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  1. There are no charges on the accounts I could claim as I have always kept up the minimum payments. I want to write to them stating that as they have not sent the CCA they are now in breach. This will hopefully be a starting point for negotiating the debt down to then pay off in full and clear it once and for all Is there a letter that does any of this?
  2. Can anyone help me on this? I would really like to send letters stating that they have now failed to send the CCA's. I'm just trying to create a paper trail and keep on top of these people so that I can force them into negotiation
  3. Could anyone offer some advice as to what letter I write to offer a one-off payment to clear the debt at a reduced amount?
  4. The only thing is I really don't want to stuff up my credit rating/history as I'm hoping to buy a house this year, I'd rather negotiate the debt down with a one-off payment. How do I start that?
  5. Hi all, I've still had no response from MBNA or HSBC (re: Harvey Nichols store card) regarding my CCA requests......they had till the 31st January to respond. Where do I go from here? So far I am not in arrears in payments to either but I'm planning on not making the minimum payment to MBNA this month as they have not responded and if I understand correctly this means I am now able to dispute the debt. I would like to negotiate the debt down, where do I start? TIA!!
  6. And was your MBNA one enforceable? Sounds like I need to send them the account in dispute letter
  7. I put crosses over the top of my signature, they both refused to send the CCA's without a signed request so my hand was forced.
  8. Hi all, Well I sent off my CCA requests to Selfridges (Creation Financial), Harvey Nichols (HSBC) and MBNA. After Selfridges and HN wrote to me requesting signed requests, which I sent, I received a copy of my signed CCA from Selfridges but nothing since from HN and no response whatsoever from MBNA. So where do I go from here? Can I stop paying HN and MBNA as they have not responded? Is there a further letter I should send to start negotiations for a reduced debt? Also with the signed CCA from Selfridges is it possible it's still unenforceable? Should I scan it and post it
  9. Hi, Can anyone advise if resubmitting the signed CCA request now means the 12+2 days starts again?
  10. Thank you. Does resubmitting the CCA request now mean the 12+2 days starts again?
  11. I naively thought this would be simple....it feels like they are giving me the runaround just because they can!! What is the benefit to asking them to send it to a branch rather than by post?
  12. Hi all, I recently sent my CCA request to HSBC for my Harvey Nichols account card and they responded with the letter shown below With help from fedup74 I used this template to reply Dear Sirs, RE Account NO XXXXXXXX Thank you for your letter dated xx/xx/2008 the contents of which are noted. In your letter you make reference to requiring my signed authorisation /specimen signature** before you comply. I draw your attention to the fact that the Consumer Credit Act 1974 does not require that i supply you a copy of my signature before you comply with my S77/78** reque
  13. Just one other thing fedup, do I put the date that I made the request on as the date that I sent the letter or the date on which they received it? And when you say print my name, do you mean write it in print or type it out? Sorry that sounds daft I'm sure but I want to just cover everything And thank you!!!
  14. Hi all, I received my first response to the CCA request from HSBC who ran the Harvey Nichols account card. They received the letter on 15th January and the letter in reply is dated the 15th January so an immediate reply. They have responded with: Unfortunately, you have omitted to sign your letter. May I ask you please to submit fresh instructions ensuring your letter is signed. The bank policy is to establish the identity of the customer via a signature such that it can be compared with any other document (eg. application) that we may hold. I apoloise for the incovenience this
  15. My plan is to use any unenforceable CCA's as a way to reduce the debt and pay them off at a reduced amount.
  16. Hello again everyone! I've sent CCA request letters today to MBNA, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. I understand I have to wait 12+2 days for a response. Is that period of time taken from the date of receipt? So if they receive the letter tomorrow they have until the 29th January to send me the CCA? Also what happens if they reply but not with the CCA? Does that mean I still wait until the 29th January and then the debt will be in dispute? TIA!
  17. LOL!! Nice way to handle it! Well maybe if I get the ball rolling with this then I can negotiate the debt down......thank you for your help
  18. Wow! And did you have to fight for that? Did they agree that no further action would be taken by anyone if you paid it off? If they were to offer me that I would jump at it!! Sorry for so many questions
  19. Thanks so much for replying. Yes I bookmarked the link to the letter requesting the CCA. Ok so I request them and then wait. Is it possible that if they can't find them and don't respond that the debt will be wiped? I'm sure that sounds naive and over simplified!! Can you also use a non-production of the signed CCA as a bargaining tool to pay off at a reduced sum? Say 10% of the debt or whatever? My whole reason for doing this it to pay them off but hopefully at a fraction of the current value. I would gladly hand over £5,000 between all of them if I meant I was rid of the
  20. Hi all, I know you will have seen similar posts a million times but hope you may be able to offer me some advice. I am thinking about sending CCA request letters to all my store/credit card companies as I have recently had my work hours cut back from 5 to 2 days a week and will struggle to even meet the minimum payments. The thing is I have sufficient savings to pay these debts off in full but am hoping to buy a house this year and want to keep the money for my deposit. I owe: MBNA (held since 1993) - £8800 Egg (held since 2003) - £900 Mint (held since 2004) - £400
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