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  1. Hi all, We moved out of our rented property 10 working days ago after a nigthmare tenancy. Neither the Landlord or the letting agency has contacted us regarding the deposit and they still have not provided our tenancy ID number which I requested on our last day as we had not previously been given it. Could any tell me, by law, is there a period of time in which they have to pay back the deposit or inform me of any deductions they will be trying to make. Many thanks !!
  2. Hi all, We are just at the end of a nightmare 6 month tenancy and we are expecting the Landlord to try and get every penny of our deposit. However we are not 100% sure it is in a scheme as we have never been given our tenancy ID number. I have not yet asked for this as I want to bring it up in the event of a dispute and threaten him with court action if the deposit is not in a scheme. Are the letting agents legally obliged to give me the tenancy ID number even if the tenancy is finished ? Many thanks in advance !
  3. Hi all, Could anyone tell me if there are regulatory bodies to make official complaints about Landlords and Letting agents. Many thanks !!
  4. Hi, I tried the TDS website but suprise suprise there is no Tenancy UID Code on any of the documents we were given when we moved in. The lease states our deposit is protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme but no code is stated. Does this seem right and will the letting agents be obliged to give me this code on request. Also going back to the smoke alarm, I heard that Landlords must provide at least one smoke alarm on each level that is connected to the mains. Is this correct. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, thanks for the replies. We have continuously informed the letting agents of the problems who tell us they are passing on our concerns to the Landlord. We have met the Landlord on just one occasion and voiced our concerns. He promised us they would be rectified.. but two months on and nothing has been done. To be honest we have had enough now and just want out .. but with our deposit. You mention we can check whether our deposit is held in a scheme on-line. Please can you advise me which website it is. Many thanks !
  6. Hi all, We are just coming to the final month of a six month tenancy which has been a bit of a nightmare. Some of the problems we have had are: 1) Damp for four months in which time all the Landlord has done to rectify it is by putting a dehumidifier in for one week which didn't really do that much to help. 2) Front door will not unlock from inside (serious fire risk). 3) Crack in Kids bedroom window that only appeared when we turned the radiators on for the first time. 4) We have had to install our own smoke alarms as none were provided. 5) Blocked drains which
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