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  1. About 3 and half years ago I contacted British gas to have the account changed from my ex wifes to my own. She had always dealt with paying this and I was suprised when a bill came for 150.00. I contacted them asking if they could install a prepayment metre and they agreed. Some time later a guy called but after looking at our existing one said he needed additional fittings so could not do it he said he would be back. 6 months later after hearing nothing a meter reader came after looking at our meter he said it was not the 1 he had logged on his sheet.........you are down here as havi
  2. Mine charge 39.00 for this..............then on top of that another 28.00 for having an unauthorised overdraft !!!
  3. Wouldnt mind signing to save the difference...............I actually not signed a new one since the ending of the first .....5 years ago !!
  4. Of course............I actually think they are hilarious.........especially refusing the pen !!! Mind you I dont think their pens cost 20 quid !!!
  5. Do you know tho that the Balfs have to give you information about the sale of your goods where the auction is to take place/date/etc etc. I know a guy who actually went and got most of his gear back quite cheaply. Problem is quite often theres still big money owing after they sell the stuff because more charges are added (storeage/removal etyc etc) The level of charges is also extortionate up to 90.00 a throw to send a van round to your house. In my local papers classifieds I see a van and driver advertising his services for 25 quid an hour..............obviously he is eit
  6. We have been with telewest for about 6 years. We have the internet phone and TV package that costs us 50 quid a month. When we recently saw them advertising the same service for 30 quid I contacted them. TW "sorry this service is for new customers only " But what about loyal customers I asked ? TW " We are in business to attract new customers and have to offer incentives to them " But 20 quid less .................. TW "When you joined we gave you first month free and did not charge you any installation fees..." But that dont add up to 240 quid a year
  7. Phewwwwwwwww Just read this from start till today...................what a story.............makes Coronation Street and Eastenders look like a tea party !!! Waiting eagerly for the letter to arrive (will be standing by your letterbox with you ) These guys have probably done a little more than turn off their e mail reply scripts..........they have prob threw their comps thru the window and ripped out all the phones !!! Keep it up :lol: :lol:
  8. Go for it Dave I have just sent off 2 letters to them for statement requests. Looks like its been a great learning curve for you here too Good to see you managed to move up to the next level. Naturally best of luck keep us informed Martin
  9. Great news Andy..........hope you enjoy spending the dosh (which is actually yours in the first place )
  10. Thanks Louise I did just that after I posted.............in fact I have spent about 12 hours on the site digesting everything. You are right all the answers are here amongst the postings and in the FAQs Now I am off for some sleep................and hopefully dreaming about the greedy banks that will be brought to book following their dirty deeds. I am looking forward to bringing THEM to account ha ha !!!
  11. Hi I have done the same I had 2 accounts with them between 1999 and 2003. Even back in 2001 my statement shows them charging 30.00 for a failed cheque and 20.00 referral charge. Both accounts closed in 2003 so I have not been into the bank but instead have sent off requests for statements.
  12. Hi all and congrats on a good site. Whilst I am sure you MODS are stretched to the limit,and also recognise that this is still a very young site............how about some stats which instantly shows the biggest banking offenders? Or even a pie stylr chart ?? Could contain other info which at a glance would tell a big picture,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Only a suggestion but useful to many at-a-glance !!
  13. Hi I am new to this site but share your experiences. Over a 2 year period I was fleeced regularly by the RBS for unauthorised overdrafts. I finished up owing them about 700.00 and they closed my account. I believe now they have sold on the debt as I am getting threatening letters. The account was closed about 2 years ago. My credit file is now showing this as a default and I am unable to get credit. Is it still possible to pursue this for a refund and removal from the credit files ? Anyone know the steps to take initially and the process ?? Was a current account
  14. Hi I am new to this site but share the same problems. Over a 3 year period I was fleeced out of around 2k with their exorbitant charges for unauthorised overdrafts. Once they took my whole 2 weeks jobseekers allowance. I have been reading the stories here and wonder what is the first steps to take ? Thanks
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