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  1. :violin:Hello all, I have received a letter back from 1st Credit, saying my letter was forwarded to them by their agent Mackenzie Hall. they state... " With regards to your comment about the terms and conditions it was only due to practicalities in the photocopying that separated the terms and conditions from the agreement form. The terms and conditions were on the reverse of the agreement that you signed. We do not agree with your assertion the document does not contain prescribed terms therefore we would ask you to please substantiate your claim. We do not consider there to be a
  2. Thankyou my lovely, will send it off tomorrow xx
  3. Thanks Babydoll, I will get a letter off to them tomorrow at least, it will put my mind at rest that I've replied xx
  4. Hello Only just seen your reply. I've just posted on one of your threads too lol I think because I've been off of the site for so long, I'm a bit scared going back into battle with all this again. Feeling like I've lost my nerve I think I need to write back to Mackenzie Hall and re-iterate again that due to the terms not being in the 4 corners of the agreement and the fact that it looks like a copy and paste job on the back I believe it is improperly executed and therefore unenforceable. Does that sound about right ? xx
  5. Hi Babydoll, just been reading your thread as I have a similar situation with the Halifax CCA, it looks the same as yours with a pasted version of some terms on the back. I did complain to Halifax telling them that I thought it was unenforceable as non compliant. They wrote back saying that what they had supplied was correct etc etc and that they had answered my comlplaint. That was in 2010. They then passed the file onto Connaught, 1st Credit and its now gone to Mackenzie Hall. As I sent them the bemused letter, they have sent me all the bumf again, copy state
  6. Hello all, long time since I last posted on here! Mackenzie Hall are now on the case with this one. Such a long time since I've dealt with this I'm feeling a little over-whelmed by it all. If anyone else has any experiences of Halifax agreements like my one above, I would love to know if you have been successful in dealing with it x
  7. Hello, Please can someone offer me some advice on what happens to your utitlity bills when you move house. Obviously we will contact the companies with our final readings etc but we won't be able to clear the outstanding monies owed as they are quote high. Will they allow us to carry the amounts owing to our new address, where we would carry on our monthly payments from ? Thankyou Livis
  8. Hi Davey, thanks for your comments, Diddy i appreciate any advice you can offer me, if i've made a mistake? Livis xx
  9. I write with regards to your letters dated 29th January and 25th February 2010. I would like to advise you that I have noted your comments that you are satisfied that the documents provided are sufficient to demonstrate liability and you will not enter into repetitive correspondence regarding this. With this in mind I would like you to note your files that I am satisfied that the documents you provided are improperly executed and unenforceable as they do not comply with the Consumer Credit Act. I also will not be entering into repetitive correspondence regarding this unless an
  10. Robinson way wrote back thanking me for my letter but say they are satisfied that the document they provided is sufficient to demonstrate liability. I ignored this and i now have another letter headed immediate action required (oooohhhhh) What do i write back?? I told them why the CCA was improperly executed and unenforcable in my previous letter
  11. hello exasperated, have you had any update on this yet? i have recieved a similar letter from egg and am having a hard time trying to compile a reply xx
  12. can anyone offer me advice on how to respond to egg's letter please?
  13. Hello, please can anyone have a look at the latest post in the below thread and if possible offer me some advice on how to reply to Egg's letter. Thanks xx http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/222976-livis-egg-credit-card.html
  14. Hello all, need to update .... egg finally sent me the cca for this account, despite writing all over their notes that they cannot locate the cca??? Anyway, it's the usual egg CCA with the approved limit wording. I wrote back disputing the account on this basis and i'm attaching their reply below. I can't see why they are saying they don't know anything about my payment protection insurance complaint as i have a letter from them about it ???? That's now been passed to the FOS to look at. Can anyone help me with a reply letter to send back to them please?
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