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  1. The judgement was for £1585 defendant parking control services. They wheel clamped my stolen car and wouldn't return it until i paid £1500! see thread I started elsewhwere. I was advised on the forum to try the s 75 route given the bailiffs are struggling!
  2. Hi Fraud department have said no at this stage. Initially I rang BC and was told to pursue supplier. Bailiffs advised registered address not valid. Company is a private wheel clamping company and is still trading, however it seems they are clever at hiding their tracks and difficult for bailiffs to seize anything. I have written again to BC stating that their literature says to try and resolve with supplier and no timescales are mentioned and reminding them again of obligations under section 75.
  3. Hi, Barclaycard have refused to consdier my claim on the grounds that i delayed in advising them! I was told originally to pursue the supplier, which I did and obtained a CCJ against them. The payment was originally made in Jan 09, CCJ March 09, Bailiff instructed 17th March 09 however they discovered that the registered address was not valid on 9th April 09. Claim to Barclaycard 28th May 09! Should i threaten a CCJ against Barclaycard??
  4. Not sure how successful legal action will be. Many seem to have CCJ's and bailiffs warrants without much of a result. how about Watchdog or similar. I see on the website they are nervous about adverse publicity and some of their clients may not wish to be associated with this sort of operation.
  5. I would be careful approaching ireland in person. I get the impression that he may not be too helpful. The wheel clamping guys I met to get my car back were on the generous side!
  6. Did a bit of digging and have also now found ireland's address. According to Crawley Council he was granted planning consent on appeal to use the garage as an office to run a wheel clamping business including parking vans! I have advised my HCE bailiffs. I have also advised Barclaycard who are sending forms. I have a problem suing land owner as my car was stolen and left on a PCS site by the thieves. it was then then taken to a pound (breakers yard) in Dorking by PCS. I don't therefore know where it was left originally! PCS would not give it back unless i paid their ridiculous fee.
  7. I am in Crystal Palace They appear to operate from the Crawley area. I also have one of the addresses where clamped cars are taken. Happy to help find Gill or Ireland. am using credit card route may get address where that is registered at.
  8. Hi, I have obtained a CCJ for £1500 against them which HCE bailiffs are trying to enforce. I did pay by card so have considerable evidence.
  9. Hi, I have experienced a similar problem when my stolen car was parked on a site controlled by a private company. by the thieves The company refused to return it even though i provided evidence and the police reng them to explain They wanted £1500 to return the car or threatened to sell or crush it. As I had no idea where it was i paid the release fee (by credit card) and got the car back. I then obtained a CCJ against them which I am now pursuing using HCE bailiffs. The big issue is that it takes too much time to get an order for specific performance and in that time they dispose of the
  10. Thanks for the advice. I have started enforcement through the HCE route and have also started recovery through the Credit card company. Hopefully one of these routes will prove rewarding! I will keep you posted.
  11. hi The high court enforcement does seem a useful method. I have been in touch with one of the comanies offering a service and they do seem very keen! The charge is £50 plus another £70 if they are unsuccessful. so the risk is quite small compared with the claim (£1500) any other companies people have used who give a good service??
  12. Hi Yes I obtained a money judgement using the online court service. I did have to pay the £1500 up front to them to get the car back originally. I submitted a claim at theend of january but they did not respond so I requested a judgement which I received on the 2nd march.
  13. Hi Sorry I haven't been on in a while and thanks for the help. I have managed to get a Money Judgement against the parking company for £1500 but enforcing it is likely to be another matter! I expect the address is accommodation only and bailiffs will not be able to sieze enough. I toyed with the idea of commencing bankruptcy proceedings and being a general pain but I expect the credit card route is the easlest option. I have paid the credit card bill as it was on theis months statement. I guess the next step is to write. Any tips? Many thanks again for all your help
  14. Thanks, I did pay by credit card but I can't see how the company will be jointly liable for the debt??
  15. Hi Police orginally not interested in taking action, Its a civil matter sir. decided to pay the fee (£1500) and get vehicle back. As it was stolen loads of items in car including stolen safe etc. Police now much more interested!! Funny that Seems bestway forward is a civil action in the County Court for unlawful retention of goods/property? Any useful tips? Bob
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