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  1. My daughter is going through all her benefits being stopped and then re-instated as she claimed incorrectly, she was/is entitled but did 'something' the wrong way. She is being stopped huge amounts of Tax Credits as well as high amounts of housing benefit and income support. Are there any proper prescribed upper/lower limits, or time scales as added altogether the amount she is being 'stopped' is almost half of her total income. We have tried CAB but they don't make appointments anymore and the waiting times are horrendous.
  2. He has learning difficulties with reading and writing and does not communicate well face to face. He has wonderful carpentry skills, which is the course he was taking at college, but they kicked him out because he was unable to do the written part of the course.
  3. Many thanks, some scarry medical problems laid me (very) low for a while but fighting back now!.
  4. My daughters' Child Tax Credit for her son, 17 September 2012, has been discontinued. We understand he is not old enough to claim Job Seekers, so is there anything elso he can claim. He was at College but found the theory (written work) too hard.
  5. I must admit that at the time I started this thread, their delivery service was not all that could be desired. I did make a formal complaint which was dealt with, if not to my satisfaction. It was around the Christmas season and this was used as an excuse, but they did not charge me for setting up another time and date, that would only be if you required a set delivery time slot.
  6. Brilliant - I hope many many who have received help from CAG go for this and bring these DCAs and Banks to Shame.
  7. This is a very annoying thing to be happening. Are you with BT or is this a mobile number they have gotten hold of? You could make a complaint for nuisance calls.
  8. Thank you for letting us know that, we are indeed all here to learn as we go.
  9. I have had similar problems over the years with Scottish Electric. They are still trying to tell me that even though all of my night storage heaters are switch off at this time of year, my meter reading is increasing on a daily basis - they are trying to tell me this is 'normal' well, as 'normal' I will not pay this part of the bill this time. Why is it that as a consumer which we all are to some degree or another, we automatically tell lies!! Keep up the fight BB
  10. When did you take out your Egg Card and have you every sent a CCA request to see if they have an enforceable agreement?
  11. Having recently been sent correspondence for a 'free' upgrade for my Sky HD+ box, I was shocked to receive their confirmation adding £99 to my bill for this 'free' item. I telephoned Sky and, after a long wait on the telephone, was greeted with (after I explained) a mumbled 'Oh dear I wish they would put this right' and then a response to me telling me that Sky has used an old template and sent out hundreds of these letters. I was assured I would not be charged £99. So, my dilemma is this, having been with Sky for many years I am aware of their practices. I am worried they will
  12. Hi, condolences for your loss, but I believe the title may now be wrong? Practically speaking, who was the next of kin to your sons' father, I assume that as he was responsible for this expense, then it was he. Was your son in receipt of any benefits, and did he make all of the arrangements and agree the cost. There are benefits/payments which are claimable at the time of a death for the next of kin. Reading this will help: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/ManagingDebt/DebtsAndArrears/DG_10013093 My advice would be to stop all correspondence and insist t
  13. oops, sorry to re=post, it was in, I believe, the Daily Mail this week, and I didn't realise it was 'old news'. I must agree with others that this is getting more like the 'old' Russia, perhaps we should now stop claiming of buying anything, it is a definite return to the 'olden days', many of us odies, and, I suspect not so oldies, have already returned to keeping any spare cash under the mattress and dealing as little as possible with banks. I do not condone any type of 'fraud', but my dealings with HMRC on behalf of my sister have left me in a state of dis belief at the system as a
  14. Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere or previously, so here goes. The likes of DWP: Housing Benefit: Council Tax Benefit and similar are to trawl through CRA files with no other reason than to find those co-habiting. Their statement ran along the lines of: If you apply for a benefit as a single person, then someone else either already lives at that address, or moves in and then seeks credit a new 'link' is being marked up so that these people can be caught out when making fraudulent claims! It is also to be used against pensioners claiming they have less in savings than
  15. You could send them this: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/590-letter-used-when-a-dca-threatens-a-doorstep-visit-
  16. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it will take at least 6 years to get your credit rating back to 'excellent'. Once you have defaults on your files they stay there for 6 years, whether you pay up, settle up whatever, and even if they are so marked, they would count against you until they dissapear. Even if you make it a condition of your F & F offer of £1000 that the default is removed, I doubt very much if they would agree. You really do not need to put yourself in more debt with another credit card by trying to make an F & F. I would suggest sending a CCA request for th
  17. To be quite clear on this, are you saying that this is not your debt, or just that you do not recognise who this is from?
  18. With regard to the 2 CRA entries, the OC has now Assigned the debt, so presumably has closed your files and marked as settled. A second CRA entry will then be put up for the same debt but by the Assignee, but it should contain all of the same information ie Default and Start dates as the original entry from the OC. What is confusing though, is if this has happened, why is the OC still accepting payments?
  19. Well, I have two cardboad 'staples storage boxes' in the garage, one in the loft, 1 drawer in the filing cabinet and a 'full size' pringles 'wad' behind the sofa!!! mind I have been collecting for nigh on 5 years!!
  20. The fact that you have had full disclosure of your I & E and have made regular payments will go a long way in Court. In all probability, the Judge will see that you are meeting your obligations to the best of your ability, and many judges might even say that Restons are wasting Court time with their actions. You will not be made to pay more than you can afford.
  21. Personally, I would withdraw that money from NW as you paid under duress. How old is the old account? If you still bank with NW this must be well in the past.
  22. When a debt is sold on, this reverts automatically to clear on the Original creditors records because as far as they are concerned, the debt is no longer their property so you owe them nothing. If you have an entry on your Credit Files, then this will be taken over by the DCA as owners. You have a Notice of Assignment, and you should receive annual Statements from the DCA (free of any charge). Is the CCA you have enforceable?
  23. Do not know much on this subject, but I do remember watching a Watchdog film about this kind of thing, and they said the same, if it is a PPC they have no rights, and you can ignore their threats, but if this is going to keep happening, for your own sanity's sake I would get the problem with parking and tickets sorted asap.
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