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  1. Thank you RMJ - yes you're right, these boxes on the claim form are blank. And if the practice is to apply pressure then it does work, I've actually had a few of the usual DCA letters relating to other old debts that I completely ignore without worrying too much about it! Thank you for the link, that's very interesting.
  2. Hi silverfox, thank you so much for your reply. My last payment to them would have been at the end of 2009 at some point. I can't check my old business bank account as everything is long gone! Do stature barred debts also apply to businesses? I was a sole trader, I'm not sure if that makes any difference, and these letters are addressed to me personally rather than to my old business. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Hello, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. My apologies if not. I took out a contract with Unicom in 2008 for my business premises, which I closed down in September 2009. I remember getting a big bill for cancellation of contract which I could not afford to pay. I can't remember the details but I know it went on for a long while, with many telephone calls and letters. I have heard from Unicom again today - so six years after my initial problems with them. They have written to my home address, which is different from the home address I had six years ago. There were two letters, t he first dated 1st September (I got them both today as I have been away and had a pile of post waiting to be opened!) They sent a draft county court claim form, saying that they are claiming £490. They said in the covering letter that if I pay £184 in the next two weeks this will clear my outstanding balance. The second letter is dated 16th September saying as they did not hear from me then they are now submitting the claim to court for £587. Where are all these random amounts from?! As it has been so long since I closed my business, I have no trace of my original contract or previous correspondence from them. Does anyone know what I can do, apart from just wait and see if a court form actually appears? Also, I check my credit report each month with Noddle - and there is no outstanding debt on there from Unicom.
  4. Thank you for your replies. I will definitely request the CCA for the barclaycard for now, especially as they are being particularly mean and ignoring my correspondence! Thanks for asking how I am Vincentfan.. I'm ok... I'm better than I was last week so that's got to be a good thing! xx
  5. Hi everyone, Am very slowly sorting my life to a point where I need to confront these DCAs. I'm going to request a CCA for my Barclaycard, as I think I opened it about 10 years ago, and they've randomly sent me a new card and a new card number within this time. I'm being chased by Calders at the moment and they seem to be ignoring my correspondence with offers of £10 p/m payment. Anyway, I have two other credit cards, one with HSBC and one with GE Capital. Unfortunately these are very recent, from 2007. So do you think that it's very likely they will have copies of the CCAs as the accounts were opened so recently? Thank you!
  6. Hi 1stlifeline, Was the letter adressed to you, or just to the occupier? Ground rent is payable by the owner of the property AFAIK, and the lease it refers to should mean the landlords lease rather than your tenancy lease. I'd definitely contact the landlord and see what he/she says about it, as I'd be suprised if you were liable. Good luck x
  7. Hi Andy, thanks for your reply.. At the moment, I think it's going to cost me more to close down completely. I'm tied into contracts with my card machine, my business broadband provider, and I would have to hire a van to remove all the stock and furniture and find somewhere to store it until I can sell it. As my bank account is empty I can't really consider it right now. I'm going to just have to see how it goes for a while...
  8. Lol Jalow I like it, that did make me smile, thank you! Well, I have a job interview tomorrow morning, and another interview on Friday. AND I phoned up to enquire about tax credits and was told that we may be entitled to £55 a week - that will feed us well!! That's the good news. My earnings this week so far are incredible, £14.00 in takings so far. The petrol is going to run out soon, but with the job interviews at least I feel as though I'm doing something about it. Another blow today though, got home to a court summons for non-payment of council tax. My OH and I have one each. I was supposed to be applying for benefits for that as we couldn't afford to pay, but I got so confused with the self employed issue and I was waiting for my accounts to be done. I actually tried to phone the council about it yesterday to ask what information they needed but I couldn't get through, now this court summons. This is crazy, there is something new every single day, I can't believe I have got myself into this situation. Especially as, with the business, I've worked harder than I ever have in my life! No evenings off, no weekends! And I'm not planning any for a while either. If I manage to secure a job I'm going to work in my shop at the weekends. For the time being, just to see how it goes. Oh and I got a text message today from a different dca who are apparently going to start legal proceedings against me re my barclaycard. Luckily, because of what I have read on here, that didn't bother me as much as it would have a while ago. The court summons however I know I have to take seriously. I've started to print out the benefits claim form but I think it might be too late. Also confused as it is relating to our old flat, and we have moved now, so don't know what to put on the form.. another telephone call tomorrow I think.. Oh and the direct debit for my mobile and my landline phone have both failed this week. Cue more bank charges. Yay!
  9. Thank you, I will respond asking for the whole case to be reviewed by the dispute service. Fingers crossed we won't lose too much..
