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  1. Well I signed up about 7 years ago, but I don't remember what the forms said or whether I agreed to PPI but I certainly didn't need or want it, like I say I didn't actually realise I was paying it until I got my final statement confirming all the account were cleared. I phoned them and they just blank refused to even discuss it saying that you were aware of the terms.
  2. Ok so if I was to try and reclaim the money, it would just be a straight forward PPI reclaim?
  3. haha no they have sold me PPI on my dmp, which I've just finished, I didn't even realise. Its Gregory Pennington.
  4. yeah that's great thanks for the reply. So can PPI be sold on non credit products (I'm sure you can see where this is going) Thanks
  5. Hi Ive had a look around the internet but cant seem to get a straight answer for this question: Is a debt management classed as a form of credit? Many thanks
  6. Johnson cox doesn't work with AW any more. Ok have you gone to OFWAT? if not ring them now , if they are no good then report this to the consumer council for water, if they are no good go to the DWI. These regulators are usually pretty hardcore and dont tend to arse about,if you dont have any luck with the above or the advice 42 has given you let me know.
  7. On completion of the WFSL Scheme, each WFSL Scheme Creditor will release WFSL from all Scheme Liabilities, including the Cattles Intercompany Claim owed by WFSL, and then WFSL is expected to commence a solvent liquidation. In light of the contraction of the WFS Loan Book over time, as its receivables are collected, the Company shall reduce and wind down or sell the outgoings of and other expenditure in connection with the WFS Loan Book in as economical and efficient a manner as is reasonably possible.
  8. Hello Just wanted to see if anyone had put an argument forward with reference to welcome finance going into liquidation, according to the government compension scheme welcome finance are in liquidation. (confirmed after being unable to repay ppi claims). Now my understanding is that even though welcome are in liquidation they can still continue to trade though the liquidators i.e BOVESS HOLDING LIMITED , now i doubt that this would render accounts unenforable as most accounts will be with dca's who would have taken liability, but what about credit reference agancies. If a default has been registered by welcome who are now in liquidation but trading through BOVESS HOLDING LIMITED do bovess then assume the same powers as welcome. After checking the cca register and confirming with the oft, BOVESS HOLDING LIMITED do not hold a cca licence and are not allowed to register any info with cra's, therefore do welcome still hold the right to update cra's? cheers
  9. update Dear Mr Castle, This is to confirm that Stephen has today written to HM Treasury on your behalf to enquire about the issues you raise, and I will make sure you get a copy of the response when we receive it. In the meantime, do let me know if there is anything further I can do to help. Emma Salisbury Caseworker Office of Phillips QC MP 020 7219 6487
  10. thanks for getting back to me I received a DN about 4 years ago with the original amount (£2200) but they've changed the amount of the default for which I didn't receive a notice just a letter saying that the amount for charges and ppi had been removed from the original default amount
  11. OK quick run down , been battling with welcome finance for 2 years now with ref to a default they put on my credit file. Took a loan out , lost my job , ppi wouldn't pay out , claimed back ppi charges and loan charges , checked credit file , saw default , default mostly made up of ppi and charges, asked for default to be removed due to ppi and charges ,they refused , offered settlement to remove default, they refused. OK i haven't chased anything with this account for a while then randomly got a letter today saying the following: We will not remove the default on your credit file as the default notice was issued correctly due to you defaulting on the agreement , however we have contacted the cras and updated the default balance to show the amount the default is now the charges and ppi have been refunded (£2550 before - £400 after) My question is , if the amount on the default has changed will that make the original notice void due to the original amount being stated on that notice. hope that makes sense thanks
  12. oh yeah got it , just looking into the share situation , I know a few companies who had their licences suspended when their share were put on hold.
  13. Ok I've been searching the CCA register for about an hour now and cant find welcome on there or any reference to them , does anyone know if they've had their licence suspended/revoked
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