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  1. No need to apologise easy mistake to make as I had to keep correcting them every time on the phone LOL
  2. Received another call from them earlier the manager sourced the same unit form argos, it must have taken a while as it is not in the book, anyhoo it will cost £130 for a new one so they offered to either send a cheque to the value of £130 or they would purchase a new one & get it out to me so I have opted for them buying a new machine:-D Feels like a victory for the little man:whoo:
  3. It is not a DVD PLAYER it is a DVD RECORDER one that cost £250 less than 18 months ago:jaw: which is why I am so annoyed about it if it was just a player I wouldn`t be so bothered as they are pretty cheap these days. I don`t think that SOGA would apply as they did not sell it to me?? thanks Will
  4. Guys, Looking for some advice here we recently got some blinds fitted by Shades window blinds & the installation was first class. The problem that I have is that the fitter saw fit to stand on top of the DVD recorder causing damage to the casing of the machine the company have admitted liability and took the machine away to be inspected(I made sure that I got a receipt from them stating they had it). I am looking for either a replacement or a financial renumeration to allow me to buy another one, they have said that they have checked the machine and it is fine(not sure how t
  5. No I haven`t as I said my wife is employed by the bank and has her wages paid into it (joint account) so even if I try to close accounts they will still want overdrafts paid currently at 6k so unless they discharge the card owing £1200 I am fecked and will have to pay it or pay the consequences:sad: Anyone help me answer the above please???
  6. Guys, The wife is giving me grief over this asking what the worst case senario is?? Can bank call in overdrafts on accounts??? Also my wife is an employee of Lloyds so can they take action against her?? Card is in my name only but I am aware that we are debt linked through marriage.
  7. Sent off the requests to these companys on Sat 24/01/2009 by recorded delivery allowing for them getting them on the monday it is now 17 working days. What is my next step guys?? Thanks in advance.
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