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  1. The bailiff 'forgot'??? to bank the money:mad: Linda Robson's fury after Congestion Charge bailiffs hound sick father | Mail Online
  2. Link to story: Wheel clampers rake in £3,000 an HOUR in shopping centre car park | Mail Online
  3. OMG, I had the same problem with BT..around an extra £20 each month for 'excess usage' I've now changed my provider as my contract is up in the next few weeks. I got a phone call from them offering another package which would allow me unlimited downloads but it was twice the price of many others on the market at the moment offering unlimited downloads. A simple google search can give you the top offers around at the moment and their ratings I have also NEVER received a warning email from them..only the email quarterly bill. Seems they will lose quite a few customers from this
  4. I'm wondering if the daily mail would allow links to this forum in the comment section below the article. Make readers more aware of their rights.
  5. A Daily Mail investigation has exposed the underhand tactics used by a wheel-clamping firm to hammer motorists with fines totalling thousands of pounds each day. It photographed cars parking for less than a minute in restricted bays and later claimed they were there for much longer before demanding huge charges. The activities of Park Direct, no doubt mirrored by unscrupulous operators on private land throughout England and Wales, provide further ammunition for the Daily Mail's demand for a law to crack down on cowboy clampers. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-
  6. So bearing in mind this was like an illegal eviction, could he now refuse to pay the remaining arrears. He was making payments towards them whilst living there.
  7. Thank you for all your help and advice..I will pass this on though he is in the process of packing what he can right now. He was moving out this week anyway. Am shocked at the landlords bully boy tactics to make him run rather than walk though. He was worried about losing his possesions if the landlord changed the locks in his absence.
  8. The letter said to contact the landlord as they are changing the locks next week. I thiink (as he was away this weekend, so only got the note today) that the landlord was annoyed he hadn't responded. Fingers crossed he will phone him and negotiate more time. His 6 month contract has just expired so I suspect the landlord has the next tenant ready and is wanting him out promptly
  9. Okay, he is at the flat now (was trying to get stuff packed, is moving out anyway but cannot do so quickly) He has found a letter that had been pushed under the door at the weekend written by the lanlord saying they are changing the locks next week (so that should give him untill the weekend surely?) however the landlord had decided to phone him today with the 2 hour ultimatum. I have passed your message onto him & advised he phone his landlord to request 2 days to move his belongings out, assuming the landlord may say 'no just one day' but thats enough time..much better than two hours
  10. I'm posting on behalf of a friend who has just received a telephone call from his (private) landlord that he has 2 hours to remove his property from the flat as they are changing the locks. He is in arrears but nothing has been put in writing, no eviction notice or final date to clear arrears by etc, just the phone call giving him 2 hours which is near on impossible to adhere to. Can they do this? Any advice appreciated asap please
  11. Next time I will take note of the time I put the emergency on and try to top up at the same time next day so I can see the charge for 24 hours/one day and I will make a point of checking the total amount my meter displays after deducting this & the emergency owed to make sure that tallies correctly or if theres a hidden amount also deducted from my top up. As stated by others..even 30p a day can add up to a huge amount yearly so it's worth looking into
  12. Oh yes,...I saw the 42p charge when i topped up earlier but is it definatly a charge for using the emergency credit or is it the standing charge that was mentioned in the link I posted
  13. {snip} NOW THE IMPORTANT SCREENS - Amount will vary according to area and tarrif but this is for Seeboard South West area below Screen 05 High Amount per Therm charged 8.341 pence Screen 06 Low Amount per Therm charged 3.409 pence {snip} wondered what the chuff was going on when my screen 5 & 6 both displayed 0.000 but I found the very same therm amounts on screen 8 & 9 on my meter.. I'm in east midlands
  14. Oh.. I forgot to mention. When I phoned and said I was told I get charged for using the emergency credit the lady asked me where I got this information from (maybe worried their competition was trying to poach their customers though that didn't occur to me at that point) but rather than making them aware of this thread, the first thing that entered my mind was to say a neighbour/friend had told me. She then went on to assure me that 'friend' was wrong
  15. Okay..they deducted the emergency credit I used and it sed 42p charge.. am assuming this is towrds my standing charge as I only put the emergency on yesterday.. I have no debt on the meter (ie not paying an outstanding bill off)
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