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  1. Hi All Have just recieved my 'CCA' in the post. I have yet to go through it with a fine tooth comb but it looks very very similar to those that have posted the online agreement cca they have recieved on here. Whilst ( from my reading of threads) i believe that a tick is sufficient for a signature?? is that also the case for the creditor? As the creditors signature is also a tick? I also do not remember ever agreeing to payment protection but it appears to have been ticked too? I cant think of any way that i would prove I didnt tick that box if i 'appear' to have ticked the si
  2. Hi Busby sorry to hijack your thread but i have literally just returned from work to find a reply from mbna with an enclosed 'cca' Itlooks exactly like yours from what i can tell?? Id be very interested to see how you get on etc. Likewise if i find anything out ill let you know Smileylady
  3. Ohh some news guys! Just recieved an A4 envelope in the post ( handwritten address no less?!) and it contains what they say is a credit agreement. Recieved apx 2 days after the 12 + 2 working days elapsed and before i even got to send my second letter. Im off to search through some threads to see if i think its enforceable before i post a copy on here for you guys to have a lil look Smileylady
  4. Hi Redsue Just subscribing.....i have just found this thread and have to say you are a legend . I am right at the very beginning of the process so the road now looks a hell of a lot longer! lol...but....so much clearer thanks to all of your posts and letters etc. I wish you the best of luck with this case and will be watching the thread with great interest, and all with my fingers crossed for you:) SmileyLady1981
  5. Thanks Lee 32 , Does everyone else think this is the best letter to proceed with ( i.e best letter to send after their failure to respond to a cca request within 12 + 2 days working days)? Could do with your help/opinions as i'm not in any way a financial or legal brain ,so want to make sure all the correct terminology etc is used in the correct way:) Thanks SmileyLady
  6. Hi Cabal Ive been doing the same thing and very new to all this ... ive posted a copy of my thread so you can see the ideas people have given me...it might help to start you off anyways? Hope it helps:) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/177270-mbna-virgin-unenforceable-credit.html Smiley
  7. Nice one Lee32 Thanks for your help! ooh ps guys, what template is the one to use for the second letter ..ie sent the cca request .. if no response..which one should i follow up with? Thanks Smiley
  8. Hi all Just wanted to double check on the 12 day rule... ok so my cca request was signed for on the 15th at the mbna chester address...do i wait 12 working days or 12 calendar days??? as the time is nearly upon me to send the next letter me thinks?? Thanks Smiley:)
  9. Hi Talbot Yeah i think you're right...i sent the cca request ( using template 'n') on wednesday, recorded delivery with the £1 postal order. No signatures on the letter lol. So im just waiting now to see what happens.... it'll be interesting to see what happens:) Smileylady
  10. Hi PGH7447 Thanks for the reply! Im gonna send the credit agreement request letter to virgin tomorrow and see what happens. From everything ive read looks like they have around 42 days all in all to comply before they completely default?? >>>>Hi moneytalks! Its so nice to hear someone else is thinking /going through the same stuff at the same time From what ive read or been told , the basis of starting the ball rolling is by checking first your card was opened pre april 2007, then if yes sending letter N to your credit card billing address, i think they have 12
  11. Hi all Forgive me, newbie here . I dont know if anyone can help me out? I own a virgin creditcard that was obtained jan 2007. I am looking to apply to virgin/mbna for my original credit agreements and see how i go from there with regards to investigating unenforceable agreements. I just wanted to double check whether letter 'n' in the library really is the best letter to start with there are lots of referrals to clauses etc that i really dont know anything about and no dates mentioned (eg if they dont comply-when they go into default etc) Has anyone had any luck/serious trouble
  12. Hi Slick 132 Many thanks for your help, much appreciated!! Im heading off to have a look at those links now Smiley
  13. ooh ive just thought...do all the cards have to be pre april 2007...or can you cards opened after...what if you have done balance transfers..if the debt is older but the card is new does it make any difference? thanks
  14. Hi all Newbie here:) Forgive me for being dense lol but having just joined im trying to get to grips with how big the site is and where i post, where templates are etc Ok ive decided to do a bit of investigating to see whether i have any unenforceable credit agreements on my credit cards . I have 3 cards..egg, virgin and rbs. I know i have to get hold of copies of the agreements but ...where do i start?lol. Are there any letter templates on this site that i should use or do i literally write a brief letter requesting them? Where/who should i send the letter to? Do i have to p
  15. Hi everybody:D I'd never heard of this site until about 10 minutes ago when somebody replied to post id added ,regarding unenforceable credit agreements ,on the money saving expert forum. Im made up that its here!! Id briefly considered using a claim company to help me as they currently have a bank account charge case and credit card charge case of mine on their books. Mainly because i felt a bit overwhelmed (and if im honest a bit scared lol) at the thought of trying to proceed with anything myself! But after having a look round the site and reading some threads im thinking of
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