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  1. I have been reading your thread with great interest, I to have had all this aggro with MBNA and Experto. I had a letter from Experto who now own the alleged debt informing me they had been using an internal account number I may not have recognised and their legal team would like to inform me they will now use my MBNA card number, I checked my DN from MBNA and found they(MBNA) had used the wrong account/agreement number on the DN, dont know if this changes the legality of it but im sure it must.My alleged agreement is also an application form with T&C's photocopied onto the back, what makes it laughable is there is a diagram on the application side showing how to fold the form for posting, there is no way you could mail it back as the reverse is just a mass of T&C's. Here is a link to my thread which has more details and has scans of the application form. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?292925-MBNA-Experto-say-this-agreement-is-enforceable
  2. I had a letter from Experto saying they had bought the account,their letter was dated the day before the default due date from MBNA so it must have been sold at least a few days before that, also I'm sure the default notice was flawed.
  3. Ok here are the links https://dl.dropbox.com/u/7595043/mbna%20application.jpg https://dl.dropbox.com/u/7595043/mbna%20application%20reverse.jpg
  4. Experto have sent me some documents after they have had my account in dispute since 2009, they say this satisfies CCA74 S78 and my account is now enforceable but on closer looking at the application form something doesn’t seem right. It’s a three column document and I'm 100% sure the reverse of the form never had any terms and conditions but blurb about the benefits of the card. Also the diagram on the left hand side column shows how to fold the form for posting, now maybe I'm thick but if the original application had all the terms and conditions on the reverse as the have sent, there would be no room for an address to post back to them. When MBNA issued my default notice the actually sold the account on to experto before the date they had given me to rectify my breach, and the agreement number on the default notice was not the same as the agreement number they had always quoted on all other correspondence. I will post application forms as soon as i have reached my posting criteria (20 posts)
  5. Has anyone got the address for submitting a SAR to Natwest. I have two accounts, one personal and one business which they have terminated but never issued me with a default notice although they state in the termination letter they have issued me with default notices. I phoned Natwest credit managment in Telford and he said he couldnt see that my accounts had been defaulted, then I received letters from Triton Credit demanding I settle the accounts. Thanks
  6. I have just re read Moorcroft's previous letter, it says they have been instructed by egg to recover the debt, so i assume egg are still in charge of my account, I have been paying them each month by standing order and have checked my bank statements, the payments are going to egg, as I said not the minimum payments but all I can afford. Surely its better than not paying anything? If they take me to court they wont get any more as I have worked out payments to all my creditors in proportion of the debts.
  7. Thanks for that, I was told by Moorcroft to send them the payments instead of to egg and also send them a budget sheet, Egg already have one I sent in December.
  8. I wonder if anyone can help me, I have a debt with Egg and have been paying them reduced payments since December, they have now passed it on to Moorcroft Debt Recovery, am I better dealing with Egg or Moorcroft...what are the pro's and cons?....and is it even possible to get the debt passed back to Egg?
  9. I am posting my request for my CCA tomorrow, should i make the postal order payable to MBNA Europe Bank LTD....and cross it? Count me in as well...it may take time. What happens if they do not supply my CCA within the time limit, legally i mean. Thanks for all the help.
  10. I sent MBNA a budget sheet in December and have been making token payments, they have harrassed me with phone calls, a company called Aegis has been calling me 6 times a day at home and on my mobile. On Tuesday I sent them a letter about harrassment quoting the relevent laws, and have told them I will only deal with them in writing, also I will not deal with Aegis as they are rude and unprofessional. When I originally talked to MBNA the advisor picked at every expense on the budget sheet, he told me to eat beans for a week and send them the payment, then he told me they could put a charge on my property without a court being involved, I have told MBNA that I am considering reporting them to the OFT as he miss advised me. And they state the they abide by the banking code...which says " we will treat people sympathetically" I will send off for my CCA on Monday with the £1, though i've heard that they sometime write back saying they have used the £1 towards the outstanding debt, so they don't send your CCA. If I got my wife to send a cheque, could they still use her money towards the debt? Great thread....count me in
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