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  1. unfortunately and fortunately for me lol , my ex has left the country and believe me if I knew where he was I would have sent him the bill when it came lol .... thank you all for your advice I am writing my letter now ..I feel a lot less panicked ,as I did think they were ignoring the fact I am receiving JSA...if I could I would donate to this fabulous and helpful forum, right now ...but I can't lol but know that I will do in the future
  2. hello Happy Contrails, I have been on benefits since April 2007 and have been receiving Council Tax Benefit but because my ex partner was working he still got charged for it ...unfortunately for me the private landlord was told he had left the dwelling in June so the arrears was for April , May and June of 2008. I also receive housing benefit , the rent and council tax became my sole responsibility in mid June. I had previously inquired about my liability , when the debt was passed to Equita, the council told me i was liable because my name was also on the council tax bill and there fore it
  3. hello there, i'm hoping for some help and asap! After splitting up with my ex and expelling him from my privately rented abode in 2008,I received a letter from the council informing me that Equita would be handling the arrears of council tax..I was rather suprised as I had been unemployed for a year and had council tax benefit ...but I was informed that as my ex was still named as a tenant I would have to pay Equita.I was not offered a payment plan by the council , but Equita accepted £20 a month to cover the arrears of £122 . Unfortunately they would not accept a DD and so I had to pho
  4. hello fedup47 and jonnymitch and thanks, to answer fedup47 I've had the card for over 3 years, the previous agreed ,lower payment plan was agreed face to face in branch about 3 years ago,when trying to get the new reduced amount by talking to someone in branch I was told they no longer deal with creditcard queries and that i had to phone the mastercard people, so i have only spoken on the phone...which has been difficult as I am not a large account bank customer and get directed to overseas callcentres , who quite frankly don't seem to have a clue what they are doing if the information i
  5. hi, I'm new to the forum and am reading, learning, getting confused, having a cup of tea and getting confused again lol I have a HSBC Mastercard which,even though I have explained to HSBC, I cannot afford to pay the monthly minimum , nor the previous repayment agreed upon when I was forced into a lower paying job after I got the card.Since then I lost my job but had managed to pay through some savings I had ...until they ran out and I now have nothing but benefits to live on:( They are hassling me for back payments even though I have explained my financial situation and filled an in
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