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  1. I would not admit to parking there. When I had a similar problem some years ago I replied to the effect as can they provide evidence of who the driver was as my car would have been available for a number of different people to use on that day and I do not keep records. After a few more of their letters they eventually gave up Regards
  2. I have a mortgage with Abbey since 2007 which is a lifetime tracker of base + 0.49. Therefore my monthly cost is very low and I dont want to remortgage or change deals. I need to do some home improvements and require a further advance of £15,000 and I approached Abbey only to be declined according to them on affordabilty. I disageed with this as I earn £30K a year and my main mortgage is £57k and no other loans. I feel Abbey want to lose me as a customer as I am paying such a cheap rate. I then tried to get a secured loan with another Company and although at 9.9% made more sense as I coul
  3. Many thanks to you both Lamma and A127. You have given me the confidence not to pay. I will send a letter acknowledging their letter and that I am the keeper. They should take the matter up with the driver. In the meantime to deny the amount claimed is due from me.
  4. I have just received one of these PCNs from MET parking services. I picked up a friend from Stansted and waited at Mcdonalds for the flight to arrive. I didnt see any signs but there was no bold standing out sign which made me take notice ( no doubt there is some type of signage). I was there for 80 minutes which was 20 minutes over the limited free time during which I had a meal. The notice is quite intimidating and I am tempted just to pay £50 and that will be the end of it, however this will only encourage bullies like MET to continue with their exhorbidant and unrealistic fines/charges.
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