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  1. To my mind the issue is penalising you if you pay by the method recommended on the PCN. As anyone who runs a business knows, it costs money to process any payment. Try paying cash into your bank! In the early days you could only pay by cheque. It makes their lives easier to receive to receive an instant payment so why charge us?
  2. just received a ticket today from camden, having overstayed after ticket expired. Fair dos but they also enclosed a note saying that credit card payments carry a 1.3 % admin fee. The pcn clearly states authority recommends paying on line or by phone to ensure payment reaches them in time. So no change to their pcn. Can they do this? regards Richard
  3. What information am i looking for in the traffic order? I have posted the pcn and nto on the photo site regards Richard
  4. I just wonder if anyone has ever challenged on the basis that manufacturers guidelines should be followed to ensure accurate timekeeping, do they keep maintenance records, logs etc? If not how do they ensure that the timekeeping is accurate? regards
  5. Hello, on 29th August 2008 I was issued a pcn, observed parking in a residents bay between 2.57 and 2.58 pm without displaying a voucher. This is a long bay, which has many irregular markings. In addition there was a post almost right by where I was parked with no sign on it. This sign has since been replaced. I made an informal challenge which they rejected on 16th September on the basis that there was another sign, which the attendant took a photograph of. However this was at the other end of the bay. I heard nothing until I received a notice to owner on 9 Jan. The markings of the bay
  6. I've also posted the pcn and nto. I received the ticket on 29th August and sent them an informal challenge that day. They choose to disregard it sending me photos first and then a reply when I pointed out they had not sent one, on 16th September. so they had my contact details. Then nothing until the notice to owner on 9th January. Is 3 months an unreasonable time to take? regards Richard
  7. taken by me, empty pole and note bin Pictures, taken by me, empty pole and note bin Images, taken by me, empty pole and note bin Photos, taken by me, empty pole and note bin Videos - User Media - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Ho I have taken photographs today showing the long bay. They have now replaced the sign that I parked next to in August, so that helps my case I guess. I would appreciate your opinion. There are 2 shots taken by me which show the pole without an attached sign. Then there are 5 photos taken by the attendant and sent in reply to my inform
  8. I'm going to measure up and take photos either today or tomorrow, and will post together with ticket and nto. regards and many thanks Richard
  9. Hello, I received a pcn for parking in residents bay between 14.56 and 14.57, restricted hours are between 2 and 3pm. The attendants photos have a time stamp of 15.01. I believe that the bay is incorrectly marked as there is a post but no sign on it and the road markings do not comply with 1028.4, although they rejected that in my informal challenge. How do the attendants/council prove that the time on their handheld computers is accurate? Is there any onus on them to prove they have checked the time in some way, and to the manufacturers specification? (I remember when radar guns were
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