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  1. Looking at filed accounts for 2012,the value of the company nosedived from 2011.It was at its peak it 2010. Liabilities and assets from 2009 shows like for like with both figures on par and climbs of both figures. It is remarkable how they now show as zero cash at bank. But the company still shows as trading. Perhaps there was a cash flow problem ?
  2. Hello Paul and thank you for your reply. Apologies for the wait in approving your post,but I am sure you will understand,The CAG needs to do checks to validate that any responses to members made in an official capacity are done so genuinely. Fortunately,we do not see many complaints in respect of your company,and it is understandable that you are anxious to deal this issue reported here. We embrace all companies that engage constructively with our members and this sets aside those who are known to have very poor customer aftersales focus initiatives in place. Please take a moment to re
  3. Thank you for taking the time to look at sorting this David,lets hope that we can see something actually being done.
  4. Maybe the original versions were sent out in Latin by mistake ?REMUNERATIO CONVENTUM PER INSTALMENTS
  5. I know the OFT has issued guidelines to payday loan companies following them doing this,in fact action was taken against 1 or 2. First it may be an idea to get an undertaking from them that this will not happen again.Ask for a copy of their complaints procedure-which they have to send. It would be either Consumer focus or local TS office to report it to.
  6. You should be reporting these for the taking of more than was agreed.Give your bank instructions too. Perhaps you need to be looking to get a new card issued-we advise against giving out your card details.
  7. So can you confirm that they have supplied all that you have asked for ? If there are things missing,you are entitled to be asking for an explanation-they are required to furnish this under The DPA. It is a mystery as to why they dont appear to understand that you have ALREADY made a full DSAR request. To me it looks like they have merely treated this as a request for copy statements (probably for a PPI claim) They are notorious for this.I have had to twice file claims in the CC for Lloyds disclosure following their dragging feet in full compliance.
  8. Ok understood. I think that you need to put in writing a letter,demanding to know under which laws or protocols,require you to deal exclusively with them,when you have accepted liability to Scottish Power,and wish to resolve matters with them ? Ask them to furnish you with a breakdown of these extra fees / charges to demonstrate they are legitimate.If they are unable to do this,then you will regard them as disproportionate and a penalty charge under common law. Ask them to confirm also that they are compliant to industry codes of practice to which they are subscribed including the OFT an
  9. The last we saw of the OP bullied is over 7 months ago,as was the last post prior to today. It would perhaps have been of more value for you to have posted the info in a thread of your own burlyb. I dont think that there has been any offence intended from any side,and that it is not helpful to anyone to be reading these posts that have followed today. For this reason,the thread is being closed,and those posts referred to removed. Lets chill out and remember we are all here for the same reasons.
  10. As regards the thread here-justbex should have started their own thread.Iwill do this now.
  11. These accounts have no scope for protection under CCA,but their demands that you deal exclusively with an appointed DCA are unreasonable given that you are not evading payment,and have tried to resolve things. I am sure that this could be seen as unfair business practices under their own codes of practice,and possibly CPUTR 2008. Can you confirm as to whether LCS have bought the debt (been assigned it) or whether they are merely collecting for SP ?
  12. I am perfectly aware of the County Court system,as well as OFGEM codes of practices,and those of EPs thank you very much.
  13. Those who have had personal details taken for processing by RLP should be doing DSARs. It seems there may well be scope under the DPA to question this. In the first instance those who feel they might be affected should send a section 10 notice to RLP.
  14. They need reporting for this to Nottingham Trading Standards as well as bringing it to the attention of your local CAB office. Neither the Matrix nor Magna Carta can offer excuses for these business practices,they should feel the full force of the law and regulators for any breaches. Despite the common belief held that RLP are oblivious to keeping within guidelines,and rely on so called ACPO associations and guidance,they are not above the law. Message to JL,we see that you are still suggesting a number of Police initiatives and co operations with RLP. In an effort to set the record
  15. Yes does not leave much time.I think would not be so difficult if the other side are in agreement so speed is important although its a tricky one given that at this stage of proceedings many will cave in. Lets see what Andy thinks.
  16. Thanks for pm about your difficulties with settings.I will check them out.
  17. These days it is unlawful for discrimination whatever gender,religion or many other things. Although it is well known that everyone has different thoughts and opinions,to express them in public can be quite serious. The lawmakers in the EU and the UK are responsible,and there is little can be done to change those. We just have to accept thats the way it is. Of course the protection and remit of dealing,for anyone who finds themselves a victim,is there for all as well.
  18. On the issues of prisoners voting rights,there are arguements for 2 scenarios. Someone serving 6 months or even 12,is likely to be rejoining their community sooner with remission. Why should they be denied voting rights when they should be getting encouraged to be more socially responsible ? Its a fair call to say that voting rights mean very little for a prisoner serving say 10 years.
  19. I agree with this completely. Theresa May and her cronies have made it quite clear that she wants to scrap the UK obligations under HRA altogether. Its funny how the UK is often one of the first to slam HR abuses when they are seen in other countries. You cannot cherry pick which sections of the Act you want to use and those you dont. I am in favour of rejecting arguements used in cases where they are done to frustrate legitimate needs in consideration of the security and wellbeing of the people. The proper way to deal with these cases is to let the Judges decide using their powers a
  20. Ok thanks will take a look when I get it.
  21. Hello Anne,can you please explain the association between Car protect/Warranty and Motorway direct ?
  22. Its not long ago that they were given a record fine by OFGEM totaling £4.5m. £3.5m of this was paid to customers. Under new proposals announced recently,fines imposed for unfair business practices will go directly to affected customer instead of OFGEM Here is the March report; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-17309882
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