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  1. i know this is an old thread but just had to say i have been waiting to get child tax credits now since i took in a partner in December 2009, i been waiting Soooo long they finally called me and asked me to go up their office , this was Wednesday 26th may 2010, i had my appointment went up their and was then asked why i was their Errrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Because i was called by them and asked to come up their, I think they are all bloody useless and none of them know what the hell they are doing,
  2. Hi all im a newbie here i hope someone can advise me , i took my car into my garage as i had an oil leak and my engine manegment light was on, well my garage man said i needed a rocker cover and a cam senser and that it will cost 130 for rocker cover 70 for senser and then labour the final bill was £300. I have now 2 days on still got the same oil leak car is smoking from the engine which is coming thu the cracks of the bonnet when driving and theirs a white smoke coming from exhaust , is worse now than when i put it in their, also have been told by 2 car people in a show room one who
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