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  1. Thank you dx100uk for your indepth posts and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Update that the complaint form was sent directly to MAS by special delivery and we received a letter confirming receipt and that they where looking into the complaint. However this hasn't stopped there calls / voicemails. Suffering terribly after last operation of Christmas, was defiantely the most painful of the 3. Will keep the thread updated guys. Thank you
  2. Thank you again for your rely, that is what I shall do then and will send it by recorded post requiring a signature upon delivery. Like you said I don't see them satifying the complaint but it has to go there first. Yes that is the picture I am getting off them, they dont want to come to a suitable arrangement as I think they know there's approx £50k equity in the property and being who they are they would like as much of this as possible hence the reason why I mentioned capitalisation that was quickly answered with "nope that is not going to happen". Will keep this thread updated and thank you for your help today, it has been valuable forgot to add the arrears are just under £4k.
  3. Thank you for your speedy reply, it is greatly appreciated. Yes they are indeed putting charges on the arrears as well as advising they where adding £75 and sending a field agent pre-christmas, however a letter sent to them advised that we gave no permission for a field agent to come to our property and should this be ignored the police would be called. We just find that every time you think you have a solution, MAS shoot it out of the sky within seconds. Could you please advise what the address / email for FOS with regard to sending a complaint to? Again, thank you for your valuable input
  4. Hello all, Am after some help with Mortgage Agency Number 4 LTD which I have seen mentioned a few times throughout the years on this forum. I'll try not to go on too much and keep it short, any pointers would be greatly received. In 2006 our mortgage mysterily changed from GMAC to Mortgage Agency Number 4 LTD. At the time we where on a fixed rate with GMAC and nothing had changed so we merely continued as normal. The real illusion came to light when our fixed rate was coming to a end and we called MAS No 4 Ltd to check what new deals there where (fixed rates, trackers etc). We where trapped, mortgage was going to their standard variable rate and with the downturn moving mortgages without a perfect clean file wasn't possible. We therefore changed it to interest only to bring the payment within affordability. In december 2015 I suffered a accident at work (work fault) and required emergency surgery over the Christmas period, further surgery in April 2016 and another November 2016. I wasn't able to weight bare between Xmas 2015 and April 2016. It has been a terrible year. Being given only SSP for 28 weeks, the mortgage company where advised straight away, however there help was none existence. They refused point blank to reduce the interest rate to stop arrears building up, they gave us payment breaks but this acheived nothing but create arrears quickly. Their operators just advised us to sell and move, careless in every manor, every option or idea we put through to them shot down within seconds. They where advised all the way how things where but persited in daily phone calls and letters asking for updates, answered them and few days later back to the same questions as if I have had a immaculate recovery over night. There harrasment is in no way helping my recovery, did I ask for this = no. Have I ever been out of work since I left school = no. We have kept every single letter sent and received by them and have also recorded and stored every single phone call with them. They have been advised in writing that we are recording their calls but this doesn't stop their "sell up" manor To prevent the mortgage getting endless arrears, a parent offered to cover our monthly minimum contractual payment for a few months (Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb) this was to keep them happy and prevent arrears building. As per this was not good enough for MAS, they said they see this as an additional income and therefore this should come off the arrears. As they where fully aware, we didn't have enough funds coming in to cover the mortgage let alone the arrears. Another obsticle put in the way. It seems like all they want possession of the property, they simply dont care one ounce. I asked if they could capitalise the arrears too which within seconds was told that will never happen. I'm at a total loss with them and the last thing I told them is what we have always told them, once I am either back at work or my injury claim is settled we would be in touch to have the matter settled. I have nothing to gain not contacting them when things have improved. I dont want to discuss work within this thread as this is a sore area #I'm just looking for pointers please on how and what we should do to deal with these bullies the best way possible? Thank you
  5. Sorry forgot to add, no interim payment has ever been offered by the company or insurers
  6. Thank you to you all for your replies, it is greatly appreciated. No there is no union present within the company. The solicitor is funding the claim on a 25% no win no fee as I have no means or insurance to cover this myself. Thank you for highlighting the RIDDOR, I shall check with solicitor if they know if this has been done or not, if confirmed not, then I will indeed report it myself. With regard to communicating with the company, I only do in writing by post & email, signed post confirms receipt of letters and email read receipts confirm they have been read. A very big thank you, never been out of work in my life and having the door closed on you is not the nicest of feelings for sure. Carl
  7. Thank you all so much for your replies, it is greatly appreciated during this time. 1) No there is no occupational health on site. 2) Yes bang on the nail, I have been sent to Coventry and obviously ignored by all management, however I do still hear off friends (fellow colleagues). 3) I have been advised that the vehicles are having the plates fixed so they cannot be moved / removed. 4) I do have in text message about sick claim from a manager with regard to wages in the early days before door was shut. 5) not sure about RIDDOR, don't know much about that sorry. Thank you Carl
