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  1. Thank you. I will try that. hopefully I will get a more helpful customer service person this time.
  2. Hi I have tried to find specific information on this but so far been unsuccessful. I have had an orange phone and broadband package for over 4 years - I have never renewed my initial 1 year contract but just allowed it to roll on. I had no complaints so stayed with them. However I am now moving house and no longer need this service and want to terminate it completely. I am not in the middle of a contract but they are demanding a £30 disconnection fee. The exceptionally unhelpful customer services informed me that I could transfer my account to another service provider for free but to le
  3. There was no yellow line when i parked and hasnt been for the last 18 months as i (and others) have parked in this area without trouble. there were no notices posted unless they went up a few days before the lines were painted. I am looking into the TRO now, Thank you for your help.
  4. Hello everyone and a thank you in advance. a friend sent me this link as I was on the verge of panic, struggling to get advice (local CAB closed down due to lack of funding) reading some of the threads i am hoping someone can help me find the information i need. as briefly as possible: Just before Christmas I returned to the place I have parked my car regularly, for the last 18 months, at the adjacent road to mine, to find it had been removed and single yellow lines painted in its place. As I had not visited the car for about a week I don't know at what time since l last saw it th
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