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  1. Ok so standard disclosure needs to be sent to AK by 4pm on the 14th, is that correct? On the standard disclosure I had to Google it to get the definition (still struggling with the terminology). Do I just send the CCA and CPR requests that I sent last year? Standard disclosure – what documents are to be disclosed 31.6 Standard disclosure requires a party to disclose only– (a) the documents on which he relies; and (b) the documents which – (i) adversely affect his own case; (ii) adversely affect another party’s case; or (iii) support another party’s case; and
  2. Hi everyone, hope you had a good Easter. I have received the attached document requesting I send standard disclosure of documents by list...what is this? I wish they'd speak in plain English. Should this be sent to court or to Aktiv Kapital? Am I right in understanding that if AK fail to send this then the case may be dismissed? I keep hoping they'll back out or fail to provide what is requested....
  3. The problem I have is I'm on my phone. I've put the first date 14 days from tomorrow and then 2 months on as per the template. Is that correct?
  4. I'm sorry to be so daft about this but I'm flapping a lot and have no idea what to put in there!!
  5. Could someone please check the DQ as I need to mail it urgently today as the cut off is the 4th, thanks very much
  6. Crikey how many times do this lot change names?? Could someone kindly check the DQ on post 170
  7. As it's a photo of the letter I can't convert it, is the attached any better? FYI the letter is dated 28.01.2015 [ATTACH=CONFIG]55738[/ATTACH]
  8. Could someone please check I have done the attached correctly? I don't seem to have put much on there, I wasn't sure if I should be filling in the other information section with anything [ATTACH=CONFIG]55737[/ATTACH]
  9. Hi, I received the attached today, does this change anything? I'm thinking not but seems odd to keep changing their name... [ATTACH]55734[/ATTACH]
  10. Thank you Andy. Should I complete this with exactly the same info as last time?
  11. Well I've still heard nothing I'm not even sure what I should contact them with or if I should bother to contact them. I'm not really interested in negotiating and I guess they aren't either... There was no DQ in the envelope from the court, is this the same as the one I filed online previously? Is the lack of response any indication of what their next move may be?
  12. So does this mean I should be contacting them with something between now and the 4th? As I say I've heard nothing from them and am unsure what I'm supposed to be doing right now And if I get nothing from them by the 4th I file the DQ again and this will make them do what?
  13. Hi, I received received the attached order for stay of settlement which states the court wants a response by 04.02.2015. I have heard nothing from the solicitors and am unsure if I should be filing something by this date too
  14. Hi everyone, Happy New Year to you all I received a letter from Judge & Priestley enclosing a copy of the directions questionnaire. Is this anything I should act on? It doesn't appear so I did note that they have ticked yes in the box which states "Given that the rules require you to try to settle the claim before the hearing, do you want to attempt to settle at this stage?" They have also asked for a one month stay. Since receiving this letter I have heard nothing more from them. When is the cut off for them to take further steps? The letter is dated 22.12.2014
  15. Thanks so much for your help Andy Sorry one more question, the notice of proposed allocation says I need to serve copies on all other parties. Does this mean I need to send to the solicitors and debt collectors too? I'm loathed to send them anything with my signature on...
  16. Sorry and also should I be saying I will be a witness? I really don't fancy going to court....
  17. Hi, One of the questions is if I agree that small claims is the appropriate track but then says its the best option for under £10k which my debt is not. Do I still agree to this? I'm guessing I also don't need the expert evidence either? TIA!
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