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  1. My claim against Barclays has been stayed since July(ish) last year. Have heard nothing from either court or bank since the stay letter. Am I just wasting my time?
  2. I think i'm gonna send an updated Schedule of Charges to the Court and to Mr St John just to keep it fresh . Thanks for the reply x
  3. So what happens now? The case was stayed last year, I still have a claim number etc etc and all documents from the Cardiff Court, do I just wait? Send an updated schedule of penalty charges? Nursiepoos x x
  4. Has anyone got any further? since the court date of 14th Aug was stayed I havent heard a word from Barclays or the Court. Do I just have to keep waiting? They owe me just over £2,000 and I want it back!
  5. Hi everyone, As its only 4 weeks (ish) to go until the Cardiff hearings on 14th Aug I was just wondering how everyone else is doing. I know a couple of the postees on this thread have already got their settlement but Krysta didnt even answer my email so I guess its time to get my court bundle sorted. Anyone got any advice? Nursiepoos x x x:roll:
  6. Anybody else had a pay-out yet? I sent an email to Krysta but have had no answer. Might be a tad too early me thinks?
  7. Did you all get your money in the end? none of the posts say. Im with a group who have a cardiff date on 14th Aug 2007 and am just interested in what happened with you lot Nursiepoos x x x
  8. Have sent off template cover letter, Draft Directions and updated Schedule of Charges to Cardiff Court and copied it all to Adrian St John at Barclays litigation section today by recorded delivery. That all took me long enough to sort out! Lol, hoping we can avoid the court bundle stage, that'll take me WEEKS! Fingers crossed now guys that we all get our money before 14th Aug! How's everyone else doing? ;-) Nursiepoos x x x x x x x
  9. Hi everyone. Do we need to aslso send an updated schedule of charges with the Draft Directions etc? Nursiepoos x x x x
  10. ty iskanda thats a great help. and hi to poppy and aloofy . Are any of you going to send in the draft directions? and are you all going to attend on the day? Im in plymouth, but my brother (who im doing the claim for) lives in bridgend. i'm one handed too at the mo, have had an op on my rigght hand, which makes things quite difficult. His hearing is at 1030, ive done all the work for him though so i think i should prob come up for the day. Ive read several times on other threads that people have been leaving it until 2 weeks before the court date to phone barclays legal dept and sometimes theyve settled then. might be worth a try. would like to avoid the court bundle hassle really. My claim against nationwide last year didnt take this long, 2 weeks after the mcol application they paid me over £11k lol. thats why i encouraged my bro to do this. barclays playing hard to get! keep in touch nursiepoos x x x
  11. Cool, what happened? Did they pay up?
  12. Hi Peeps, Ive had a "General Form of Judgement or Order (N24)" in which a date has been set for directions. The letter says I can either appear in person or I can send "written representations as to how the case should proceed". Does this mean I should send the Draft Order of Directions template shown at the AQ stage of the FAQ's on this site? Please help Nursiepoos x x x
  13. Hi all. Well the Judge has dispensed with the AQ and the case has been transferred to Cardiff. Have now received letter saying there will be a directions hearing on 14th Aug "The parties may appear in person or make written representations as to how the case should proceed provided a copy of the representations is sent to the court and the other side at least 7 working days prior to the hearing" Does that mean I send in the AQ attachment advised on this site? (the asking for disclosure from the bank one etc) and shoud i send it asap or leave it until the 7 working days before? (to make it difficult for barclays?) Love to you all out there Nursiepoos x xxx
  14. You reckon? Lol. Im in Plymouth but brother lives in Bridgend, and we're not welsh ! lol. So he needn't attend the hearing I see, but if it doesnt mean the court bundle then what "representations" do i need to send to the court etc??? By the way, ive read so many of your posts and i think you're fab! lol :grin: Nursie x x x
  15. Hi Bookwrm, Judge dispensed with the AQ in Brigend court as case was being transferred to Cardiff. Bridgend court helpline said the next Judge may ask for the AQ. This letter is the next thing ive received, no mention of an AQ. And while im here, i'll give the details...im doing it on behalf of my brother: Shaun Egan 7QZ23443 Barclays Bank Court Date 14th Aug 2007 Amount £1,998.12 at last calculation xxx
