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  1. It seems RBS and Natwest have been prolific in these PGs. You could do with looking at the agreements which they must have copies of. Can you confirm this was a business account ? Was it a limited company ? Were you asked to sign away any rights of protection under CCA ?
  2. So what exactly are they saying ?
  3. Well done,they have had enough time. They are almost certain to file the ack by 14 days with intention to defend. They may even file a defence,but its unlikely to get further than this-certainly not to AQ stage.
  4. Only 72. Was impossible to keep still when the sound of Rescue me rang in the ears ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-20855193
  5. The bank is telling porkies if they are saying they cannot reverse the transaction. They will usually tell you to wait,as if the recipient does not collect the funds in a few days,it is then made available to you to draw on. Did you go down to your bank in person ?
  6. Yes bank would be quickest option.They are often reluctant to reverse the transaction without some proof that the recipient has agreed. You need to tell them that you are giving the bank an instruction and they are required to act on it. They are likely to say that if the request comes back they will have to honour it etc etc. If you have any proof of comms with Tesco-take this with you.
  7. Most pubs will be happy to change a pint if you are not happy with it. Lots of premium lagers and Guinness extra cold too,have under bar flash coolers now so the draw off comes from there.Unfortunately many staff are not given basic cellar management training these days,but a good experienced landlord knows the inns and outs.If it was flat it could have been a gas problem.
  8. They stated that they will be attempting withdrawal of the full amount immediately plus a default fee. They would be in breach of fair business practices / regulatory guidance if they were to do this after you have informed them of the situation
  9. I have flagged this up to the SP rep who I am sure will help you get things sorted.
  10. It has come to our notice that Vanquis or its referral agents are making statements to the effect that having a Vanquis card can build your credit score/improve credit lending possibilities. It is well established that Vanquis (Provident group) are lenders to borrowers who have had poor credit histories or have been turned down from the mainstream card issuers. We think that this is miss leading. If you currently have (or have had) a Vanquis card and gone on to apply for a Credit Card from another established card issuer,please post below including; 1.When you took out your
  11. You need to get yourself in the driving seat NOW. As it does appear you have charges to reclaim,I would send a letter before action including a schedule of charges and interest you will be claiming.
  12. They are citing the FSA 8 weeks timeframe. You have 2 options open here; 1.You can take your complaint to the FOS,which is likely to take some time for them to sort out or 2.File a small claims action against Vanquis themselves,for a refund of charges with interest and costs as has been mentioned. You do not need to wait for the 8 weeks f you want to go ahead with a CC claim. Since you have already sent a prelim letter asking for the charges back,you now need only to send a letter before action Include with this a copy of the schedule of charges .
  13. Saying that you didnt send the fee is a common tac Barclays will use. A friend of mine recently took them to Court for this and they had the audacity to file a defence saying no payment had been sent. They were not reckoning on him, having the receipts from the Post office for the postal order/signed for proof of delivery,and a copy of the application. Neither did their legal team know of a letter sent by their DPO saying that he hadnt signed the letter so were not sending it. Once they were informed that these would be produced in evidence,they were very quick to want to settle. Thi
  14. Personally I think they will sort this without too much fuss.. There are other implications here -the most obvious one which is Health and Safety. Things like this are not taken lightly by local Council HSE officers,involving them could potentially cost them a lot more than replacing a coat....they will be mindful and fully aware of this,so should be relieved you have not approached them with a complaint as many would have done !!
  15. Sorry I think there is a message behind the report.Sprouts,as with other leafy vegetables contain vitamin K which can be dangerous for some people who have medical conditions that can have serious affects if they eat it. Therefore it is meant to be informative to those who need to be avoiding vitK as opposed to driving anyone away from vegetables to fast food. I dont see this being a potential scenario at all !
  16. They have a duty of care to protect customers and their belongings while in their store. A claim like this should not be too difficult,but will obviously require you to be furnishing the proofs of your loss/damage. Ideally you should have taken a photo of the protruding metal which damaged the coat, with a camera phone. Stores have different policies in dealing with issues like this,and in many,a store manager would have some discretion,but if the manager has asked you write a letter for them to send to their HO then perhaps this is yjeir policy. I would have thought that the man
  17. Amazing story !! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-20805966
  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20803548 Was listening to the usual defensive utterances from the BBA who are saying some of the proposals are likely to ward off investors. They even have the nerve to try and say that any punitive measures would mean the banks having less to lend to businesses.!! As if they have even been bothering to give much needed cash to struggling businesses. In fact even the Government backed 80% guarantee EFG program saw the greedy banks forcing directors to sign personal guarantees and forfeit rights under CCA !!
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