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  1. Thanks DAZ182. Can I ask what additional paperwork you sent them i.e. loan agreement ? Paul
  2. Hi All, I have finally got the application for compensation forms from the FSCS but it asks for the Name of Insurer and the Policy number. I have searched all the documentation Picture have ever sent and it seems they never declare these details. Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. Hi, Well A&L finally sent me through some paperwork in relation to my SAR. The only thing of use to me was a loan I had forgotten about that was taken out in 2003 and paid off in 2004 that had PPI on it. It only took 1 call to the PPI department at A&L then 5 days later an offer of £3022.48 as full refund with interest. I have also reclaimed the PPI on the loan that caused the CCJ and they have refunded over £6000 into the loan account so that has reduced the outstanding debt by a very nice amount..... There was noting in the SAR with reference to court action or any telephone transcripts of it either. I guess the next phase is an N244?? Thanks Paul
  4. For section C on N244 is this detailed enough? Whilst attending the re-determination of the CCJ at Liverpool County Court. District Judge *****, after hearing from both parties, advised the claimants solicitor handling the case, that in her opinion had the Northampton court been made aware that Alliance and Leicester had been accepting reduced payments from myself for a period of seven months and I had entered into a debt management plan with all my creditors in order that I repay my debts in full on a pro-rata basis. Judge ***** doubted the County Court Judgment would be granted and that I should look at getting this set aside. Judge ***** declined the claimants request for a charging order and also declined the claimants request for costs. Judge ***** advised that I should look towards getting the County Court Judgement set aside. District Judge ***** after re-determination set the payments to the level that I had previously been paying Alliance and Leicester through the ongoing arangament with my debt management company PayPlan. What letters should be included and should I send copies of the original CCJ and re-determination. Just trying to get things in place whilst waiting for the SAR to come back Thx all
  5. Forgot to mention SAR has been sent to A&L just waiting on a response.
  6. Thanks supasnooper. could you possibly guide me through the N244 and what should go into it please? Thank you very much
  7. Thanks BluredFX I am Reading as many threads as I can to try and learn the best approach.
  8. I hope some of you guys can advise me. I entered a Debt Management plan with my creditors and it was running smoothly for over 6 months when Allience and Leicester applied for a CCJ at Norfolk court. I could not attend and the paperwork from my debt management company was not at the court at the time of the hearing. The judge granted the CCJ and ordered the circa £23k to be paid within 28 days or a monthly payment of over £1100 a month. I requested a re-determination and this was granted and moved to Liverpool court where I could attend. The paper work from my debt management company was delivered in time to the court and this detailed my income and expenditure along with all my other creditors and the payments I was making to them. It showed I had been paying Alliance and Leicester a pro rata amount on a monthly basis for 9 months at the time of this hearing and they had been gladly accepting them. A rather snooty solicitor representin A&L met me in the waiting room (first time I had ever set foot in a court) and advised they where now applying for a charging order on my property at this hearing. The judge listened to her then reviewed my paperwork and the outcome was that she declined A&L request for a charging order. Agreed I had made reasonable contribution towards my loan and done everything I could to try and rectify my financial commitment to them given the vast reduction in my income. Set the payments to the rate I had been paying for the 9 or so months and she also rejected the solicitors request for costs. The judge advised that if the paperwork had been received by the original court she doubted the CCJ would have been issued and advised me to get this "set asside". This is the bit I am confused on. I know I need to submit a N244 form (not sure what should go in it though). But whats the process and what court should this go to? The Norfolk court where the CCJ was originally granted or the Liverpool court where the re-determination took place and the judges advice was given. I hope someone can advise Thanks everyone for a fantastic forum Paul
  9. Hello all. I am after some advise please. I am currently in a debt management plan and had/have 5 credit cards that piled charges onto me for late payments and over limit payments. Would it be unwise to persue reclaiming these charges? I have a fear that they would then take some action reject the current repayment plan they have agreed too. I am more than happy that any sums of money they returned to me be automatically deducted from the outstanding debt I have with them. A coupe of the creadit card companies (egg and Capital one) have transfered my debt to collection agencies that have agreed the repayment scheme. Thoughts greatly appreciated Paul
  10. Has anyone had any positive outcome from the FSCS relating to Picture or any other Financial institution? Reading the forum for most of the last few days I can see this being a long and drawn out process but I will go all the way if I need to it is just unfortunate that Picture are no more and the FSCS is my only route to a fair and just outcome. Paul
  11. Hi, It was sold to me via Picture. I have rang the FSCS and awaiting a call back to discuss. Lets see what they say Thanks Paul
  12. Firstly hello to everyone on this great forum. I have been looking at my Picture Financial PPI and they charged me £16,966.00 for a PPI insurance that I thought was for the full 300 month term of the policy and it has turned out to be for only the first 5 years! They have also added the insurance premium to the loan amount so I would be paying interest on this for the 25 years not the 5 years it covers me for. Is this a common situation and would I be within my rights to look at getting this refunded. The loan was taken out in Jan 2006. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul
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