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  1. Sad news when anyone who helps others passes away, my condolences too all those it hurts.
  2. HI All about to start my quest with abbey so Information Commissioners Office;s stand is good news. Good luck all.
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    Thanks So can this scenario be applied to any DCA trying to collect from an individual. I have just seen the reference again on alanfromderby (moderator) list of bank attacks. Thanks for welcome. TC
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    Hi All Thanks for info, it is the sites mnemonics having trouble with, ie. I have seen on reading forums (DCA disclosure offense committed), any ideas. will do progress soon, time always a problem, starting with Barclays and Barclaycard. TC
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    First post, just starting down what looks like a very long road, it would be useful if someone could list explanations of DPA, DCA, etc.etc looked around site but not found any list so just guessing for now, a definitive list would help new starters. Thanks
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