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  1. good advice...erikapnp but i don,t think paul knows hoe to up load a file.
  2. sounds like your psu, whats the full spec of pc?,
  3. i'm sure somebody will be along soon to help ladymanc
  4. up date heard from D L A to day, they said it could be up to 11 weeks be fore they make a decision. will up date as soon as i hear citizenkain
  5. up date i foned dla to-day and asked them to reconsider my case again, as i had more evidence. re: a letter from hospital about more vertibra damage. will report more when they contact me ty for all the help
  6. thank you eyeball i will do that
  7. any help would be great i dont know how to, or what to do , to do the right thing. where do i start roger
  8. ty manc girl filled all de same ....well cab did im p++++ off now hope i can sort it
  9. i was in, alot of pain because i had to go to their office, so was not paying enough attention my fault, plus they said all would b ok
  10. what cab said filling out the form.
  11. i don,t know will have to see what was said ...im verry anoyed about it all
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