  8. Thank you, no I havent as yet, just wanted to get this sort of advice so I know which way to go.
  9. Good day all, Am after a few pointers please as unsure of which way to go to ensure I do everything correctly. I had a work accident in November 2015, HGV Driver, a slip plate hadnt been fitted the right way round, on exiting I slipped crashing onto the road. I broke my leg, foot and ankle with damage also to the ligament. I have so far had 3 surgeries under general to have metal plates, pins and screws fitted. The healing process has been a terrible ordeal and I have been unable to weight bare until only recently. At present the consultant cannot see anymore surgery is required but I have however got a limp with pain. It is my intention to try and return to work within the next month as have been off since accident. However, the company has not shown any empathy or compassion. I was advised that the companies insurance would cover my basic wages at time of accident, however there call / contact never materialised. When receiving my first monthly pay, it indeed only contained SSP. Communication from the company dissapeared, emails where read but never answered, text messages the same and phone calls resulted in "manager / supervisor" not here but we get them to call back which didn't happen. Therefore, I seeked advice from Citizens advice whom advised me to make a claim against them for the accident. I contacted a solicitor directly whom has took on the case which is still ongoing. Therefore, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do now with regard to returning? Should I email them and advise about my intented return? I will have to potentially have a phased return due to the period I have been off and to build up the strength again with my leg. I have been there since November 2014. Thank you
  10. Hello matey, thank you for your reply. No this hasn't been sent off yet but has been downloaded, printed and ready to go a long with the latest sick note as you advised. It wrong totally aint it mate, 90 minute drive, poor bloke must have been half knackered before he even got to work. No, definately dont agree with the 2 tier system as that not fair at all dividing the nation. What about the poor souls out there that where born blind or with arms missing, they may never be able to work so why should they get paid less through something that is no fault of there own. As stated above, and apologise, I never meant that my father should get better service off DWP beause he had contributed and obviously he has been a lucky person whom health has been really kind up until few years back. There are many poor souls out there that are not this lucky and I really hope they get looked after properly as nobody needs the extra stress put on them when things go wrong for them.
  11. Thank you Ellie, that has been helpful.
  12. Appreciate what your saying and as im sure you understand, when a loved one has been through the mill, you do feel kind of annoyed at the way there being treated, im sure you would feel the same if someone so close to you was being treated badly. As you will appreciate and I did put in my post that I apologise for rambling / being frustrated and annoyed as it like a hamster in a wheel scenario. Sorry if my post seem to point that I felt he was entitled to it cause he put into the system etc, at no point did I ever mean any insult to anybody regarding that so please, I didn't mean any offence to anybody and if it seemed that way, please may I apologise now for that as it was not meant to knock any person with a disability etc whom may not be able to work or ever have worked due to severe health / disability issues. Thank you in advance for your reply, it is greatly appreciated.
  13. Hello matey, Yes he has the results in writing for the treadmill test which he did way before claiming esa / dla etc as he wanted to remain in work. Only when he was told he wouldn't be getting his licence back after also paying for a solicitor to try and over turn this did he claim esa etc. Big thank you
  14. Thank you for your reply matey. No my father hasn't heard anything further regarding the tribunal appeals, the ATOS appointment came through after the appeal with tribunal was sent and was for the original ESA claim. Strangely even though my fathers ESA claim has been stopped, he received a letter today dated after the letter advising it stopped advising to send a new doctors note. Confused. Thank you sincerely for your help
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