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  1. Your minds work in ways I could only hope to achieve one day! thanks for your responses, much appreciated
  2. Thanks Zoltron. I suspect you’re right. Thanks for the direction. crappy situation for those worse affected
  3. Afternoon, Firstly, a bit of a shocker nobody stepped in to help. Surprised as the repat costs will surely outweigh the short-term investment required to remain solvent. UK Gov could then have at least mitigated public anger at bailing out a plc as they'd at least have some 'skin in the game'. Rather guiltily on to my question if anyone knows where I can turn to - or if I can turn anywhere for that matter. On August 13th I was supposed to fly to Mexico from Manchester but ended up with a 25 hour delay. When we arrived in Mexico the following day, we submitted the flight delay claim. On 9th September they responded to say a BACS payment has been authorised for £2,120 (four of us travelling) and would take up to 28 working days to reach the account. I'm guessing now TC have entered administration that payment probably won't be coming now so wondered if there was somewhere else to turn to to claim the compensation. I have googled my predicament and the links are all to do with 'what to to in the event your airline goes bust before your holiday'. Thanks lots
  4. Hey there HB, thanks again for responding. I sent another text requesting the solicitors details after putting up my last post and received a response literally moments ago. Very unsatisfactory I might add, it went like this "thanks for your text i hope you are well. Your dad's estate now finalised so i have no involvement with solicitor. take care" I sent another one in response "We are well thanks; refreshed after a family holiday. Glad it is all finalised on your end but I would appreciate seeing the will or discussing with your solicitor. I would be grateful if you would pass on those details as probate doesn't seem to have been complete" I got a response - "as I said, its all finalised i have no solicitor will arrange for a copy of the will from 'B' the executor take care" (no grammar in text, sorry) Having looked at property markets - both houses have now sold! Oh well - if she comes good on the will; I'll see where I can take it from there. Thanks again J
  5. Hello, Just following up on this as I have not had any further correspondence from my request to Mrs. A get her Solicitor's details so that I may liaise with him/her! I have been searching the probatesearch.gov.uk website weekly but so far my dad has not returned as a positive match and we are now 10 months down the line from when he passed. Given I have just seen his house has sold back in July, I would have assumed the will & probate documents would have been available online to download by now? Is someone able to confirm that's the case and why it might not be online? I know there is a will and that Mrs. B is an executor - but I have no means of contact Mrs. B nor had any visibility on the will. Best regards
  6. Hello Honeybee, Thank you for responding. I do not; I have no problem texting her and asking her for them though. I just didn't want to look petulant by asking "I don't have one, what is yours" Regards
  7. Hello, Small back story; my father left my mother when I was a little 'un and when I turned 14 I was curious about finding him. It took several years (on and off) and many Internet searches but 5 years ago it paid off and I tracked him down. I was born out of wedlock and he had no other children. When I met him, it was 'facilitated' through a close friend of his (let's call her 'Woman A') as my father was apparently in a bad place at that time. During that chat we spoke about guilt and forgiveness and the hope of creating a new relationship where the past remains right there in the past. We arranged to meet again the following week. Woman A was not a partner or lover and he assured me of that. But she was intent on getting the message across to me that she has been there for him through his dark times, I thanked her for that and my father also said the same; that she had been there for him. During the second meet up, he was talking about his travels and interests and he just mentioned that my children would be 'made' when he goes. Quite unexpected but he went on to explain he was due to sell 2 houses to buy a pub down south but now I have got in touch he no longer wanted to do that. We never did become close, but we would call infrequently and exchange texts and emails more often. Roll forward four years (to 12th Jan) and I received a phone call from from woman A telling me my father had died of an aggressive cancer the day before and that he did not want to tell me because he was afraid it was going to hurt; instead she said that she took care of him and it was the hardest thing she has had to do. I don't disagree with that, they were close friends. It all starts to get a little cloak and dagger from there and that's why I am asking for advice. As I am the sole living son of his, I assumed it would be my responsibility to assess any assets and distribute as per the will (first time dealing with deceased) but Woman A said no, Woman B is the executor and will sort it out as that was my father's wish. I went along with that and was receiving piecemeal texts from woman A asking me if it was OK if my father's fridge and other furniture could be donated to charity - of course I was all happy for it to go to good use. As my father mentioned to me in our chat that we would be 'taken care of' I assumed the houses would come to me. But I checked the land registry on the one that I knew the address of and its registered owners are both my father and woman A. From recollection, I believe therefore the property simply moves over into woman As name. So I began to wonder what my father