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  1. Thanks DX for your comments and views. Sorry not had access to a computer for a few days - so a bit tricky for me to reply fully. So, going back to my OP - I was somewhat surprised to be getting the letter from Mr Lender ; I have since tracked down which loan it was - looking at my bank statements, I did actually repay the loan early, but only because I got another loan from another lender. So on this basis, the loan probably was unaffordable. Clearly, the starting point has to be "why has Mr Lender" only deemed this one loan to be unaffordable? Surely, my first point is to reply to them, rejecting their offer (i.e. the refund of interest from this single loan as "settlement for all loans in the last six years) and make a claim for all my loans and see where I get. In terms of other lenders - I've had quite a few Satsuma loans - who always used to annoy me because they "front loaded the interest" meaning that any early repayment was not really an option - and at times I had at least three separate loans from them - however, doing a bit of research shows that they've been very bad in dealing with complaints with people waiting way longer than the statutory time. Which other payday lenders? As I say - a lot have gone under - ones that still exist I think: Cash4unow Money Boat Ferratum MyJar Lending Stream (many years ago, possibly before 2014) Have any other users had any IRL claims with any of these? thanks
  2. Didn't even realise one of my old pdl companies had also bit the dust.....unclebuck. so just in the last year or so, lenders I had used regularly that have gone under include 247moneybox, swift sterling, piggy bank, quick quid, sunny......and unclebuck. And wage day advance
  3. Thanks. I've always been wary about proving IRL. But as I say this has just come out of the blue.....and makes me wonder, why just one loan, why not more than one? My circumstances were pretty similar for a number of years. Most of the pdl companies I've used in the past have gone out of business
  4. weird question. Received a letter out of the blue from Mr Lender. I have had several loans from them in the past. I have never claimed for non affordability of these loans even though they may probably were due to certain issues in my life at various times. Also, to my knowledge, I have not asked for extra time to repay....I may have taken advantage of interest only options at various times. Anyway my out of the blue letter states that as part of an historic review of affordability one particular loan was described as "we believe we could have carried out further checks to properly determine whether the loan was affordable, that we took into account all relevant information at the time, and that our customers received the right outcome" The outcome is that for one loan they are repaying the interest I repaid. This begs the question as to what about any of the others? Was it my circumstances were different at this particular time or were there checks just a big rubbish? They haven't given me a date of the loan but state they carried out a review between 1/4/14 - 1/3/2020. During that period I estimate I've probably had between 6 and 10 loans from them. I have six weeks to accept the offer of refund or they will assume I don't want to. Should I query the other loans or specifically ask why just this one? Thanks
  5. Update> I sent back a counter offer - basically, 50% discount (instead of 40% they offered), paid over 10 months (instead of max of 90 days) and asked for "Satisfied" instead of "Partial Settlement" - they went back to their clients (who happen to own them!!) and the answer was no on all three counts!!!
  6. Cheers. I thought it might not be relevant. I'm glad that they have "seen sense" - but it's still quite stressful that the situation got this far. I even offered to "negotiate" with them (as instructed by the court) but heard nothing from them
  7. Doing a quick Google search on discontinuance, I note something about "paying the defendant's costs" Am I pushing my luck in chasing this up? As for the contribution - that's a given The email was to the local court where the claim was to be heard in August; they had until some date in July to pay the fee for continuing with the proceedings.
  8. Update!!! Email received from solicitors (well I was cc'd in on an email to the Court) Notice of Discontinuance, Does this mean it's a "Success" and no more to be heard? Or potentially they could find the correct paperwork and start a new claim? But, for the moment, I am happy. Thanks for the help and guidance on this thread.
  9. Just got an email from the solicitors - not sure whether they will have sent copy in Royal Mail too - just stating that they will be relying on the evidence in their "premature" WS produced back in October last year. This is the WS that I based my formal defence/Witness statement on . assuming they pay their fee by July, and the case goes ahead in August, it will be a simple case of persuading the judge that their lack of credit agreement and default notice are enough to win me the case? Sit and wait
  10. Their initial offer letter did state that they would mark it up as "Partial Settlement" - but as the debt or the CCJ is not currently showing on my credit file, I don't see that it makes much difference - although "items" do have a habit of suddenly appearing on credit files. I'm guessing if I make an offer requesting "full and final settlement" I might not be so successful.
  11. thanks Andy So it could just appear at any time if someone's catching up with paperwork!! In terms of my previous question then, do I have much to lose by making my offer for settlement? Would Arrow be able to stop the AOE (even if full balance had not been paid)?
  12. Thanks Andy. But, isn't it weird that the CCJ isn't showing on my credit file? Is this down to the court or Arrow to inform the CRAs? Not that I want it on my credit record, I'm just confused it's not there. I know it's a "set rate" on my AOE - but I didn't know whether it could be reviewed - because my income, expenditure or outstanding debts may change over time?
  13. So, do you think I have much chance of a "counter-offer" of "50% discount and repay over 12 months"? Do I have anything to lose? Will they think by making such an offer that I should be paying more on my AOE arrangement? Also, isn't it a bit curious that the CCJ is not recorded on my credit record? Initially, I thought this was because six years of repayments would not have repaid all the debt, but now that I've read that AOE continues to be paid until all paid off (and not stopped after six years and CCJ dropping off credit record) I am a bit perplexed as to the reason why it isn't showing?
  14. Hmm....which makes any response fairly pointless? Unless I wanted to accept the offer in the letter?
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