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  1. I've received a response. It would seem they will not comply. I am writing to you in relation to your recent communications, I am sorry that we have been unable to resolve this matter to your satisfaction. May I advise that I have carried out a thorough investigation and listened to both call recordings. Regarding the call on 08 December 2021, I can confirm that there were no hold times on this call recording, therefore, this call was not redacted. Regarding the call on 22 December 2021, I can only reiterate that the hold time was removed from this call as this was not data relating to yourself. I am sorry if this is not the response you were hoping for, However, I do hope I have clarified matters. In conclusion I am satisfied that we have carried out the appropriate actions and have taken the necessary steps to assist you with the matters you have raised. In relation to this matter we will not enter into further communications as we are now at an impasse. If you remain unhappy with our position, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website for further information on how to proceed with your complaint. Kind regards, Customer Data Request Team Sky UK Limited I have sent the following email having checked the first recording again. Dear Sir/Madam, You clearly have not listened to the call recording 8th of December. Your colleague advised at 7.07 minutes, she would put me on hold. The conversation did not resume until 12.35 minutes. I'm giving you yet another opportunity to provide me with the whole recording from the 22nd of December – including all the hold time, failing which I shall make a complaint to the information Commissioner and also take action against you for breach of your statutory obligations under the data protection act.
  2. I'd sent the SARS through the complaint page, possibly I should follow this up by sending a hard copy? I've received the following email. Bearing in mind, a hold time of 5 mins were included in the first irrelevant recording whereas 6 mins were edited out of the second and conversation of importance. Thank you for your recent email regarding your Subject Access Request. I would like to advise that we have issued the call recordings for 08th and 22nd December 2021 that you requested in line with the GDRP policy. Regarding your request to receive the full unedited recording on 22nd December 2021, I must advise that you have been provided with your recording in it’s entirety. As previously advised only hold times were not provided. Therefore, no further action will be taken in this regard. I would also like to advise that we have received your further call recording request and this will be provided to you on or around 17 May 2022. For more information about your personal data and how it is handled by Sky (including the purposes of processing, the categories of personal data we process and the recipients or categories of recipients that we may disclose your data to), please visit our Privacy & Cookies Notice: However, you have the right to make a complaint to the data protection supervisory authority. In the UK, this is the Information Commissioner’s Office. In the Republic of Ireland, this is the Data Protection Commission. Please get back in touch if you require further assistance. Kind regards, Customer Data Request Team Sky UK Limited
  3. Thank you BankFodder. I had cancelled the direct debit. I'll prepare a SAR to send.
  4. Could someone advise me please. My contract had finished early 2021. I'd called in December to cancel the services from Sky as I was moving to a new provider for all of my services due to Sky being so expensive. The person promptly attempted to sell me further products which I refused. I returned all of the Sky equipment including the modem, Q box, mini bank x, cables and controls. I then found in February Sky set up a new direct debit removing £56 per month without my knowledge. I have requested a refund of all money removed from my account but they are refusing. I set up a dispute through CEDR. SKY sent me the first recording from early December with a female attempting to sell me products. I realised this was not the recording in question as I'd spoken to a male advisor closer to Christmas who also attempted to sell products but went on to advise me I'd have a final reduced bill the following month. I requested this recording but was sent and edited version, six minutes short when compared to the entry on my phone bill. When I'd requested the full recording on several occasions the person emailing from SKY said they'd listened to the recording, there was only the hold time not included. I pointed out the recording sent for the call with the female member of staff included over five minutes hold time. In the mean time, the CEDR adjudicator has decided to reject my dispute. How should I proceed for the full unedited recording please?
  5. [/HMRC are claiming that a "further information" box was ticked but there was no further information included on a child tax credit form from five years ago when my daughter was attending college and now want the payments back. I know for a fact I hadn't ticked this box as there wasn't any additional information. Could I please have suggestions as to how to deal with this?
  6. The company is Marstons. Surely since the fine was paid before 6th April the new rules don't apply? Wouldn't it be admin fees of £85 that I should be requested to pay?
  7. I paid a fine after the first steps notice as I was only back in work then (March). I had received a bailiff letter saying in February saying if the fine wasn't paid in 7 days they would pay me a visit and charge more fees, when I paid the fine they still hadn't attended. The bailiff finally arrived on my doorstep 6 weeks later claiming I hadn't paid the fine but since I had proof he then changed this to his fees claiming I owe £320, he then paid me a further visit last week leaving paperwork in my letterbox (I didn't take the paper from him) stating he would be back in 6 days to take the vehicle and sell it at auction. Is the warrant of execution valid since I paid the fine a couple of months ago, what are my rights?
  8. If this is legal, why did he initially deny the court had been paid the fine even though he had the paperwork with him and seemed to be testing me for proof and then alter it to Marston's fees?
  9. There is no breakdown of fees on the actual letter, only "fee schedule from 6th April" - admin £75/enforcement stage £235/removal £110 printed on the back.
  10. Good morning unclebulgaria67 I couldn't attend the court as I had lost my job at the time (Nov) and didn't have the funds to travel across to the other side of the county. I paid the fine after further steps notice as I wasn't back in work till Feb and paid the fine as soon as I had my first wage which left me with approx £20, I am on a low income in a "flexible hours" job.
  11. Iv'e had a visit from a debt collector from Marstons at 6.30 this morning claiming I owed an outstanding fine to the court for no insurance on a car, (the car in question was parked on my drive with tax, with a blown head gasket and a SORN had been sent to the DVLA as advised by my insurance company). The debt collector claimed the court hadn't received the £330 and asked how and when I paid, I said a couple of months ago online, he then miraculously found the paperwork in front of him confirming this, he then tried a different angle and said it was paid late and I know owed Marstons £320 and he was recording this conversation, I then told him to go away as he was trespassing, he then put a letter through my door: I ATTENDED YOUR ADDRESS TODAY AT 6.40 TO ARRANGE PAYMENT UNDER THE TERMS OF A WARRANT ISSUED ON BEHALF OF THE ABOVE CLIENT. (Cambridge Court) DESPITE PREVIOUS VISITS (This was the first) AND NOTICES THIS MATTER HAS NOT BEEN SETTLED, AND I THEREFORE URGE YOU TO CONTACT ME ON THE NUMBER BELOW IMMEDIATELY. It then goes on to say £320 is due and if not paid immediately another call to take goods. Any ideas how to deal with this?
  12. This is a problem as she is the employer however the advice on the internet is to outline the grievances in a formal letter as the first step, hopefully this will all that is necessary.
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