  10. Me again. I really don't know what's happening now. My family have told me that I don't need to close down the shop completely, just close for a little while. They say it's a good business (they have seen the accounts) and that I shouldn't give up on it. I'm still hoping that I get the job. That's my main concern now, getting a regular income in. But tomorrow will be business as usual at the shop until I know what's going on. I had a thought about my telephone conversation with the bank manager this morning. The amount we were quibbling over worked out at £45.00. Companies are millions of pounds in debt. My business is £45.00 in debt and the business bank manager can't help me out just a little bit. That's really.. I don't know.. sad?
  11. Thanks KJD, I've just seen your reply. I might well do that, as I'm going to have to have a closing down sale. It looks like I will be closing at the end of this month. I've just come back from the recruitment agency, they have put me forward for a few jobs, so fingers very tightly crossed that I might actually be earning something soon. I can't address my debts with no income at all! It's a strange feeling. It feels like the end of a relationship, just really really painful, but then also that feeling that I have to keep busy and carry on..
  12. Hi again, Thank you for your replies. AA99 your reply made me smile pdb30uk I can't believe you had to go to your MP! Glad to hear that it worked though. Well, I had a pretty much sleepless night last night. I got woken about 3am by the rain, then a thought popped into my head that my car is going to break down and I won't be able to get to work. That was it then, it was a nasty chain of thoughts which had me sobbing for hours. My poor OH was wonderful with me. He did say at one point that something has to give, and he's right. I called my business manager this morning for my business account to ask if he could remove the charges that have been put on in the past week. He said no. I cried down the phone at him and said that they don't care at all for small businesses. I'm an emotional wreck! I've got a little bit of money to pay in from last weeks takings but I can't pay it in as it will just cover the charges, then I won't have access to any money. Anyway, I've made a decision. My sister in law works for the temps department in an employment agency so I called her and I'm going to see her in an hour to register. I said I would do any work, any hours, just please help me! I'm going to close my shop. But I'm not going to stop my business, I'm going to continue to work from home as I was doing before the shop opened. Damage limitation maybe, or as my OH said, 1 step back to take 2 steps forward? The creditors seem the least of my worries today. I will have to deal with all that once I *hopefully* get a job.
  13. Thank you for your replies everyone. I have alot of respect for what some of you have been through and are still going through, and now you're here giving me advice, that's really wonderful. Misscynical, I think I might be eligible for tax credits, my partner too, I'm going to contact whoever it is I need to contact on Monday about it. And council tax benefit too. When I got the letter from the council about the arrears I called them and said I couldn't afford to pay, and they sent me the benefit pack. I need to contact them and find out exactly what information they need about my business accounts etc so I can get it all together. And the big phone call on Monday too, I'm going to phone my business bank manager and ask him to remove the charges they have given me this week. The situation right now is that the charges I have had this week are about the same, if not a little more, than my weeks takings. That is a surefire way to kill my business! I haven't paid the cash into the bank as I usually would because it would just disappear with these charges, and I need it for petrol and to pay for the postage for my mail orders. Misscynical, good luck with your bankrupcy proceedings. I hope you won't lose your house. I don't know much about bankrupcy at the moment, but they can't make you homeless can they? nuthatch, thank you. My other half is always trying to get me to relax. I had another stress when I got home from work today, after opening the post of course, which is becoming a regular occurence. He told me that there is nothing I can do until Monday morning so I need to try to forget about it until then. I'm going to try. I spent all of last weekend feeling pretty ill with a horrible stress headache, I want to try to avoid that this week, and throw myself into work instead! Rachie, what a year for you. I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles, but if you can go through that then come on here and say that things are improving, then that gives hope, so thank you so much. To answer your question, I'm a sole trader. x
  14. Thank you again goldlady, that's a lovely message. I'm working tonight on the creative side of things and it's helping me to feel better. Will have to stop and go to bed soon so will try not to let all those nasty thoughts creep in so I can get an ok night's sleep. My partner is very supportive, he is a calming influence and keeps me going. He isn't in any debt himself, everything is in my name, which is a bad thing and a good thing in some respects. He always says that it's both of us though, as it was because I supported us both for a year that we, or I, got into so much debt. I filled in so many forms for benefits over that time, but he was too proud, so I never sent them off. It's caused a great deal of arguments but we seem to be in a better place now, and he's said that he is happy for me to look into benefits now, but I'm still not quite sure where to start..
  15. Thanks Goldlady. I definitely run my business for love rather than money! The business has been running for just over a year, and I expanded into a retail premises just a few months before Christmas. Strangely enough, my opening day was the day before the 'global recession' hit the headlines. It was never going to be easy after that! I'm glad to hear that your business survived. When I'm not too busy despairing of eveything I do have some confidence in my business, and I'm willing to work as hard as it takes. If hard work will even get me through at the moment. I run an art/craft/gift shop. Started up, as I think I've said in my ramblings, after I had to give up my job due to depression. The love of my work got me through that, so it's very special to me, more than just a job. (Although isn't a job supposed to earn you money by definition?)
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