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  1. Ok thanks, i will go in there at lunch. What do i say to them? Shall I say I have paying them each month or just say they have taken money and i don't need to explain that i know who they are? Sorry for so many questions but i am bit clueless on this, will they say that it is ok because they have my card details? Or is it still illegal because i never said they could take the money? thanks x
  2. Plus i have a direct debit coming out today which i am now going to get charged for just don't know what to do
  3. Hi, I had a defaulted account with Cash Genie which i have been paying £30 per month to clear for around the last 9 months. I went to buy my travelcard this morning and my card was declined. I checked my bank statement when i got into work and Cash Genie have taken 12 different payments today totalling £299.25. I called the person I was dealing with and he was saying oh the account has been cleared now i see you did have an arrangment set up but i can't offer a refund because the account is now closed. I am happy to say that you can now re apply and there is no negative mark on your credit file i said but i never authorised the payments and he basically said i did becasue they had my card details to take the £30 per month. I have 1 pound left until the 31st of May, I cannot buy my travelcard to get to work or buy food for the month. I just wondered what my rights were because obviously i am in a state about how i am going to live this month. He said they cannot refund my money but just curious if the bank can do anything? Any help is appreciated thanks x
  4. now i have an out of office reply until monday when she only emialed me back an hour ago?!
  5. Sorry I couldn't wait for a reply because I was angry lol this is the email I sent back but now I feel like i might have gone a bit over the top! Never mind I have put up with far worse from them! Thank you for reply. I have sought legal advice on this matter from one of the solicitors in my company. I completly understand the terms you have highlighted below and openly admit yes I took the loan out and knew the charges, but I did not anticipate the financial difficulty I would be heading towards, I did not know that I would lose my job. As you know there was a global recession at the time and I was one of the casualties of this. Obviously I do want to pay this debt off as I have been making payments towards it for the past 4 months after my offer of monthly payments was finally accepted.My loan was for £200, with a £10 late payment fee would make it £210, and with a £150 default fee as stated in your extract from the wonga website below would make it £360. This is the amount that I will be paying back to you, as this is what I have been advised to do. I await the detailed statement of accrued interest. Kind Regards
  6. Wonga's collection team (PDP Management) just sent this email in reply regarding the charges I have requested a statement of account from Wonga showing interest and charges but in the meantime have enclosed an extract from their site highlighting the risk of high interest and charges if the loan is not repaid in agreed time. Please contact me if you have any further query Short-term credit We don’t want to keep you in debt. That may sound funny coming from any lender, but Wonga provides fast cash advances for a few days or weeks. We’ll only lend you money for up to a month and you are always free to make early repayment with no hidden fees. Unlike some lenders or credit card providers, we won’t keep rolling your existing balance endlessly or encourage you to make minimum repayments. So please think very carefully before you apply, because we expect you to repay us when you promise to. If you have any doubts over whether you'll be able to do that comfortably, please don’t apply in the first place. Transparency We'll always tell you upfront what the cost of your cash advance will be. There are no catches or extra costs to worry about, providing you stick to your side of the deal. Our service has a Typical 2689% APR, but bear in mind that APR is a measure of annual interest and a Wonga loan is only for between one day and a month. Only using APR when considering a Wonga cash advance is a bit like trying to plan a short hotel break using the theoretical cost if you were to stay all year! We also add a £5.50 transmission fee that helps cover the cost of our super-fast cash deposit system - the quickest cash transfers on the web. Again, this is included in the total cost you'll be shown up-front. Failure to stick to your side of the deal The only way costs will mount beyond our initial calculation is if you don’t keep your promise. In other words, if you ask us to change your repayment date, or don’t ensure sufficient funds are available for the automated collection. If we can’t collect payment from your debit card first thing on the day you selected you will incur a £10 administration fee towards the cost of a failed collection. Interest will also continue to accrue. If we are declined by your bank a second time and haven't heard from you, you will have failed to honour your loan agreement. We will hand your account to a debt collection partner and may add further default charges totalling up to £105 towards the costs of our collections efforts. Sustained failure to repay a loan will also lead to a black mark on your credit record and potential legal action, both of which could make it very difficult to gain credit in the future. None of these things are worth risking, so if you have doubts about whether you'll be able to comfortably repay a loan, please don't apply in the first place. Hmmmm yes thank you i knew that in the 1st place she has basically copied and pasted off the website lol what shall I reply do you think x
