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  1. Thanx. So what would I put in an embarressed defence??? and is that the best thing to do?
  2. Thanks for your replies. I have old bank statements so can check when last payment was made. Even if it was inside the 6 years there cant be a valid CCA from that far back surely........
  3. Hi Guy's my hubby has recieved a claim form from northampton bulk centrefor an old debt. There is no other information provided like CCA, default notice etc, probably with it being so old!! We want to defend this, obviously, and would appreciate any advice on what to do next. It was issued on 30th July. 5 days for service, so thats 4th August. We want to submit an embarressed defence. Can any of you guy's help?? Thanks Fedup
  4. Hi long time no see!!!! Sorry but my pc died a death Also had a statement from mcs, detailing how they have added all their court costs and interest to the amount we agreed to pay in the tomlin order we signed. How crafty is that!!!!! I have rung them and am waiting on an explanation as to why they have done this, as it said in our order that "each side should bear their own costs"........ AAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Blummin MCS!! Anyways, rant over.....hope your well spammy, fighting the good fight en all that..... fedup
  5. Mortimer clarke are a joke as far as "solicitors" are concerned and they deserve to get all of whats coming to them!!!!! What goes around comes around........thats my motto in life!!! Everythings crossed for you spammy fedup
  6. Well its all over for us now. Sniff.... Had "general form of judgement or order" today..... Different district judge....... Just says "by consent" etc All proceedings are stayed etc. as long as we abide by the tomlin order we are ok. So thats that then. Unless Mortimor clarke decide otherwise. I feel very sad that I wont need to ring them any more............ Unless I make just ONE more phone call to them, Mortimor clarke I mean,....or was It Marlin......or even Pheonix recoveries..........whoever, still the same bloomin monkey on the other end!!!!! lets ho
  7. Hi spam, you stick to your guns girl!!!! Bloomin mortimor clarke..... Wishing you good luck for the 19th. Be strong and do it for all of us on here who dont get the chance to!!!! fedup xx
  8. Have had CCJ from 1st credit in 2004 too......they are worse that marlin in my opinion
  10. Hiya craftygirl!! Im STILL beating myself (and hubby lol) up about giving in to marlin ....we could have gone all the way and probably won .....off to find the nearest brick wall......
  11. Does any1 know if we could write to the district judge and ask him to reject the order and carry on with legal proceedings? Just a long shot...... veryfedup and miffed at marlin:mad:
  12. Me included craftygirl.....only wish I had got more involved...I am sooooooooooooo very mad at myself right now. 1 for not getting more involved and 2 for signing the blummin tomlin order. :mad::mad::mad:
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