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  1. That's exactly correct! They'll take that money off you and then sell the remainder of the debt to a DCA who can chase you for it.....aren't MBNA a delight....
  2. My whole purpose of going down this route is to hope to be able to negotiate this but as with the OP I don't want to risk leaving myself open to be chased for the balance sometime down the road.....
  3. I am interested to know this too as I'm hoping they may make me a similar offer but seem to be reading about them only ever making it a partial settlement
  4. I had the same thing, it actually took them over two months to send me through the application form
  5. I've had the same by letter but have had a response to my CCA request albeit just an application form. Have you sent them an account in dispute letter?
  6. Damn right about RMA warping your mind.....they even try emotional blackmail.....only works on someone who actually cares though!
  7. Yes I got one of these the other day as well....I thought it was a default notice too but upon closer inspection it's not.....sneaky beestards
  8. I've been looking for the CPR letter but can't find it, can you point me in the right direction? I sent them the dispute letter before I got the application form and T&C's posted above Sorry I meant delaying tactics in keeping MBNA at bay
  9. creditcardmug, would you mind taking a look at my thread when you have a moment and advising my next course of action? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/189677-finally-cca-request-response.html
  10. Bump Iwould like to know this answer to this one too, as someone who CCA'd MBNA and simply got application form I would like to know whether to CPR now
  11. Thanks so much for helping me Have to say that MBNA have been nothing but unhelpful, when I approached them a few years back saying I couldn't keep up with the payments they said there was nothing they could do so I'd better find the money from somewhere!! When I approached Lloyds TSB with the same problem they couldn't have been more helpful and agreed to take £90 a month on a £5k debt which is now paid off in full I have no plans to get anymore credit as I've had it with credit cards and loans so I'm not overly fussed about what they are doing to my credit reference, what I am stre
  12. Hmm....so at this point then it's probably not worth me trying to go down the full and final settlement route. Sorry to keep asking all these questions which you've no doubt seen a million times before but am I ok to continue not paying as things currently stand? I'm finding this very stressful as I would rather just offer them £2k to go away, the debt is currently just under £10k
  13. Ok so really the only way I can possibly force them into accepting a full and final settlement is if the documents in the CPR request are not 100% I naively thought this would be simple and hoped they would just not have the paperwork and I could offer a full and final and that would be that.....
  14. Yes I sent them an account in dispute letter, will send them the CPR one now...thank you!! Just been thinking about this today, sorry that should be stressing, and really wondering where I go from here.....I'm kinda lost as to where I stand with regards to enforceability. Sorry if I am asking you to repeat something that's already posted but I need to be straight in my mind. MBNA have sent me a letter today saying that are going to register a default against me as I still haven't paid anything. This is a template bog standard letter they obviously send everyone Can I con
  15. So they have just whipped in a copy from that period but it may have absolutely nothing to do with my card??
  16. Thought I would add in my thread to this one, not sure if the debt is enforceable or not and would appreciate some help http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/189677-finally-cca-request-response.html
  17. I've already sent them the in dispute letter which they received late last month.....I originally CCA'd them back in early January
  18. Signature box says This is a Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Sign it only if you want to be legally bound by its terms
  19. Ok will go have a look!! Urgh feeling stressed about this again as I'm worried this may be enforceable and now I'm behind on payments
  20. Thank you, would like to know for definite whether this enforceable or not and where to go from here
  21. Could you tell me what the ident code is please? Everything showing on my paper is what's shown above
  22. Hi all, MBNA finally decided to send a response to my CCA request. The letter they sent is dated 6th March but envelope is franked 16th March so will keep that just in case. They sent the details on two pages and strangely the ref number on the signed copy of the application form is in totally different writing to the writing on the T&C's page and is also not on the shaded paper that the application is. Could someone please take a look at this and give me their opinion on where to go now. I have so far missed two minimum payments and despite sending an account in dispu
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