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  1. Thanks Mark, Not sure about misselling as oh spoke to them originally and he cant remember what they said about ppi!! only that we would get some money back after 5 years,although we wont now cos of arrears! was going to complain about being sent to a dca then sar them and poss start a claim for ppi. Whats the "unfair relationship"? havent heard about this before. Thanks BM
  2. Hi, Have a secured loan with first plus, was late a few times but made an agreement to pay extra amount on top of monthly payment. Phoned and paid by debit card a few weeks ago (as we usually do), got an authorisation number, thought nothing of it. Got a letter about 1 week later threatening us with a dca as we had not paid. Phoned them and was told that payment had not gone thru.Told them money was in there and we got the authorisation number.The person we spoke to agreed it was probably that they didnt press a button so it didnt complete the transaction! Paid the outstanding amount.Got another letter saying we have been referred to red castle collections. Called them AGAIN they apologised and said head office would contact my oh,never heard from them (surprise,surprise). Phoned them today to pay and was told they would not deal with us as we are now with red castle collections.Tried to explain the above and was told not their problem phone head office. Dont really know who to contact or what to do.Can anyone advise me please......So sick of this company. Thank you in advance BM
  3. Thanks Dave, Think GE have been taken over by Santander so that makes sense! BM
  4. Hi, Trying to help someone with reduced payments on an abbey cc. Got a letter from Viking collections, has anyone had dealings with them? Looks like they're part of Abbey (like mercers & bcard) but just wanted to see if anyone else knows of them and what they're like Thank you BM
  5. Hi Tony, I had loads of problems getting b'card,mercers then calders and the last dca( i cant even remember the name of!) to accept reduced payments, was offering them £40 per month. I got in touch with payplan, didnt set up a dmp or anything, just asked their advice. They sent me an I&E form and gave me a case number. Sent all this to dca and offered £1 token monthly payment which they've accepted. Dont let them get to you! hope this helps BM
  6. Hi Ida, It was only taken out 2 years ago, still have a copy of the signed agreement.No ppi and everything else looks in order unfortunatly! Thanks BM
  7. Thanks, Each letter I get I send one back, cant afford this amount, dont bother to send anyone and it's just transferred on to next dca. have cca'd bcard. They sent t&c's. Not too confidant with legal matters so need to read up abit more before persuing it further. Thanks BM
  8. Hi Ida, Not in a DMP, have arrears on some priority debts so payplan advised token payments on non priority until arrears down then can poss go on a DMP. So far 2 creditors have accepted this, sent an I&E form from payplan and included a case no on the letters. Hitachi was a finance agreement for something we bought, think it comes under credit. Thanks BM x
  9. Got a letter from them today saying unless I phone and pay balance, (over £4k) they will send an agent! or threaten me with court. Was going to send a repeat of the letter I sent Barclayshark re can only pay £1 and a visitor letter. This is the 4th dca on behalf of barclayshark!!
  10. Thanks, they've threatened my oh with court, we sent a letter on 14/9, the day after their court threat letter came saying not priority therefore advised by payplan to pay token £1 (which was also sent) until able to restart proper payment. Had another letter from them yesterday (dated 28th August) saying if oh doesnt pay or contact them they may sent a debt collector to collect o/s balance and they will charge £85 for this!!! Going to send them the visitor letter & advise them he wont discuss over the phone. Can anyone tell me if they are allowed to charge £85 to send someone? Thanks BM
  11. Thanks Fred, Very keen to know about the underhand tricks they use. Will definatley watch them BM
  12. Thanks, i'll just ignore them unless they write. Googled the name & came up with credit solution holdings, dca of the year apparently! Also have power to contact in their group, had dealings with them in the past, they wrote & told me an account manager would call round, I sent them the visitor letter and they never showed up!
  13. Hi, just wondered if anyone has heard of this dca? Had a text from James at CSL today telling me to call today,needless to say I didnt! Had 2 further calls to my mobile. Think they're from barclays card or bank as other creditors have accepted my repayment. Any info on them or how they work greatly appreciated. Cheers BM
  14. Hi, thanks to all the help from here finally managed to get (most) of the cc co's to accept reduced payments.Now need to sort out a finance co. In arrears with Hitachi capital who are threatening court unless balance (over £2k) is paid in full. Just wanted some advice, can you ask them to accept reduced payments? priority debts in arrears but slowly going down and dont have much left after bills paid. Only paying £1 to credit card co's. Does anyone know how to deal with them?? Thank you BM
  15. Thanks, will do that. Can they still proceed with court action? and do you think i should advise them i've changed my name? sorry for the questions!! Is a notice of intended court action the same as a letter before action? Thanks again! BM
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