meant. I let it go and received a phonecall from woman A to see how I was coping and I just asked outright "what's happening with my dads houses" and she said that she had spoken with the mortgage company and they were going to sell my dads houde that only he lived in (the one explained above that's in both their names) in order to pay off in full the other house in which she lives. They never lived together, just held the houses in joint names. That is when I started to get suspicious. So a few weeks later I sent woman A a text to say I'm surprised my father cut me out especially after our chat, I saw my backside and left it at that. The feeling had been knowing at me for months as he may have had life insurance policies that have paid out, and pensions that might be owing so I sent woman A a text message asking to see a copy of the will as well as the family history my father had compiled. Woman A responded asking me if I wanted another sentimental item but didn't mention the will. She then sent another text asking me "why do you feel you should have a copy of the will" to which I replied " is him being my father not reason enough" The following exchange took place and this is where I am lost for words and my suspiciousness is going berserk . Woman A "let me have your solicitor's details please" Me "sorry, I am at a loss as to why o would need a solicitor" Woman A "everything is in the hands of my solicitor" So... alls I want is to see a copy of the will so I can ensure nothing untoward is taking place and to make sure that I am a beneficiary of any pensions or life insurance policies but I have no reason why i would need to instruct a solicitor; indeed I would have no answer to the solicitor's inevitable question of "and how would you like to instruct me". Can I tell this woman to just provide me with the will ?! Or do I actually need a solicitor to see this? Given I am the only living child and he never married. Best regards J
  8. Hello and thank you for the reply. I really need to learn not to preempt bad things but my wife and I are the kind of people who if they didn't have bad luck, would have no luck at all. The vehicle check over I had done yesterday revealed that the car is practically in great shape - well worth paying the £96 for that peace of mind. The diagnostic tool used showed no updates were required for download and there were no errors to report on bar an intermittent fault with the diesel cleaner. He said it's just one for the customer (me) to monitor because if that goes fully and I continue to drive the car, the diesel will clog up the engine - something about glow plugs? He said prevention is better than a cure and that it would cost 400+VAT to replace at the minute. If it went fully then I'm looking at a 2 grand repair. He said the sales garage wouldn't have known about that as their diagnostic tools won't be as advanced as his 40grand machine. So thank you for the replies, sorry if I wasted any time of yours but justvwanted to update. I don't know how to delete threads but this one can be now Maybe our luck is changing!
  9. Hello, On 27th December, I parted with £7,500 cash and bought a BMW from a used car garage. It felt great, finally at 30 years old and able to drive a car that amounted to something more than the clapped out old banger I had been driving for many a year previously. The car had been on the forecourt for only a couple of days before I saw it online and booked in to go view it. When I got there, the front tyres were that bad they had bubbles in the sidewall; but they said those would be replaced; which they were. I paid a £250 non-refundable deposit and went back the following day with the rest debited from my account and drove away nice and happy with myself. I got it on the drive at home and the following morning (daylight), I noticed it had three chips in the windscreen. Not one to make a fuss, I called Autoglass round to repair it. They arrived and immediately said the screen could not be repaired due to the size of one of the chips and the fact one had already been repaired badly before that. He mentioned it should not have passed an MOT with the unrepairable screen. He said a new unit would be required at a cost (from Autoglass) of £890! Fair play to the chap though, he did mention not to use them and to get a local tradesman to do it and the cost would be around £300 and he explained why Autoglass charge that much. Cue phonecall to the garage. The garage in this case was quite sympathetic and sent round one of their regular screen repairers to carry out a replacement windscreen at no cost. On Friday 19th, the wife and I decided to drive the new car to Glasgow from Manchester to stay with family since we had booked a long weekend off - we managed to get to Penrith before the rear of the car began to do a rapid left-right vibration so we promptly came off at the next junction and as luck would have it, found ourselves in a garage car park - they propped it up on the ramps for £35 and told us both rear tyres are illegal; one of which was exposing the wires and in his opinion should not have passed an MOT! We had done 1,000 miles from buying the car to getting to Penrith. They sent me to a tyre specialist further down the road who, thankfully, had the right tyres in stock and was able to fit them there and then for £168 per tyre. However, when he was about to put the tyre onto the right-rear wheel, he stopped, brought the wheel to me and said "I can't put a tyre on that rim mate, you see that crack there; it's unsafe and I'm not allowed to put a tyre on that". So, two different car repairmen had both, for different issues, mentioned "This shouldn't have passed an MOT". They didn't have a matching alloy in stock, the nearest one was 30 miles away at the BMW dealership and they wanted £418+VAT for a replacement wheel; I duly told them