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  1. Hi citizenB Thank you once again for your help. I will update with their response Elg
  2. Just an update Have received aletter from Aktiv Kapital, saying they have recently purchased the account from Varde and now the current balance they quote has risen by an extra 600 pounds. And they also state they are asking Experto to continue contacting me. Any comments most welcome Elg
  3. Thanks citizenB I will do some more research and wait and see whether they proceed or not. Elg
  4. Just posting an update. I decided to file a defence and managed to get it done on time. I recently contacted the court and they informed me that the claim is stayed. Is there a time limit for a stayed claim? Elg
  5. Hi Andy. Thanks, I get the drift of what your saying. Elg.
  6. They have also sent a copy of what they are saying is on the back of the application terms and conditions not legible. And a statement of account signed by someone at Experto
  7. Copy of the barely legible agreement available on post 33
  8. Here is the letter that IND have sent despite saying they wanted a pound. and not from the sols.
  9. Hi Andy, I was just going to write something in reply, when the post dropped through my letterbox and in it was a letter from IND not the Sols. I will post it up soon and the copy of the application form they also sent. Elg.
  10. Hi miss muppet Thanks for your help, I believe I have found the thread you mentioned I am starting to get a bit anxious now. I have been following the thread Important if your being sued and have tried to put into practice some of the advice that has been given. I have sent the cpr 31.14 and have been ignored by the sols. I don't believe that another letter will get them communicating with me, but I guess I need to send it anyway, so I can add to the non compliance. As for the N244 I don't believe I have any other way of getting an extension of time to file my defense, which I will need as they have not supplied me with the docs listed in the poc's and I have always disputed with the oc the oustanding amount they claim I owe, so I also need to know how they have come to that calculation. I am not completley sure of the deadline I have to put in my defense, so I think it would be a good idea to call the court and ask. hopefully I am on the right track, but If I'm not, I really would appreciate some more advice. Elg.
  11. Hi miss muppet. Thank you. It was very frustrating not being able to speak to the dca legal department and questioning them as to why they beleived that this was a cca request? At least this confirmed that the sols had passed on the letter and they cannot deny they had it. Just got a couple of things to add and ask. Claim issued on the 02nd/08 deemed service 07th aos (online) received 10th CPR request sent 10th signed for on 11th So I have 28 days from day of service leaving my deadline 03/09 to put in my defence. Do you think the best course of action now is to write to them attaching the original request and pointing out they are obliged to comply, given them a three day deadline. And if no compliance file an N244 for a strike out or unless order. I have the situation that the sols will not speak to me and it has the dca number on the claim form, so would it be best to send correspondance to both the sols and dca. Or have I left it too late and go straight for the N244? Donkey. I do record the calls using the trucall system and I asked the sols secretary if they recorded their calls as I would be using it as evidence and she said, I don't think so. Thanks Elg.
  12. Thank you andyorch and DonkeyB. I will update and let you know how it goes. Elg
  13. Hi. After waiting nearly 4 hours for a response from the dca with no joy, I decided to phone them and here's what they have to say. They do not have to send me the docs because I have not sent them a pound with my request?? So this is my situation. Received a Last letter before legal proceedings from IND I responded to that letter, and the response was ignored Received a claim from Northampton. Claimant (Varde) Sols (Hegarty) Done a AOS online defending all the claim Sent a cpr 31.14 letter to Hegarty who are the solicitors acting for the claimant (Varde) and who have signed the claim form 7 days over. Called who I believed to be Hegarty as this number was attached to their address on the claim form with the intention of speaking to them and asking when they are likely to comply. IND answered the phone claiming all correspondance was to go through them. I questioned that, asked a few more questions and was told they would get back to me. In between I got the number for Hegarty, called them and was rudely told to contact IND. The lady who answered the phone flatly refused to let me speak to anyone else and eventually put the phone down on me. 4 hours later I have called IND to be told, they have my letter addressed to Hegarty and I need to send them a pound. I asked who it was that had made that decision and was told it was their legal department as they beleive my request to be a section 78. Elg
  14. Thank you Andy. I will update again after the DCA has come back to me.
  15. Just checking cB The sols name and address is in the box where they say. Address for sending documents and payments and that is where I sent my CPR request, not the claimant is that correct.?? It is signed by the Solicitor in the claimant's solicitor box. Elg
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