  7. Stcik to your guns. I had the sam etrouble with Wonga and they did add on over £700 pounds worth of charges, they wont listen to your offers of repayments and will basically say anything to get you to pay. Do not speak to them over the phone keep it all in writing. Albeit they will not reply but all letters send recorded and all emails keep in your sent becasue you can then prove you have tryed sorting it out. They will pass to PDP management services who i am dealing with now but this is after a good few months. They are really easy to deal with and accepted my offer of £30 per month no problems, I am just trying to negotiate about the rest of the amount but that a different story lol Just please try not to worry i used to be so scared of these companies but thanks to the people on here i am really confident in dealing with these. Oh yea and you haven't done so already "lose" your card because they will drain your wages as soon as they hit. I learnt thjis lesson had about 300 quid taken once at about 2:30 in the morning coz its done by computer! you will feel so much betetr once you are in control of your money again just dont let them get you down becasue they will try. At the end of the day you can only afford what you can afford don't be bullied! Hope i have helped x
  8. Hi All, As most of you know I have a number of payday loans outstanding but the first part is won, they don't own my wages anymore and i'm not scared of their silly little threats lol! Anyway I was just wondering where I stood because at the moment I am paying back a few DCA each month but I feel like I have already paid back what I borrowed and now am just paying interest which is getting ridiculous. Even though the interest was frozen when I came to arrangment to pay I feel its a bit excessive. And please don't say "i knew what i was getting when i signed the contract" i have heard all that i'm just trying to get myself out of this mess...anyway here are the stats! Prime payday : Still £252 outstanding, borrowed £150 been paying £40 each month since october Castlebridge collections : Still £601.25 outstanding, borrowed £160 (!!!) from payday express been paying £25 per month since october PDPMS collections: Still £990!! Borrows £200 from Wonga been paying £30 since september In time Finance: £426.41 borrowed £150 from cash genie been paying £30 per month from october I had another 2 but these are paid off now Just wondering where I stood with the interest because a few people have said pay back what I owe and then stop but then won't they do me with the contract i signed? I just don't want me to be throwing my money away each month. I have emailed each of them asking for a detailed statement of figures of how they came to this figure...and guess what not one has replied Cheers guys
  9. I don't know the bank details can anyone PM me them because they won't give me them lol
  10. I have heard nothing back from them about this. I have emailed them but no reply! I am getting quite frustrated because I just want them to reply accepting my £20 per month because I know that everyday they are adding more interest on
  11. Hi just an update I have been paying them £30 a month for the past 6 months, i just went on to their website to check how much is left to pay and it is saying my account does not exist!? I am using the same reference numbers i have always used so i really dont understand, with any luck my account has been lost advice on what to do now? thanks x
  12. I had alot of hassle from them constant phonecalls but after i sent the telephone harrasment letter they stopped! I emailed at least 3 times a week saying i could not afford to pay all at once and needed to set up a payment scheme and they would not accept saying they could not do this etc I stuck to my guns they kept saying you must call to discuss the account but i wanted to keep it all in writing and refused to be bullyed..it took a good couple of months to be passed over but the dca was fairly easy to deal with and happily accepted payments. Im just in teh process of trying to get the interest reduced x
  13. I paid them the rollover fee which was about £40 i believe now I have paid PDP £30 a month for the past 3 months. Yes thank you for the advoce, I iwll do that today and let you know the outcome.
  14. Hi, Just an updat really, wonga passed the debt onto PDP Management services in november i am paying them £40 a month which is fair enough as i acknoledge i took the loan out and do want to pay the debt off etc but...the amount they are asking for is over £1000 for a £200 loan, just wondering if i should keep paying monthly until i pay the £200 back and then stop? Wonga have already have more then then that back anyway as i rolled the loan over before it defaulted. Plus I tryed contacting them a number of times to sort the situation out but nobody replied to my emails so it just feels like they let it accumalate to this amount and I think its ridiculous really I know people will say I knew the apr etc when I signed but just wondered if I should write/email the dca and ask them?
  15. So now the direct debit is cancelled it should not come oput is that correct? I went into my bank at lunch and told them these people are not authorised to take anything! i am just so angry as i do want to pay this back but in monthly installments because i cannot afford all in one go but they dont seem to understand this i am getting really stressed out by this and worried everytime the phone goes at work, i sent them the telephone harrasment letter and the calls seemed to have stopped thank god! i just want to be able to pay this back at a rate i can afford! I have reported them to trading standards
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