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  1. You are lucky you got that letter, they simply sent me an application form thinking that will suffice. This week I received a letter from them stating "Potential legal enforcement proceedings".....I could potentially win the lottery but I doubt I will....LOL!!
  2. Thanks for this link, certainly made for interesting reading and nice to see MBNA highlighted on there too
  3. You must be close to a month since they made the offer yet still nothing in writing....they are so beyond crap!
  4. If I recall correctly it was something like £4400 when it was first open but I can't remember as it was so long ago. I'm thinking I should send a subject access request now...if for no other reason other than to annoy them and make them work a bit harder...LOL!!
  5. That's great, this might be the first one which actually states that
  6. Did they quantify the actual sum you would have to pay?
  7. Did the letter state full and final settlement? Be cautious of saying how much you can or can't pay.....let's them know you have funds available
  8. How would the courts view all these false names they use to sign documents? Could this be considered fradulent??
  9. Another call from MBNA today from a polite lady for a change, she did ask why I wanted my CCA to which I responded "That's my business"
  10. I get the impression that these short settlements are in fact the norm and it leaves you wide open to being chased for the balance down the road
  11. So keen for your money but not THAT keen!!
  12. Ok thanks for that, so you've had these calls too MBNA just seems to ignore any letter I send them or denies existence then conveniently remembers.....I hate these dumb games
  13. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/184041-all-mbna-caggers-fight.html
  14. I could use some help with this.....MBNA have called again today and I spoke to them. The numpty on the phone first of all claims they didn't receive my request for it then goes on to say they sent the credit agreement late January.....once again wrong!! They sent the above in March She then went on to tell me I needed to pay and I stated that until I receive the credit agreement I am under no obligation to pay anything and I knew my legal rights. She said they would continue to add interest and charges to which I replied they were in breach of the law by doing so and she said they could
  15. I haven't since they took the debt back off RMA.....it was surprisingly easy to chase them off and they threw it back to MBNA after only a few weeks
  16. Thanks for your replies folks.....certainly looks like someone at MBNA has been busy copying unrelated documents MBNA calling me daily now!!! I put the account in dispute before they sent me this....now unsure of where to go from here....
  17. My application is dated late September 1997, no it's on two pieces of paper
  18. Hi all, I posted this before but in the wrong section of the forum, could someone kindly take a look at this and let me know what they think. I think this is another copy and paste jobby as the handwritten reference starting 2602 is in two different handwritings. Also the T's & C's are pretty much illegible and I'm struggling to read what they even say Something I also noticed, which may bear no relevance whatsoever, is that I didn't actually tick the box saying I wanted the credit card.... TIA!
  19. Yes I CCA'd them but didn't get a definite response on whether it was enforceable or not
  20. May I ask how long ago this was? I'm hoping this is something they may offer me
  21. And did you receive written confirmation that it was in full and final settlement?
  22. Seems they are just chucking random letters left, right and centre!!
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