after realising that I have been paying on time for 90 months and the loan hasnt moved I have found the fire again... below are my details I stupidly took out a Picture Loan in Sept 2007. the loan amount was for 25000, Picture added 5000 PPI to the total loan so the loan amount was 30,000. I found this out after and in discussion with FCSC regarding this.... Some months I have paid £500 with th
  4. hi, did you receive any update in the end, i cant believe these [removed] get away with this practise!
  5. ******************************************************************* Morning We would like to know how you got on with these people in the end Kind Regards my thread is here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?462718-Picture-Idem-colossal-interest
  6. dmholden


    Hi all I'm a newbie. Basically I had a Home Base Store Card in 2007 and they used to charge my bucket loads. I don't have my account number and when I phoned them the nice lady said she couldn't give me the account number as it is closed. Is there any way of me: 1) finding out what the a/c number was? 2) claiming back my charges without a a/c I have all the template letters
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