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  1. Has anyone had dealings with any companies that profess to claim back charges If a Mortgage Agreement does not comply with the law or is unfair in any way our legal ... Miscalculated APR's; Unfair charges; Unfair Terms and Conditions etc. It says especially with Subprime mortgages. As I have had ones with Platform, GMAC and now GE MOney I wondered if it is worth pursuing with a company or whether i should do it my self?
  2. Thankd Buzby The debt is less than £400 so not sure what I should do to hold them off?
  3. Thanks Bankfodder Is it worth writing to CPW again as well to see if we can come to some agreement? At the mo I am trying to juggle all my other credit card debts as well so life is pretty stressful!!
  4. Hi can anyone help. I took a renewal 18 month contract with CPW and after a few months couldn't continue to pay the bill due to financial problems. I contacted them in June 08 to explain my current situation as I had credit cards that I couldn't pay as well. I offered to send the phone back as it had hardly been used. Then they chased me in September 08 which I responded to but they never replied. Then in October I was chased by Commercial credit services acting on CPW behalf. I again responded by letter and fax and also sent my Income/outgoings to show I was in a negative financial st
  5. Hi Bainmarie If your having problems with Barclaycard do what i did go and visit your MP and tell them the problem. WE had 4-6 months of major hassle from Barclaycard and Mercers. Saw our MP he wrote to Chief Exec of Barclays and within a week we had a call back from someone high up at Barclaycard accepting £1 nominal payment, freezing interest and refunding charges. Sometimes your MP can do something worthwhile..
  6. Has anyone tried to reclaim payment protection as I have written asking for refund of premiums which were charged at £6.50 a month. It is not the overdraft fee but was apparently a policy sold on the phone fto me or accident sickness and unemployment for our joint account. I have asked A&L for a signed agreement and also what it covered as this is a joint account and my wife has been self employed for years so this policy would not be valid if we had made a claim. Sorry its a bit vague as I am at work and don't have all details to hand but I will get full info this evening and post
  7. Hi purpleperson this is my first time on this site..Like you myself and my wife are still struggling to make ends meet but i noticed that you got refused for £1 a month nominal payments. Last January 08 we spoke to the National Debtline who were very helpful but because we didn't have £100 spare income a month for a debt management paln we had to go it alone and offer £1 a month. Fortunately the debts were for Credit cards only and we have continued to pay motgage and priority debts so no arears. It was really tough and got lots of rejection initially but we kept sending back letters with in
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