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  1. Thank you all for your help I'll write the 'in dispute' letter and see what I get back. If it comes back as legible, I'll post the results on here. Once again, many thanks. T x
  2. Dx - It's for more than that unfortunately. Tesco are asking for £8600 ish and Morrocroft originally started asking for £195. They too are now asking for the £8600 sum. It all seems very confused. Initially, when all of this started, two years ago, Tesco informed me that they had sold the debt on. I had loads of companies chasing me, none of whom could find the CCA. Tesco eventually wrote to me and said they didn't have it, and neither did they have my signature on file. Then, after the last CCA request, I had this sent through to me.
  3. Thank you all Brigadier you are quite correct; I had this posted to me in this form, and I too wondered where it had come from. Thank you all for your help. I shall write to Moorcroft today and also inform them that I'll only correpsond in wiriting. T x
  4. Thanks, What would be your suggestion as to what I do next? I currentlyt have Moorcroft threatening all sorts (payment in form of my first-born son, the usual), but I have no idea what to answer them with. If I can't read the copy which Tesco have sent me, then how do I know that it actually pertains to me? The copy which I've posted on here is as clear as the copy I have in hard copy - neither I or my husband can read it properly. T x
  5. Sorry to be a pain, but if there's anyone who could have a look at the attahed PDFs that would be great T x
  6. Hi, Have finally managed to sort the scans out to PDFs which are hopefully attached / shown here. Any help anyone can give would be great. Many thanks, T Tesco2.pdf Tesco1.pdf
  7. Dx - apologies for this. Will post up a pdf later today. T
  8. Hi Dx, I have scanned the copies as they came to me. They are just as hard to read in hard copy as they are on my scanned copies - the ones I have put up here are the exact same quality as the ones I have in my hand. I cannot make them any clearer - as I said, we struggle to read them as they are on paper. T x
  9. Hi, Thank you all for your messages. I've finally managed to scan the copies I was sent, which can be seen here: http://i669.photobucket.com/albums/vv55/v8monkeyboy/tesco/Tescopage1.jpg http://i669.photobucket.com/albums/vv55/v8monkeyboy/tesco/Tescopage2.jpg Now, I think that these are the worst copies I've ever seen - this is how they came and we simply cannot read what it says. Moorcroft have now also written to me (and called today) to give me until tomorrow to cough up £8600. I haven't spoken to them, as I know to communicate in writing. What is the expert opinion on where to go next with this? Thanks, T
  10. Hi, I'm hoping for a little help, if possible. The short of the long is that, after about 2 years of to-ing and fro-ing between Tesco and various debt collection companies working for Tesco, it appears that Tesco have now sent me a copy of my CCA, complete with signature, although it is such a bad copy you can barely read it. It also appears to have all the prescribed terms etc on it, making it binding. Moorcroft have recently been in touch stating that the amount I owe is around £195, whereas, I today got a letter from Tesco themselves stating that it was around £8600 (which is correct). Tesco want an offer of payment or the full amount, or they will send it onto a CCA (which they did originally, and it has taken them 2 years to find the CCA). I'm planning on offering them either £75 per month which I can afford OR a full and final which is around 20% of the amount outstanding, which is the maximum I can afford. What do you think? Is this the correct way of going about it? Any other suggestins? Thanks! Tracy
  11. This is one of the reasons we requested a CCA. What do we do with the £50? Bank it, send it back? If we bank it, I'll put it towards paying them off. It just seems so strange, sending us money. T x
  12. We've been paying a reduced amount now for about three years, every month, without fail. We had to go to reduced payments as our circumstances changed and our income reduced considerably. We're currently paying 50% less per month than the amount we originally were. We have seperate finances, so this is my my husband's name. Blair Oliver and Scott regularly send letters wanting a review and a new income/expnditure form, and we've always ignored them as we always pay them. This time, they just kept on and on. I know they can't have one, and the reason we requested a CCA was because they were becoming so demanding. We haven't stopped any payments to them and they've even offered a final payment solution of 80% of the remaining debt, which is money we don't have.
  13. Hi all, My husband very recently CCA'd the AA as Blair, Oliver and Scott kept harrassing him for an income and expenditure form and when this was not forthcoming, threatened to take him to court. Within 2 days of sending the CCA request, we have what appears to be a legit CCA. He's removed all details from the agreement, including his signature, but it was there, and it was his. In addition to this, we also sent the telephone harassment letter as they were calling everyday, even though my OH had requested only to be contacted in writing. To this, they sent a letter apologising profusely, and offering him a £50 payment for any distress caused The cheque for this arrived yesterday..... If possible, could someone who knows better than us have a look at the CCA, please? Also, what do we do with the £50? My OH is convinced it's some sort of trick and wants to send it back, and I have never had that repsonse so am also at a loss. Hopefully, these will be able to be read. Thanks in advance. Tracy
  14. Hi, My husband recently CCA'd the AA (actually Blair, Oliver and Scott) for a loan he's had for a while, only after they started harassing him for income/expenditure. Today, he's had a call from someone asking to speak to him regarding the letter he's supposedly sent to Halifax Bank (where he has his current account). When he said he hadn't sent a letter concerning the current account, the woman on the phone said, 'oh it must be about your AA loan then'. So, this has confused me The current account has no overdraft and he has no loan with Halifax. The only loan he has is with the AA / Blair, Oliver and Scott. Why, but more to the point, HOW do whoever called (they never identified themselves, and he requested everything be on writing) know he has a Halifax account? Thanks for any help Tracy x
  15. Hello all! I just wanted to update this thread. After all the to-ing and fro-ing with Tesco/Triton then Moorcroft repeatedly, and no-one being able to find anything about me, I received in the post yesterday morning, from Moorcrap: Re: Tesco Personal Finanace With regards to the above account. "Unfortunately, our client has now advised us that they are unable to obtain a copy of your original agreement however they still believe you remain liable for the above account and have that we continue to assist them in the recovery of your account." Then loads of stuff about the Information Commissioner's Office regarding how the debt won't go away but can't be collected onm will still show on my credit rating etc. It finishes: "I would now request that you consider the information above and confirm how you now wish to proceed with payment of your account. I can confirm that we are more than happy to consider a payment plan that you believe you can afford and maintain supports by the appropriate supporting financial evidence. I would also stress t this point that we are more than happy to assist further where you have any genuine concerns regarding your liability for the outstanding balance and would ask that you provide us with specific details of any unresolved issues you may have using the pre-paid envelope provided for your convenience." And then they've attached an income and expenditure sheet to the letter . Gotta love 'em. So, that's it, it seems for Tesco Personal Finance. Amazing what happens when DCAs are rude to you on the 'phone. Had they left alone, they would probably still be receiving payment..... Thanks all that helped with this, and calmed me when I panicked. Without you, I don't think this would have been the outcome. 1 down, 2 to go Tracy xx
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