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  1. hi The problem is that it is a 4X4 its worth 12k now, as they have lost 5k in 6 months, i still owe 19k, looks like i'm stuck
  2. Hi All I need help fast I have hp Agreement with Black horse, i was led to beleave that hlf way through the term i could vt the car, its now at that time will Dec was, Black horse are stating i can't vt the car, i have Borrowed 25640, with a balloon on 8400 at the end, with interest t was a total of 33450, there saying that i can't vt the car as i have an un-regualted agreement, is this true and where do i stand, as they say i have to sattle the full amount of 19k or give the car back they take to action and i pay the differnace, Can any one Help, sorry about the spell
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