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  1. I will post the emails tomorrow after removing sensitive info.
  2. That all they put in their defence, I have an email from the supplier after I suggested that to prevent upheaval and causing disruption I would settle for £500 compensation for the issue with the worktop and for the chips to be filled. They agreed via email and said this would be done on the Wednesday. Exact email after my email was "done" see you Wednesday. I take that as acceptance of my proposal. Also the quartz rep sent an internal email which the supplier forwarded to me after months of asking. She asks for the chips to be filled and then puts mark down as a "watermark" and says woul
  3. Would like to know if anyone has had a look at the claim form and the summary defence
  4. Had to upload the claim form and summary defence again claim 3.pdf
  5. Hi, please see attached the claim form completed by me and the preliminary defence received from the suppliers solicitors. I have emails from the supplier stating that they would order a replacement slab. The supplier sent me the so called report by the manufacturer when they came out to inspect which blames heavy abuse for the chips, no mention of the pitting, the white patch is referred to as a watermark. Later another rep from the manufacturer emailed the supplier saying the watermark is down to hot pans on the surface, i didn't think a hot pan could cause
  6. The supplier is set in stone York ltd. I will post the defence and claim shortly. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Hi everyone, need some help. I have issues court proceedings against the company which sold and fitted a quartz worktop for me in March 2015. In April 2015 I contacted the company about a chip that occurred on the end of one worktop when a ceramic plate hit against it as wl was being moved. The plate did not break and now there is a chip on the end. Also I complained about pitting on the other run as well as a white mark near the sink, the mark is being called a "watermark" by the manufacturer. After months of emailing I finally got the manufacturer to in
  8. Can anyone help me with this. I have the hearing on Wednesday.
  9. I have just received a letter from the court the defendant cardif pinnacle have applied for an order to grant them summary judgement under CPR part 24 stating there is not prospect of succeeding with my claim The judge has listed for hearing on notice for Friday 23rd. Any help will be appreciated. I have in my particulars of claim stated that the time limits do not apply under section 32 of the limitations act. Can I apply to have this order struck out and under what basis. I would appreciate an urgent reply.
  10. Thank you so much for them information which will help with my particulars of claim. I have a further question about the work related benefits I already had. The FOS states that I would have known about these at least several years before making the case with the FOS. Will this hinder my chances. I know that pinnacle have stated the policy would have paid out regardless
  11. I have issued a claim against cardif pinnacle over mis-sold PPI . they are defending the claim stating the claim is outside the 6 year time limits and that i would have benefitted from the protection. the 6 years expired in 2012 but i complained to the FOS before this date, it took them till may 2014 to get back to me with their decision. The FOS state that i would have known before that the PPI was of no use to me and therefore they have rejected my claim, thats the reason to issue the court claim. the policy was started jan 2003 and then cancelled by me in 2007 af
  12. Hi thanks for the reply. I he pave told them I live at the same address . My account with them is at the same address but they want the invoice to be on my name. My brother in law paid for the items as I was at work and the day after the installation the company was going to call and take payment which they did and my brother in law was at home so was my wife who had the card. Is there any grounds to barclaycards refusal. The units were ventilation units so if they are installed in the property I live in then I assume I would be receiving the benefit. I have never before thought anything of
  13. Hi, I have asked barclaycard to recover money i paid to a company which stated that i had a "no quibbles 60 day money back guarantee". I was unhappy with the installed item and asked the merchant for a refund, the company stated that their "no quibbles" money back guarantee doesn't work like that. To cut a long story short barclaycard attempted a chargeback which was declined by the merchant bank. The merhcant produced a set of terms and conditions which were not there terms on their website at the time of my order. I managed to retrieve the previous terms with the help of an archive webs
  14. Hi I need help with my claimagainst BMI Credit card under section 75 . 11 years ago i has 2 lots of cosmetic surgery at the BMI priory private hospital. This was paid for with my BMI card around £5000 in total. The surgery was for rhinoplasty (nose) and bat ear correction. I was told by the surgeon that it would take a year or 2 for the full effects of the surgery to become apparent. My left ear was badly deformed after the surgery, the surgeon admitted he had put the bandages on too tight which caused this. I wrote to the BMI priory telling them of the affects of the surgery and how unhappy
  15. Hi can you tell me if you got your money back in the end. Did you use Visa chargeback to get your money, did the Financial ombudsman handle your case and if so did they rule in your favour? the reason i ask is i am fighting with the Financial ombudsman to get Barclaycard to take responsibility about a transaction paid via paypal but they would not initiate a chargeback because they didn't know what it was. The FOS is telling me that Barclaycard would never win a chargeback case fro Paypal
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