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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. Did you have a screen fault? Capacitor sounds like psu fault to me.
  2. Yes there was a reminder letter sent out , but I forgot all about it..my fault.. But still the cheek of bumping up the premium by £150 and expecting me to just accept it, then sending me debt collection letters for insurance I did not want or autherise.... If I bought a pair of shoes one year and paid on my CC I would not expect to recieve a new pair the next year at a higher cost and credited to my CC without prior autherisation..... Now I owe them a whopping £3.58 apparently but they wont chase it, so why not just put an end to it now? Sorry but they make my blood boil:-x
  3. Churchill I suspect they are trying to recoupe the moneys for the toy dog they sent me....
  4. So by law they will renew the policy unless told otherwise by me? I was away at the time my insurance ended on the 8th. My son told be about the renewal, I cancelled on the 10th when he told me the papers came, as I wasnt happy with the huge renewal price. I reinsured the vehicle on the 18th when I returned to uk with someone else at a cheaper price. What is the law now about having continuous insurance? have I done something wrong by not having the car insured for 10 days? I was away? Its the cheek they have at presuming I will accept their expensive quote and take moneys from my CC without my autherisation.....and then to rub salt into the wound, start sending me debt letters......I always pay up front yearly for my insurance......cheeky Twots!!!!!
  5. My previous insurer automatically renewed my insurance without my authorisation.. .I was only made aware of this when the paper work came through 2 days later.. .I cancelled it the same day the papers came. They said no problem, and I will get a full refund. I now have insurance with another company as the quote was lower. Now my previous insurer has sent me a debt letter stating that i owe them £13.56. I phoned them and they say its the cancellation fee?? (£10 cancellation fee and the £3.56 I still owe them but they will not chase it up?) They cant just canel it Also my renewal quote was £470 yet they were only going to refund me £430???? but nothing was taken in the 1st place... can someone enlighten me as to what is going on here? are they just trying to extort £13.56 from me as I did not accept there renewal quote? does this stay on my credit records or anything like that? why wont they canel it completly. They didnt even take any funds from my credit card... I did not authorize them to renew the policy,
  6. Well I have finally had a reply to my email and I quote. "As a company, we do understand our obligation to provide a remedy for products that develop a fault following the expiry of the guarantee. In certain situations, I do appreciate that the manufacturing defects may not manifest themselves until after the initial warranty period has expired. In view of this and in order that we may consider your request, we would like to inspect your product to diagnose the cause of the fault. With this in mind, we will require a payment of £95.00 for us to pick up the product and assess the unit at our repair centre. Should our workshop discover a manufacturing fault with the product, your assessment charge will be refunded and your product repaired at no cost." Now my concern is I pay the £95 they take the TV away, and then fob me off with this is not a manufacturing fault, or even worse that I have in some way caused this fault. Bearing in mind my TV set is in A1 condition. I have just rang them and basically I will need my own independant report as to what is wrong with the tv and how much it will cost to repair.. otherwise if I just send it in with my £95 they can just reject it as no proof it is a manufacturer fault?...good job I asked first.. So I will first have to cough up £95 for there diagnostics, and what ever an independant report will cost me, then send it back to them armed with all relevant info...now my concearn again is I cough up this money only for them to say its not economically viable for them to repair and I end up with the maybe £400 as a good will gesture? Not the outcome im looking for. The TV needs a new panel, or the technical ability/equipment to repair it, now I very much doubt that KNOWHOW have the knowhow (pardon the pun) to repair this, even in their state of the art repair center, Im pretty sure they just swap out parts and do software installs, Id be very suprised if they repair down to component level. So they either swap out the panel for a new/refurbished one, or more than likley as most on here have said they may offer me the good will gesture. Has anyone been down this route before, I dont want to be waisting my time going through the motions if at the end of it, my TV is not repaired.
  7. So I should be able to enjoy my remaining 2 years without a problem and to the same quality as the 1st 4... They will either have to fix it, or show me where I can buy the same set for the £400 they may offer me...
  8. Was it? Do you have reference to said programme? Manufacturers/Retailers are very sneaky and will deniy any problem exists.. Until you force their hand.. They can be repaired as the video shows, but I have no idea how much it costs... Still have not had a call or reply to my email as to when my TV will be looked at/collected? Having a look around some places are still selling my set at £1500, nothing on the 2nd hand market? I wonder where they all are?
  9. Yes is a manufacturing fault. The bonding tabs are coming away... These are like tiny ribbon cables that are bonded/soldered along the screen, when they start to De-bond you start to loose that part of the picture, it's a well know fault and is still happening to this day.. The manufacturer no doubt will not acknowledge this as a problem and will try and keep it quiet. It is mostly faulty on the left hand side of the screen, where the psu is situated,I belive the heat from the psu can cause the bonding tags to start to come away also... Design fault? Have a look at this video of one being repaired.
  10. Or do you both work for curry's/pc world and are talking me out of it?
  11. My TV model is a Samsung UE46D7000 I have had a quick Google and I'm not the only one it seems with panel problems... As for the £400 refund could I get the same TV for that money today in working order?
  12. Thanks your right better to be safe than sorry... I would not accept £400 for £1300 TV unless I got my TV back too.. Im sure they must have panels in stock somewhere or at least know where to get it repaired? They can be repaired but special equipment is required to do it properly, but I'm not sure of the cost, if may not be economical to repair I've been told also.. Still this problem persists in today's newer models, and with a lot more of these panels around, hopefully they can fix it, Or find another alternative panel that will fix my model of TV, I've been told there are 3 types/manufacturer of panel that would be compatible.
  13. Ok thanks i will just have to wait and see... My concern is that they do a sub standard repair or fit substandard parts.. Even though it's nearly 4 years old, my set is in A1 condition, not a scratch, dent, or mark on it, apart from the screen fault of course.. So is it reasonable to assume I should get it back in the same A1 condition with the fault repaired.
  14. I had a phone call form a nervous sounding knowhow chap I believe stating that someone will ring me soon and arrange pickup of my tv set? This was on Thursday its now Monday and still not heard anything.. This was in reply to my email sent to Currys customer services on the previous Monday.. Is there anything I should ask if they ever ring back or pick it up? i.e. what will actually happen to it when they take it away? should I get proof that they have taken it, and what they are going to do to remedy the fault? should I get this in writing?
  15. Ok thanks is this a pc world or curry's complaint? As the retailer had both names on there signage... One of there mega stores..
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