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  1. Ok thank you, ill sit tight and wait. Fingers crossed .!
  2. Thank-you Taken1, not sure what you mean, I did feel it in professional! And I did reply saying ' please do not make contact unless through writing' I am very worried and I am hoping the claim form won't turn up !
  3. Sorry yes he does, but he did not at the time. Thank you
  4. Ok guys, we would appreciate some further advice. They have received our reply letter disputing.g all of the allegations and ra fictions, politely and to the point. This morning my husband received a text message from the wife of client saying they are disappointed with his letter and we will see them in court. Extra worry now as my husband is not working at the moment we have little income Nd can't afford help
  5. My husband is a self employed plasterer (though not working at the moment). He previously worked at a clients how plastering their kitchen and other rooms. When it came to plastering their kitchen they had left their fridge in the middle of the room and both gone to work. My husband had to move the fridge out of the kitchen into the hallway to be able to plaster their kitchen ceiling. When he returned to plaster another room, the wife said that he had scratched their fridge which was under 1 year old whilst moving it. My husband said he didnt bang anything but as there was more potential work
  6. We are currenlty in the process of buying part of a housing association house for 100k, halifax are the only lenders we have found that will lend us enough. and they are mucking us around alot, as i have no knowledge on these situation i am currently banging my head against a wall and wondered if anyone could shed some light on the matter. We and the solicitors are waiting on Halifax to send a Special Mortagae deed LM 20 form ????? which they are delaying in doing since April. I am being fobbed of with Halifax and have no idea on what i can do next with the pressures of a chain i r
  7. hi For christmas my daughter was brought an expensive dressing p gown from an online store. The ribbon on the bottom of the dress cme away so i tried to contact them for a replacement or refund. I was unable to contact anyone as the closed for xmas a stayed closed for 2 1/2 weeks due to bad weather. I emailed and was told that unless it was a manufactuerers fault they would not replace or refund. I sent the dress back and received an email today stating only, "its not a manufacturers fault, they have sent the dress back and will not rplace it " I dont know where
  8. ok will do that today, hankyou slick
  9. thanks slich se has rang fos who have said she must contact barclays which she has done. They have asked for a copy of her teancy agreement to prove she has rent to pay as the money thy have taken was rent money, she now has nothing. The fo and brclaycard both said the have 8 WEEKS to resolve this
  10. can u beleve the one time i need help asap BROADBAND DIES. I will take all ur excellent advice and get her to call fos now . thankyou all ill keep u updated and wait PATIENTLY for any replies lol
  11. thanku, can u explain what PPI is, wont the CCA request give me a break in payments while i am struggling ? i am still unclear on what to do, ill hve a read too.
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