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  1. I have just received a CCJ re an overdraft with NatWest. The background is that I had my own business which all went a bit wrong. I am a qualified management accountant (the business was unrelated to this) and I am desparately trying to get back into employment as a management accountant again which would allow me to earn enough money to be able to deal with my debts. I explained to NatWest that if they went down the CCJ route it would severely impact my ability to get back into this higher paid employment and would make it virtually impossible to be able to pay any of my debts off going forwa
  2. Hi. Having problems with Capital One - originally did a CCA request but they've come back with the usual unsigned current T&Cs saying they've now fully complied with the request. I then wrote to them requesting a copy of the original agreement under CPR 31.16. There reply is as follows: " You will be aware that any request for pre-action disclosure under this rule must satisfy the criteria set out at CPR 31.16. Any application made to the court seeking such disclosure will need to be accompanied by evidence explaining why the criteria are satisfied. You have not yet provided us with
  3. Thanks again ! Couple of final questions - I've sent out the 12+2 letters under the CCA requests and received their replies as above - from what you say about them being technically correct, does that mean they're not then in default and can still default my account, sell the debt on etc. If they don't produce under this new request, does the no selling on, no defaulting come back into play ? Cheers
  4. Thanks for the reply Fox - that was quick ! I'll draft up another letter as you suggest. Does this route save you the £1 admin fee you have to send under the CCA request ?
  5. Hi. I've been sending out CCA requests to my various credit cards. I've now had 2 coming back with replies along the lines of the following from CitiCard: "We regret to inform you that section 78 CCA 1974 does not require CitiFinancial to provide you with a copy of the executed agreement as you appear to believe. It requires CitiFinancial to provide you with a "copy of the executed agreement" as defined by the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Noticed and Copies of Documents) regulations 1983. The obligation to provide you with a document is fulfilled by the provision of the terms and co
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