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  1. Hi, Hoping for some advice. After hearing Martin recently I decided to look into my council tax band. Went on the VOA site and my house is listed as deleted. The property had concrete cancer and was going to be demolished which is why I think the band was deleted. The council decided to repair rather than demolish and we became tenants when the work was finished. Been here 10 years and always paid band B rates - every other property has not been deleted and are in band A. All of the properties on the street had the same issues and were all repaired to the same standard so not sure why we are paying band B and everyone else band A. All of the other properties are the same size and layout etc so no difference in value. I want to challenge the band but not sure how to word it so would like help if anyone can please Many Thanks Darren
  2. When I spoke on the phone I told them what I needed and the guy said £184 plus vat and gave me a quote reference which he also emailed me. The email had no prices but did have a t&c attachment and said to fill in the booking form online so they could raise an invoice. They then sent the invoice and I realised the price difference and told them by email that I wanted to cancel as we must have got our wires crossed regarding prices. There were no prices on the booking form - it wanted to know dates, times locations etc and the nature of the event. All communication was through my personal email account but I completed the booking form with my husbands business details as it was for his event. 2017 Envisage Group Terms & Conditions.pdf
  3. The company is envisage promotions. What should I do next - ignore or respond?
  4. Just had this reply: Regretfully you appear to have misunderstood that completing a booking form is entering a contract. Please see attached our agreed terms and conditions, I have also highlighted the relevant section below for your convenience. 6. Cancellation 6.1 Without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to it the company shall be entitled to cancel the contract or suspend any further performance under the contract without any liability on the part of the company or the talent. 6.2 The client shall not be entitled to cancel the contract without the prior written agreement of the company. I am trying to help reduce your costs, and would maintain my offer of a reduced fee if you decide to cancel. If you decide to not respond as detailed in your previous email this will be handed across to our debt recovery team, at which point the full amount will be charged and you will be liable to pay additional fees implimteded by STA Debt Recovery.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, I thought it was not a contract but its always better to get someone with more knowledges advice. The event is in 18 days and as soon as I realised the error I let them know. Maybe I misheard the guy but I genuinely thought it was a total of £184 plus vat and not double that or I would not have filled in the form. I will let the guy know about the initiation to treat and see if that stops him in his tracks. Thanks again.
  6. Hi, I hope this is in the right section. I was looking to hire two butlers for an event phoned around and got a quote of £184 for two hours which I thought was okay. The company emailed me the quote and told me to fill out a booking form which I did and then they would send me an invoice. I got the invoice a few hours later and realised they meant £184 each so with vat the bill was over £400. I emailed back and said sorry thats way too much please cancel. Received an email this morning saying I cannot cancel without paying £100 plus vat for the considerable amount of time they have invested(?). If I dont pay in two days it will go up to £184 plus vat. I have not signed an agreement and there are no terms and conditions on their website (they did send me them after I filled in the booking form online). Any advice please?
  7. All sorted now - paid council direct. Funny how one person says pay bailiff direct and another says yes thats fine and takes payment! I am going to complain to the council and the bailiff company (I called them today to tell them it was paid - they put the phone down on me when I mentioned complaining). I didnt realise complaining to the court was such a formal thing, i just wanted to put a spanner in the works for a truly nasty man (he seemed to get upset when I asked if he had been bullied at school). Thanks for all your help it is much appreciated. Darren
  8. Thanks for all your help everyone. We are going to pay it today (lucky we have just enough put aside which was our rainy day money). I had a look to see if the bailiff is registered and his licence is up for renewal in september - is it worth us sending a copy of the complaint to the court that issued his licence?
  9. Just a bit of an update. The wife has been in touch with the council, they are calling off the bailiff for the ex husbands debt but she is liable for the other (we knew that anyway). Went through and confirmed amount and dates etc (no charges added). She offered to pay them direct but they said gone too far. They also confirmed the bailiff cannot break in. The wife then went to citizens advice, they phoned the bailiff who is being an @sshole. He said he had the power to break in anytime he wanted - the woman from CA said no you cant to which he replied 'i can do what I want!'. He also said he wanted full payment for both debts regardless and had the lady in tears he was so abusive to her. Also phoned his company who where not interested. The woman at CA advised us to contact the police as he is making threats - is it worth us calling them? Jacobs (the bailiff company) have online payment so we are going to pay it off in one go, but can I report this nasty meathead to anyone?
  10. One other thing I forgot to mention - these letters were not in envelopes! Data protection?
  11. Thank you all for the help - it is much appreciated. I cant understand why its taken so long either - just shows how efficient they can be at times! We will be contacting the council first thing monday. Thanks again - I will be able to sleep tonight! Darren
  12. The joint amount is £231.08 and the ex's debt is £415.63. We get working tax credit and are classed as low income, we can tighten our belt and pay it in one go - to be honest I dont like having debts and would rather just settle it in one go and eat plenty of beans on toast for the month! I just dont want to pay his debt (last time we checked the CSA say he owes us 5k in unpaid maintainance), he has a habit of avoiding paying for anything. Thanks again
  13. No he has not gained entry and I will make sure my wife knows to speak through the letterbox to anyone. We dont mind paying it if she owes it so should I send the bailiff payment or go to the council? Thanks for the advice - its a weight off my mind.
  14. Yes thats correct. The one with her name has mr & mrs. The other is just mr. Both have the address in Telford they shared before they split up.
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