where to go. They called back and said £366 inc VAT but still couldn't get the wheel to us until the following morning (it was Friday afternoon around 4pm). I wasn't prepared to sleep in the car park so politely refused and then panicked. Luckily, one of the mechanics in the tyre garage 'found' an 18" BMW rim that fit to my car as a temporary measure to allow us to continue the journey North; he didn't charge a penny but I gave him some cash for it anyway as a "thank you for saving our back-sides". In a relieved state, I called the garage I bought the car from and told them what had happened and that two people now had said the car should not have passed an MOT and explained the tyre/wheel issue and the fact he had sold me an unsafe car. He was not prepared to accept any liability for the checking of the car and said all he is responsible for is sending the car for an MOT and nothing else. He said if there are issues the MOT did not pick up then he, as the dealer, was not liable for anything and that a refund for the car was a definite non-option. For info, the car 'Passed' an MOT on 23 December - 4 days before I bought the car. I have checked the MOT Online and it is logged with the DVLA that the car did indeed pass an MOT on December 23rd 2015 but I cannot see which garage carried that out. The MOT certificate also does not state the garage that carried out the test. I have booked the car in for a full safety-check and plug in at a reputable car MOT test centre for this Friday 26th February and am very nervous about what is going to be flagged up. I hope nothing, because as I mentioned earlier, I'm so happy I finally have a car that I love - but I just wanted to know what my options were if this garage picks up loads of faults that render the car either unsafe or unsuitable for use. Many thanks in advance, Jamie
  10. Hello, Firstly thank you to those that are able and willing to advise. I sent an SAR on behalf of my Grandma just as a stab in the dark (on her request may I add ) to see if she could be entitled to any PPI on her borrowings over the years. Despite my SAR requesting copies of all Data held in relation to all dealings and accounts relating to Granny in all formats, all that they sent back were Loan Statements showing only the 'Payment Received - thank you' and 'interest charged' entries. I'm looking at these now thinking how much use these documents are without the actual agreements, which is what I expected would have been sent out, along with her current account 'ins and outs'. Interestingly, on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Loan Statements (in chronological order of the loan provide date) the final entry on these statements says "Rebate of Loan Protection Insurance - NIL" Why would this show on the Loan Statement if PPI was not added to the loan because it doesn't appear on the 1st, 5th and 6th Loan Statements? On each of the Loan Statements, there's a sentence in the small print saying "Any fees payable under your loan agreement are added to your current account". Does this mean they may have charged PPI but they will try and bury the charges in the current account and out of sight of the Loan Statements? Looking for assistance in next steps please, certainly in relation to the above but also if you could advise whether I need to go back to them with another cheque for ten pounds for them to send me the agreements? Many thanks in advance, Jamie
  11. Thanks Emmzzi. I'll have to grab a copy of the contract and have a look. I heard the term of implied contract and thought this may mean that because she had worked these hours to suit the business for so long, that this could possibly be taken as an unwritten contract between the two? Thx for your input
  12. Morning I am writing on behalf of my wife who is having difficulties securing new hours on her contract at a superstore. Her normal contracted hours which she has not worked in over twelve months are Monday five until ten pm, Friday 8am til 1pm and Saturday 5 til 10pm. For over twelve months she has been working alternate hours and has been paid for those new hours being Monday 9am til 5pm Friday 8 am til 1 pm and Saturday still 5pm til 10pm. However she has also continuously been working on Wednesdays and has been asking her manager to sort out a new contract to incorporate these new hours. On Monday just gone the manager said in passing that he had secured the Monday but would not be contracting her the Wednesday which she had worked for the last year. Is she entitled to fight for those hours to be added into her contract given it has become the norm for her to go in on that day and be paid for them? Thank you
  13. Hi, When I moved in to my home, there was a wire leading to where the TV goes with a SCART on the end. When plugged into the TV, it's a rather well hidden CCTV camera of the outside of the property. Being rather idiotic, I didn't think it would be useful and severed the SCART to tidy up a bit before installing my own junk. I now want to reconnect the camera to my TV and so I need to know how to connect the wire back up to another SCART lead to put into the back of my tele. Before I cut the wire, when plugged into my tele, the picture was black and white with sound. The camera must be powered from the TV SCART (if this is possible) because I cannot find a plug for it. The wire which I severed has 4 individual wirings inside - a RED, a BROWN, a GREEN and a BLUE. Any help on how I go about reconnecting to a SCART so I can make use of camera again would be great. Best Regds J
  14. Cheers G&M. The garage over the road scares me, had plenty run ins with them already for parking their cars in front of house etc and with this dropped kerb I have taken 2 spaces away from them - hence the hypothetical scenario - thanks for clearing up.
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