  16. Dont worry about it polar, theyve done what they do to everyone and try and stall....8 weeks!!!! what a laugh.....stick to YOUR timetable and dont forget you can adjust the template letters slightly to fit your circumstances. Send your LBA and always stick to the timescales, the will lie and stall at every opportunity. Keep us posted. Nursiepoos x
  17. Hi all, Can someone interpret this letter for me please.. "Upon the Courts own motion. The Court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, baried or stayed within 7 days of receiving it. IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. Directions will be given in this case by the Designated Civil Judge, His Honour Judge G Hickinbottom, on the 14th August 2007 at blah blah Cardiff blah. 2. The parties may appear in person or make written representations as to how the case should proceed provided a copy of the representations is sent to the Court and the other side at least 7 working days prior to the hearing. Does it mean this is the court bundle stage??? Sorry to be dim if it is, my claim with N'wide last year was so much easier lol, they caved in within weeks. Cheers peeps, Nursiepoos x x x
  18. Hi Skeggy, Listen, mate, you WILL get your money back... THOUSANDS of people have and you're NO DIFFERENT. They WILL pay your money before next Friday ok! I am the worst banking customer in the world, bouncing cheques/returned DD's/ over the overdraft CONSTANTLY and I got back over £11,000!!!!!!!!!! Just keep checking your account and one day soon, very very soon, you'll see the balance and realise........YOU BEAT THE BASTARDS!! lol Let me know how it goes, and you can panic and cry on my shoulder anytime bud. x x x nursie x x x
  19. ok, so I doubt I can claim for the interest on the last claim. Now, going over the statements again I see lots of Unauth Overdraft Fees at £10 a time, always accompanied by an Interest Charge. I didnt include these items in my previous claim, (I only added up the Returned Chqs, Chq card misuse fees, Rtn DD's) (june 2000 - june 2006) so can i claim them now - added to my new list (jul 2006 - sep 2006)? or is it all too late? I didnt do it last time because my claim was the largest i'd seen (£11k+) so I was convinced N'wide would fight real hard and I wanted it to look like I'd been reasonable (lol). Any help appreciated and reciprocated if possible Nursie x x
  20. Hi all, I had a successful claim against Nationwide last year but as it was a large amount (£11+k) I didnt add the interest because I didnt want to appear greedy (which of course I am!! lol). Now i'm starting a new claim for the last 3 months before they closed the account.....the question is, can I now add on the interest for the previous claim on top??? best wishes to all of you Nursiepoos x x x x
  21. Hi Kelly, thanks for your reply re Nationwide ignoring my SAR. I have since discovered that they have in fact cashed the £10 cheque. Gonna send the letter giving them 7 days and then complain to the ombudsman as you suggest. The 7 day letter threatens court action for access to this information (I wish I could just find my bleedin statements lol) is that through MCOL still? Cheers Nursie x
  22. Hi everyone, some advice urgently please. Im trying to sort this claim against Barclays on behalf of my brother. Have just had the Notice of Transfer of Proceedings to his local court - attached is the Defence and Counterclaim from Adrian St John (Git lol). The judge has ordered "The filing of an allocation questionnaire be dispensed within this case" but there is no such form included, do i get it from mcol or something? also, as this was sent to me from my brother I am very near, if not late, to the deadline of 14 days (order made 02 april, its the 15th today!!!) Please help Nursiepoos x x x
  23. They paid it into my account a week before their deadline ran out, ann £11,500 of it lol You'll definitley get it all
  24. Hi gang, After a sucessful claim against Nationwide last year I am starting another claim for the 3/4 months worth of charges between the date that my original claim went up to, until the date they closed my account . It'll only be about £500, but its MY £500 lol. Back in the beginning of Feb I sent my SAR with the £10 cheque, it was returned with a letter saying that I should sen a replacement chq made out to something else (cant exactly remember, instead of "Nationwide Building Society", they wanted "Our Names blah blah account", which I did. The date I sent that new cheque off was 27th Feb (about 4 wks after the original one). The 40 days ran out on 8th April. Today its the 12th April.....What should I do? (Dont know if the cheque has been cashed - will look into it.) Nursiepoos x x x
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